Looking for casual raiding/instancing guild

Earthen Ring
Well, title says it all. I can't raid with my current guild cause I don't have any cata raiding experience except for the PVP bosses and one shannox in FL. So I'm looking for a guild that'll take me to raids. I raided hardcore back in BC and did boss butt KJ in Sunwell. Was in a top 5 server pve guild on lightninghoof and raided back in wrath casually, so I have raid experience. I have vent and can get in vent no issue if need be. I'd like a semi laid back guild at least, people I can actually talk to and get info from in guild chat. I quit for a year and a half and started back up about a month and a half ago or so I'm still semi unsure about cata and the raids here. If you need more info or would like to talk to me contact me in game. Thanks for your time =).

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