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Moon Guard
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Another pre-holiday bump. Those interested in joining in can put in an application on the site, but in-game invites and recruitments most likely wont happen until the holidays pass. Be safe during the holidays, Moon Guard--if that's possible. >_>
After-Xmas bump.

Done with Holiday nonsense, and looking to log back in. =D
BUMP. And Happy New Years to you, Moon Guard.

I'll be online later this evening, and looking to RP in between BGing. I will happily meet up with new recruits ICly, but make sure you put an application into the site.

Direct link to application: http://stormrock.wowstead.com/recruitment

For those who are unfamiliar with WoWstead, you can login with a Curse account. Just add your toons and apply with the one you want to put in SRC.
Always recruiting. Will be online for an event tonight, but will try to be available to answer questions. If you applied and I am online, let me know!

Things go well with rejuvenating the guild. Hope to see more people join up. =D
Bump it up! Bump, bump, bump it up!

Seriously, you should join this absolutely amazing guild. Everybody is friendly, we have a lot of fun and we're all pretty cool people.

Apply, you know you want to.

Online tonight, BGing. PST if interested, and put in an app.
To the top!

Taking applications and will be online for an event tonight. PST if interested.
OP updated with more details and additions. Things go well with our regrowth!

I've begun hosting a Friday night BG group (no RBGs or Arenas yet). Come get your share of the !@#-kicking pie while its still warm and steamy.
Bump for BGs!
01/12/2012 10:29 AMPosted by Aurinaka
Bump for BGs!

01/12/2012 10:47 AMPosted by Iriako

Pre-login BUMP.
*drive by bump*
/tar Thread
/cast Uppercut
*trolls thread*
*impales thread with the epic horns on his Cataclysmic Gladiator's Chain Helm*
*flings it up*

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