Saurfang Dragon Soul (t13) Progression 10/25

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Bump for Warmaster Blackhorn down to Siege.
go on skype valdin you flop
(Sexy DBM chicks voice that makes me wipe on ultraxion cause she gets me hard so I cant press button)

Derailed thread in 3...
Antiquus 4/8H Ultraxion down
guen wai so slurty
jelly of my hat
Hey guys sorry for the lack of delay..
holidays are over ill get this back up to date shortly
all up to date
I believe you have gotten some guilds progression wrong I will link some of those you have been incorrect on.

In Another Castle - Actually 5/8 H with Heroic Ultraxion

Ominous - 4/8 H, however they have killed Heroic Ultraxion and not Heroic Hagara

Antiquus - Same deal as Ominous.

10H Yor'sahj downed by AIT.

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