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I am currently in a guild that doesn't really raid, so I have to admit I've gotten a bit lazy. I've never killed the last boss in BWD and haven't seen the last bosses in Tot4W and BoT. Except for some trash runs, I haven't been in FL.

But I would like to get back into the swing of things so need to find a new guild, maybe on a new server.

My ilevel right now is 375. I've never played anything but holy, but can start practicing with shadow if needed. I have all necessary enchants and add-ons. I'm friendly, personable, reliable, and good at what I do, especially once I've seen a fight a time or two. I show up when I say I'll show up.

I'm looking for an adult raiding guild. I'm over 30, so would rather not be in a guild primarily run by teens. Also, I need a guild that raids a little earlier than most. Generally speaking, I need to be off the computer by 10 eastern. But mainly, I just need a guild that raids, even if that means pulling in a pug or 2 to get the raid off the ground. And you have at least some need for a holy priest and aren't pulling me in on a just-in-case-all-our-other-healers-don't-show-up basis.

I don't demand a guaranteed raid spot, but do want to be used on something of a regular basis.

If you think I might be a good fit for your guild, just respond to this post. I look forward to teaming up with you soon.
Acceptable Losses is an Adult based guild. The large majority of us in our 30s, married, and some of us have children.

Our Tuesday run goes from 9pm-11:59pm Server time. If you sign up on the Calendar and show up ready, you get in pretty much 100%. We had to call our run last night because none of our healers showed.

If you look at our Guild Achievements you'll see that we have a good base of players that pursue "all the content". Not two weeks ago we did another round of ICC10 for drakes. We've done Ulduar10 for drakes a few times as well. I bring this up because you said you haven't finished off t11. Well given the "challenge" of t12, there is no doubt that we'll return to t11 before MoP to finish off achievements. We are also still pursuing Firelands to finish off a Legendary staff. I'm certain in a few months, we'll have other informal guild runs to finish off Reputation and/or staves for alts and non-raiders.

If you want to be surrounded by other adult players and still see content, look me up online to talk more.

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