Rogue Transmogs

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i wanna reroll a druid :(
I like big boots. So I had to match the rest of my outfit with the boots...

In the game my daggers have pitch black smoke with red tint to make them match.

Yes! I've wanted a rogue with these boots ever since I saw them when wrath hit. All my plate characters have that style boot. I call them my stompin' boots lol. I almost got those shoulders too but finally got the ones I have to drop after a couple tries.

I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else with them though. From what I've been able to research they are the only leather boots of that style.
You all know mine is the best.
Old School

The weapons fit the original VC time period.
i'm just a BA
Checking in!
Rogue from Craft of war:Blind video
I went Kate Beckinsale
Oldschool warlords gear...sup
I tried the whole mixing and matching with this guy, I think it didn't turn out too bad.
Love that tabard!
Thanks :D
keepin it g. Got some compliments :D
01/23/2012 09:46 AMPosted by Jaxxed
Rogue from Craft of war:Blind video

I like your transmo :B
I like mine, iirc the hat is the season 8 PVP hat and the daggers are from algalon in ulduar 25. My throwing weapon is Sharpened Hyldnir Harpoon. Most of the other things are t6 gear, besides the belt which is t2.
Working on my dreaded red pirate set. Yar.

Will eventually go combat, but right now I only have heirloom daggers.. once I hit 80+ and can get a decent sword, I will go combat for even better Pirate-ness.

Will probably grind the Bloodsail Admiral title just for giggles.

Rogue = fav char of mine (including my 3/8H warrior tank who I wish to abandon for this guy).
check me out
i like my set alot :)

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