Tiger Blood Vendor 4/8H DS LF MAGE/ELE SHAM!!

Currently Recruiting for Dragon Soul!

Do you consider yourself a skilled and dedicated player, but don't want to commit to a hard-core raiding schedule?

If your answer is yes, then Tiger Blood Vendor is the guild for you.

<Tiger Blood Vendor> is a fairly new guild with many long standing established raiders on Frostmourne. Formed in early September we aim to make a very tight nit 10 man raid guild to steam through Dragon Soul content and beyond.

We don't play much, but when we do, we play to the absolute best of our abilities. We only have a 9 hour raid week, but we make those hours count.

We are currently 3/8H Dragon Soul, and looking to keep our team strong for quick and efficient heroic raid progression.

What we expect of you:

Knowledge: We're looking for players who stay up to date on not only all of their class changes and mechanics, but also the mechanics of raid encounters, other classes, and the game in general. Know the fights. Know how to min/max. Know how you should spec and gear for specific encounters. Know how to effectively play your off spec.

Dedication: Can you make our raid times? Are you prepared to give 100% into learning an encounter until we get it down or the raid is called? If your answer is no this isn't the guild for you. We do wipe, and it isn't always pretty, but we expect you to run back quickly and be ready to correct your mistakes.

Experience: If you don't have at least a little bit of raid experience, don't expect a warm reception. BwD, BoT or FL something to show you've raided encounters within a 10 man environment.

Skill: Impress us. Show that you can consistently top the meter. Show that you rarely make mistakes. Show us that you know how to min/max. Mediocre raiders are a dime a dozen. We're looking for the exceptional raiders.

Good Attitude: We don't want people who are just in this for the gear. We don't want people who only show up on loot nights. We don't want people who constantly whine about a class or boss. We raid to down bosses, get achievements, and have fun.

What We Want:
Kap's Group needs a RDPS with a lust ! (i.e. Mage, Shaman - pref not BM hunter)
Boo's Group needs tank, heals & rdps !!!! (pref Druid, Pally or Warr tank & H Pally or Resto Druid & ranged pref Mage :D)

Keep in mind that this is only a guideline. With new content right around the corner we're willing to give fair judgement and opportunity to every exceptional applicant.

Raid times:

Kap's Group
Wednesday: 10:00pm -1:00am Server Time
Sunday: 10:00pm -1:00am Server Time
Monday: 10:00pm -1:00am Server Time
Boo's Group
Wednesday: 7:00pm -10:00pm Server Time
Sunday: 7:00pm -10:00pm Server Time
Monday: 7:00pm -10:00pm Server Time

Be online early, raid invites typically go out 15 minutes prior to the raid starting.

Loot Rules:

Our loot system is pretty basic; it's a laid back version of a dkp system, you get points for showing up on time and staying till end of raid. Putting you at a top roll for your pieces you want. Because we are such a tight knit guild, it makes it a bit easier to distribute the loot fairly amongst the active raiders. MS is always > OS. So gear won’t get taken by someone who isn’t going to use it as much as you. Although 90% of rolls are just /rolled for as most of our guildies are fairly equal on gear, it does help differentiate the pieces that are a little more trivial.

How to Apply:
Drop in an application at: http://tbv.wowstead.com/
or contact an officer from the list below in game chat :D

We put a strong emphasis on our guild community; we do allow friends/family of members to join the guild. While we do place a very high premium on friendship and fun, we also give it our all when we raid. So when you’re ready to see what end-game has to offer and free up some time for real life, drop us an application.

You can also speak with any officer in game about any queries u may have, just stop over and ask for one! Our officers are as follows:

Kaptiva (GM)
Booyeahz (Officer)
Raool (Officer)
Crazymojo (Officer)
Boingfip (Officer)
bump for a really good tank !!!!
Bump ... for really good tank for group 1 and really good mage for group 2 :-)
Bump for good mage!!!!!
I guess Bump
bump for a quality mage !!!
Bump .... i need a mage!!!!!!!!!
bump for mage a bear tank a pally tank a resto druid or holy pally and a mage
needs moar bump
mages are overrated
meh rogues r op ......

anyways still need tanks and a healer

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