Best lock transmog set?

T8 aka my set hands down!
Tier 3, but I had to settle for the revamped tier 7.
Merciless Gladiator and a Tempest of Chaos.
03/01/2013 12:25 AMPosted by Annorroth
Merciless Gladiator and a Tempest of Chaos.

It's not warlock specific but mine is my favorite so far.
Tier 8
When I was a Forsaken, Tier 8 by far.
Now as an Orc, Tier 1.
Anything that isn't just a set tier is great. Mix and match is better than just wearing the same set as everyone else.
I personally enjoy mine and have gotten great feedback from other locks, not saying you should copy me or anything, but finding pieces of armor that's colors and styles go together and aren't part of a tier set usually catch the eye of experienced players more often.
Malefic> all because of demon wings.

Affliction- Tier 2.
Destro- tier 5
Demo- Tier 4
<-- This one
The Good:
T6 wings are nice....but overdone, still a destro staple IMO
T5 is very warlocky, needs tempest of chaos and blood knight war cloak
T8 is a favorite for non demo
T2 has some flair, most people have no clue where it comes from
Wrathful Glad for pvp...sorry everything else feels wrong
Felheart set isn't bad, horns look great/awful depending on race.

The Meh:
S4/T6.5 just isn't memorable, I blame T6 wings
T10 someone said reminded them of a hategroup so I quit wearing it
T11 DK wannabe
T12 Why do I want to be spider-pig, er lock?

The Fugly:
T13 from the unreleased aquatic raid that were never even retouched for dragonsoul
T4 why do I wanna have my voidwalker facial flush?
T7 while T3 was cool for exclusivity, can't get w' its reskin as a repeat
T9 (ally) hands down the lamest attempt at artwork blizz ever put out
personally i think it varies from race to race as well as spec.
Merciless Dreadgear set, or S3 (I think it's vengeful?) imo
Mage T2 (i think) with wing helm
I like mine
I like tier 4 and 1 the best on a Goblin. Tier 5 is the nicest but I don't like the way it looks on my toon. I'm also very fond of tier 1 horns.
I'm fond of S1 and felhorns.
Had S1 in my bags since Burning Crusade but didn't get the horns until the cata quest for lowbie locks.
02/28/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Obscurityzx
T8 aka my set hands down!

Concur, T8 is best IMO.. need to start farming it lol
Challenge mode set by far the best.

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