Saurfang Dragon Soul (t13) Progression 10/25

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^ Speaks the truth.
I think i saw what was going on here, But then again.....

All Hail Frontear, King of the Spellweave
Refer to earlier post about killing madness.

58 attempts of that long tedious crap. Gee Gee

Here's a video of our end kill celebration
Grats Niyan i bet you were doing that word you got band for by that troll warrior in ajantis!
Furiously rapping right now. I have a raging clue.
8/8H good luck with progression guys.

Endorphins going to be flowing tonight
Good stuff S Key Gamers, grats to you guys. A good exmaple of a top end raid guild. In and outside of raids.

Well done our guys :) Certainly a quick death to teh baddy Deathwing.

Good luck on the rest of the tier everyone else, happy gamings. Cya at MoP~
Grats guys sad I wasn't awake for the kill =(
Grats Antiquus on server 2nd!

Imagine how good you could be without bad hunters and warlocks in your raids :)
Grats to Antiquus! Nicely done.
Here's the 4th platform, and our actual 5th platform kill. Enjoy
Cast I make this post to confess my undying love to you. I have recorded every vent conversation we ever have in the hopes you one day show love for me as I do for you. Every word you say brings me great pleasure in infinite ways to the point where I can't stand not being around you.

Never leave me.
I liked the video.... especially the bit at the start envolving ajantis.
02/28/2012 09:27 PMPosted by Valdin
I liked the video.... especially the bit at the start envolving ajantis.

Nice video, was Nicodk single tanking?

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