<Wrecked> 8/8H 10man T/W/Th 8pm

Area 52
yea hatos told me to speak with gm online, but no one replies to me or he isnt on : /
updated specs in first post, still need ranged dps, no boomkins in our raid is a strange sight
updated first post yet again
updated first post, also our guild website is currently being worked on, so if it looks a little empty at the moment, that is why. The application portion is still functional.
updated classes in first post
Very close on yorsahj this week, need a couple more strong ranged dps to push us thru
come back to korialstrasz we miss you!
bump, come join us on tuesday to see what the 5% brings us
bump for yorsahj, hagara inc next
Congrats on the H Yorsahj kill
bump for hagara, next week ultraxion or zonozz
to the top. Reminder, our website is currently down, so contact myself, or Mazrall ingame
updated first post. Website back up and running for applications, not pretty yet, but it's a start.
bump, website is open, ranged dps go apply
Bump for ranged dps next week.
updated first post, in need of 1 tank. Druid or DK preferred, MUST be able to actually speak on vent, and not be a crybaby.
bump, high priority for a tank, but still accepting ranged dps apps as well
still in need of a tank
Still in need of a ranged?

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