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Casual Scrubs (US-Turalyon) is recruiting for our 10 man raid roster.

Our player base is primarily made up of a close knit group of people, with the founders having known each other and raided together for years, with our raiders experience ranging from simply killing heroic modes to players with consistent US Top 20 experience. We came together on Turalyon to raid together on a lightweight schedule that accommodates all of our real world commitments. Though we raid just over 11 hours a week, the goal of Casual Scrubs is to clear all heroic content at a reasonable pace – meaning we expect preparation, performance, and optimization from all of our raiders.

Our scheduled raid hours are 8:15 pm - 12 am EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays. Optional off-night activities such as alt runs are scheduled among members on a week-by-week basis.

We are currently 11/13H in Throne of Thunder.

We are currently accepting applications for the following classes:

Resto Druid OR Mistweaver Monk
Rogue OR Death Knight (dps)
Moonkin OR Shadow Priest.

All exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of class.

If you are interested, please visit casualscrubs.guildlaunch.com, or feel free to contact Anubis (Anubis#1646), Lyssan (Lyssan#1884) or Rngesus (MCShadowz#1110) in game.
Updated Progression.
There has to be some talent on this server looking for a 9 hour raid week. Go to the website and app!
Ok, roster now pretty much full. However we would consider an exceptional DK or Warlock.
Free Bump. Goodluck to the bunch of ya =)
Holidays are over, and Heroic Zon'ozz down. Good work guys =)
New week, new boss. 3/8H now.

Roster pretty full, so recruitment is pretty much closed however we would consider an exceptional mage. Of course anyone interested in a friends and family rank in the guild feel free to apply.
Bump cause I like the cut of your jib.
This druid was inactive for a good while, resto mainspec, boom off, if you need a healer hit me up, in the process of updating my gear
Mufasaa, we're not currently actively recruiting a healer, but you're welcome to put an application in on our website for us to review. We're willing to move things around for exceptional applicants, and we keep a record open of prior apps to contact when a spot does open up if the applicant is still interested.
Looking to fill just one dps spot with the right person. Get on the website and apply!
Come be my friend, I'm a friendly chicken who enjoys mild amounts of petting.
02/20/2012 02:31 PMPosted by Emzeem
Come be my friend, I'm a friendly chicken who enjoys mild amounts of petting.

Oh God the dirty jokes.
/pet mildly

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