Saurfang Dragon Soul (t13) Progression 10/25

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I also offer sincere congratulations to S Key Gamers, Antiquus, Nascent, Ominous and all the other guilds on Saurfang that are doing exceedingly well in Cataclysm. No strings attached, that's a heartfelt grats because you deserve it.

You dun goofed. <3 Tal

03/16/2012 03:49 AMPosted by Mcmuffle
None of you can deny that 25man raiding, as a whole, is more difficult on a low population server like Saurfang than 10man raiding. The logistics of organising a stable team, with 25 people's undivided focus and attention for progression is simply 2.5x more complex than in 10man.

Yes we can all agree that logistically 25mans are harder to organise etc...However 10man guilds also have this issue in a different way. IaC, Antiquus, As is Tradition, S key have all had attendance issues and what not. If 1 person can't show up/lagging your whole raid night is gone and you can't progress. And to be fair in a 25man there are some bosses which could be rather easily 24manned.

03/16/2012 03:49 AMPosted by Mcmuffle
The logistics of organising a stable team

03/16/2012 10:56 PMPosted by Remixed
Doesn't being the last remaining 25 man guild on the server mean something?

Wouldn't being the only 25man left on a realm mean people who want to run 25s will flock to you and therefore you shouldn't have any roster issues. Interest in our realm would have increased due to our efforts with Oceanics Realm Rankings this tier.(Yes i know 25s are a dying breed but it is still a valid point).

I think overall what people are missing is that 25s and 10s both have their issues. To all of us 10s - yes we have taken an easier way to get a raid going. But at the same time you 25s can get off your high horse because every raid size has issues as explained above. The difficulty in bosses this tier over 10/25 seems rather even from what i have seen with some being harder in 25 while some are easier in 25(lol madness).

Anyway can we like stop having this argument. Its getting old and stale.

Edit: Dammit Bel you beat me + hi5 for long walls of text
03/17/2012 01:51 AMPosted by Remixed
Prove yourself right, I would like to see this happen.

I would like to see this as well. However those guilds have already proven they're better than your guild through progression, while, as Beliskner pointed out, you lot still hide behind your excuses.
03/17/2012 02:12 AMPosted by Guenhyvarr
Edit: Dammit Bel you beat me + hi5 for long walls of text

We all have things we do well, walls of text is mine.

This post feels dirty because it has no wall.
still waiting on that brynny love
Has anyone noticed how this thread has not been updated since 2/13/12, over a month.

Pretty much confirms my problem with progression threads, a lot of work for essentially nothing.
Should call it Progression Discussion/Bragging thread
has anyone noticed how as is tradition and in another castle were not mentioned by mcmuffle?
Yes I have.
I did say "and other guilds" - I knew I'd forgotten some, but since I've been out of the game for so long I couldn't remember every last one. Please assume IAC and As Is Tradition was meant to be in my post, since it actually was. My apologies for omitting.

Anyway, in reference to Beliskner's and others' posts, I wasn't trying to brag our way from our "high horse" or make excuses for our reduction in rank on the server. If you'd read through my post you'd have seen that I said (and indeed believe) that server firsts are not my guild's priority. The majority of our members (I assume) don't care too much about not being first/second/third/fourth. If I was still raiding in the main team I also wouldn't be the slightest bit bothered that there are others ahead of Ajantis in rank.

To sit here and try to explain Ajantis' rank by making you all understand or accept the difference in 10/25 raids seems naive since it has opened up a can of "What crap, the fights are the same" talk. Thus, I'm going to leave that one be.

The sad thing is, I've narrowed down what most of you guys' problem with Ajantis is, and it's not actually with Ajantis. If you have a problem with one or two particular people, why should the team of other people they associate with be trolled/ridiculed/harassed as a result? A fair portion of our new recruits, even from off server, get abusive whispers the instant they gain our tag! Now tell me what sense that makes.

Anyway, I've said my piece and then some (I am also fond of text walls) so I'll leave you to it. Best of luck to all guilds on Saurfang for MoP!
Mcmuffle makes a good point about certain issues towards particular Ajantis members, and that it's not the guild as a whole. Ajantis has had many new members during Cataclysm and I for one do see guilds such as S Key, IaC, As is Tradition, Antiquus and other top server guilds as exceptional.

Of course we did not come close to the server first race in reality. While I don't personally put 10s and 25s in the same race, it's still clear to me the 8/8 guilds at the moment have some very good players that are faster progressing than ours.

Ajantis has chosen to continue raiding 25s and as a whole we don't use that as an excuse for where our progress is now. We have fun raiding and that's what is important to us.

Best of luck to all Saurfang guilds in MoP.
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03/17/2012 11:15 PMPosted by Snokey
like my hat?

03/17/2012 11:25 PMPosted by Beliskner
like my hat?

Needs more 'potatoe'.

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