Tiger Blood Vendor 4/8H DS LF MAGE/ELE SHAM!!

thanks heaps vulture :D
bump for a great tank, mage and healer .... a tank with raid leading exp wud b awesome :-)
Will cook choc chip cookies for a tank.
Not posioned, I swear
Still looking
You guys still looking for a tank for boo's team?
She is,Whisper her in game or feel free to contact officer's in game.
Thanks Liv
UP!!! ^ ^ ^
up for progressionz !!!
Your face.
bump for exceptional dps !
And agian Bump
again bump!
Bump for 5/8 heroic this week!!!
bump for a quality ranged sham/mage !!!
Bump ..... we r now 4/8HM really need a mage for late team!!!!
We are still looking for New memebers to join our ranks for MoP,Please feel free to contact Officer's in game.


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