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Ledger of Revolting Rituals should be able to be rolled on for main spec by dps druids (moonkins) which the post above me brings up spirit for shamans/priests/druids is hit for their caster dps specs
Souldrinker should NOT be able to be main spec for dps paladins
Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps should NOT be main spec for tank paladins/warriors
int rings Ring of the Riven should NOT be rolled main spec by dps paladins

things I've seen that should still be adjusted, and possibly make the trinkets unique so players can't roll for friends/guildies while using the normal version of the trinket themselves

it might have been brought up earlier in the thread, but all weapons were removed from early bosses in raid finder with the exception of 2 rogue (Electrowing DaggerRazor Saronite Chip items and a caster wand (Finger of Zon'ozz). what reasoning was behind leaving them in?

and if people leave before the rolls for items have gone out, is there a way that items can be given to the next highest roller, rather than let them rot on the corpse/in the chest
Souldrinker is another example too. I was a tank MS for our run today and it's a very good tank upgrade. However with the "new" loot system that tank weapon went to a warrior DPS for his OS....tanks should be getting the role bonus for that item and not DPS that needs it for their OS which might not even be a spec they use often if at all. I know DPS COULD technically use the item for DPS but with the proc it is clearly more suitable for tanks...I mean come on people...
It makes no sense to restrict these to classes and not to the "Role" that was used to enter the LFR. I once again lost my tank weapon to a DPS class warrior. So really this is pointless to even make the change it proves nothing.

Can you be specific? which weapon?

I did a little research for ya the only 1h wep better then Mandible of Beth'tilac is Hand of Morchok which as you can clearly see has crit on it, making it a dps weapon and if you are looking at Souldrinker it is an absolutely fine tanking wep(well its ok hardly spectacular) it also has nothing stat wise that marks it as a "Tank" wep no dodge no parry so still a valid dps rollable item...or was it something else?

I watched a DK win Souldrinker and Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps today. Souldrinker is the only 1H Tank weapon that drops in LFR. The DK who won it said he was going to use it for OS... I'd prefer that shield wearing Tanks get priority on Souldrinker and 2H DPS specs get priority on Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps. I would be totally fine with that. :D
Excellent. A normally viable shammy off-hand now is restricted to priests and druids. Why I can understand the intention behind that wouldn't it have been better to just make the 100+needroll avaiable for these classes only. After all it is not that anything in the raidfinder is a guaranteed drop. So why my shammy might see the offhand de'd she might never see the shield.
QAnd I do not see these restrictions hinder players to roll need on these items although they already have them or have better. That is the real problem in LFR.
Yes, this is a good fix to the ninja problem, but it does not address the fact that individual players are winning multiples of the same item when they drop. I have seen people win 2 or 3 tier tokens or other class specific loot from a single boss in LFR. Truth be told, there should be some sort of performance monitor implemented in LFR that further bolsters your likelihood to win a roll. There is nothing that makes me not want to participate in LFR weekly than losing a roll to someone who is not even in the top 10 heals/dps when I am consistently in the top 5 in the groups that I am in. Cry havoc you say? They will heal/dps better when they have this gear? Not likely. As it has been said for many moons Skillscore>Gearscore and a large percentage of people that I end up grouped with are in a PVP gear. Why not also implement a Resilience monitor so that you cannot even queue for LFR with a ceratin percentage of Resil on your, supposedly, PVE armor?
This still doesn't change the fact that DPS Druid rolls on everything ( Int and Agi stuffs )
Hi all, i lost Kiril for the 2nd time on my bear today to a fkn boomkin... seriously blizz...
perhaps limit the rolls to what you que as, maybe just add a caster role button for queing.
I dont really know how to solve this but its painful to see a boomkin ninja my BiS, twice.

Any ETA on when further flags will be added to items to fix some of the incredibly obvious flaws in the current priority system?

I'd like to have a Role Bonus on my best in slot ring, Signet of Suturing, and my best in slot offhand, Ledger of Revolting Rituals, for example. It's really not much to ask. I will never have a chance at these items in LFR. Is that really what developers intended?
I'd like to have a Role Bonus on my best in slot ring, Signet of Suturing, and my best in slot offhand, Ledger of Revolting Rituals, for example. It's really not much to ask. I will never have a chance at these items in LFR. Is that really what developers intended?

If you would like to see any changes made to the current system, it is best to post your constructive feedback in the Dungeons and Raids forum. There is can be seen by our Community Managers and Developers.

As this thread was originally intended just to inform, and it has been up for long enough, I'll be locking it and un-stickying it.

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