Best race for warrior?

Hi there

I was wondering what the best warrior race was

PvE horde
PvP Horde
PvE ally
PvP ally?

12/10/2011 08:14 PMPosted by Nußrogue
best warrior class

Would be warrior.
race* XD
Night elf any good for PvP?
What hooves said but it's really just a personal preference. Their no point in playing a character if you don't like the look of him.
Two trinkets is nice, but it's easy to get the insignia.. plus NE can fade into shadows.

if you dont feel like raiding and your good at timing shadowmeld its pretty op
I personally like playing as Tauren for the Stamina boost which is always needed during PvP. Tauren as well have War Stomp which is a stun, and we all need an extra stun. I really don't know much about Alliance mainly, but I can say when it comes to Horde Tauren,Orc and Undead all have it's ups and downs. If your looking to try something new pick up the Blood Elf :) Not only will they look cool, but using Arcane Torrent against PvP could be interesting.
Undead. They look the best.
Personally, i liked Bloodelf/undead. The racials for pvp are insane, and they look boss in war gear, alliance-wise, i'd say night elf/human.
PVE DPS: orc or goblin
PVE Prot: Tauren or Goblin
PVP DPS: Blood Elf, orc, UD, Gob (all personal pref)
PVP Prot: Goblin, BE, Tauren or UD

PVE DPS: Worgen or Human
PVE Prot: NE or dwarf
PVP DPS: Human
PVP Prot: Personal Pref, since you are probably FC and having 2 trinkets doesn't matter as DPS isn't your forte....I would still go NE, Dwarf, or Draenei tho

Human for PvE DPS? I can't think of a reason other than weapon Expertise. I would probably grab a Draenai for the hit rating over a human.

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