Shaman PvP 4.3 Enhance/Ele

So I haven't played this toon in a long time just picked him up again in 4.3.

Did some PvE got a little bit of gear, but want to get back into the PvP scene. What spec is most viable in terms of all around PvP? I won't be hardcore just a casual PvPer playing with a friend. He is a Holy Paladin. So 2v2 will be me and him, even though 2s don't matter to much. And other then that just some straight BG's with him and other friends for fun.

I like both specs and have played both in wrath PvP. Pros and Cons? Just wondering the Shamans opinion on the matter.

I won't like playing resto sorry, haven't in a long time. That's what my priest is for ^.^
Elemental is more viable than enhancement, but both are underplayed in the realm of arena because they lack survival and buckle under pressure.

Edit: Though, in 2s, Enhance/Ret would make some mean offhealing synergy and major damage.
Would you say your Elemental Spec is the way to be? Like cookie cutter, one thats a general spec? Gems/chants too? You seem to be a good shaman ^.^
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Would you say your Elemental Spec is the way to be? Like cookie cutter, one thats a general spec? Gems/chants too? You seem to be a good shaman ^.^

The one without earthquake is the cookie cutter. There are some others that involve the 3% crit but they are less optimal.
Is haste or mastery better?
Haste and Mastery have their benefits in certain situations. I've tried stacking both to max and both are good. Haste shines in 1v1 and most arena. Mastery excels in group battles like in BGs/RBGs. Recently I've tried blended the two together and am pleased with the results. Really though, it's whatever you prefer. Just don't stack crit, lol.
Haste for arenas. All day long. Reason being is majority of the time you are kiting or offering some sort of peel/support whether it be in the form of hex, shear, Tstorm peel etc.

Rarely do you chain cast (unless its 5s and they leave you alone) for you to take advantage of your mastery.

With that being said. Stack mastery for BGs/RBGs. Many more opportunities to chain cast.
I've found I prefer mastery all the way. In my experience, having a cast minorly hasted makes no real difference. I found it's more about the casts you DO get off, not how many you get off.

You're right that you don't get much room to cast in arenas, but that's why i feel mastery is better, I'd rather have that high chance for an extra spell than having my spell slightly hasted.

Not to mention that having that high Mastery makes your damage MUCH more Bursty, and that's whats gonna net you kills. Not your lightning bolt being .2 seconds faster.

At my current Mastery levels, I've managed to push my Overload chance to 33%, and I'm loving it to death.

I can also Confirm that Overload procs of Lightning bolt DO proc Rolling Thunder. this leads to being able to do Fulmination shocks far more often. Which I love dumping right next to Lava burst with clear casting and UNleash elements buffing it. Makes for great burst power.
So here's my two cents:

I haven't played as enhancement but ele is in a decent spot right now in terms of what we can deal with. Obviously many people will say no its not in comparison to other classes which is acceptable but it's still much better than it has been in the past with mobility buffs as well a some better crowd control and kiting abilities. I haven't played as of 4.3 but little has changed in terms of how you play ele. I didn't get too far in arenas so my opinion may not be the most valid but in my experience, haste has worked out better for me. I found that the little bit of extra time you get to move if needed as well as a spell that's a little bit quicker made more of a difference than mastery. From what I've experienced, arenas aren't all about raw damage output, there's a lot of movement involved and anything I can do to help me stay on the move and possibly avoid a spell as opposed to trying to out damage the person casting it is a more logical move on my part but again this is just based off of my experiences, not to say its right or wrong. Not that it always happens but I've found myself healing in arenas from time to time even it's just one heal for my partner or one for me but since we aren't resto, that heal is slow and haste will help it by a nice amount where as our mastery doesn't help it at all. It can be costly but I suggest trying out both to see what you prefer in both settings and go from there as everyone is different and you may favor mastery over haste. Hope this helps.
ive been playing resto and enhancement and they are both nice, some consider enhance to be weak but i'd much rather be enhance over ele in arenas. as for BGs i just go resto.
In arena for 2s I'd go enhancement. Ele shams get trained to hard
ele>enhance......just not in 2's
enhance/ret is a really good comp, ele shamys just get trained to much in 2's.... i personally like ele better, im stacking mastery and the overload procs are just insane....
Yeah, from experience I can say that ele just doesn't work in 2s. Both specs can be a lot of fun though, I personally prefer Ele. Make sure that you get the Spark of Life talent no matter what spec you choose, it is a godsend for self-heals.
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Yeah, from experience I can say that ele just doesn't work in 2s. Both specs can be a lot of fun though, I personally prefer Ele. Make sure that you get the Spark of Life talent no matter what spec you choose, it is a godsend for self-heals.

you just wait until you play my elesham restosham 2s team i play to get points for my friend then you will see whats up.
Arena is fun both enh or elem, though I have to admit that rogues and double melee coming at me as enh is really tough.

Last night, went into arena with my feral druid partner and came upon a lock and rogue. The lock and my partner went down literally at the same time.

What was left was both this rogue and I at full health. The rogue stealthed and I put on my cata shield, and dropped stoneclaw followed by my stoneskin. Figured that the 18% physical dmg reduction (12% physical dmg reduction with shield + 4% phy dmg reduction with stoneskin) would surprise this rogue, for it has worked pretty well with other rogues.

Well, so I thought. This rogue stun-locked me and took nearly half my health then vanished. I got off a couple of heals to bring my health back up to 2/3rds before he stunned me again and followed with blinding me. Too bad my trinket was cooling down, so I had to stand their. Soon after the blind, he vanished...and then stun-locked me again. Three consecutive stuns, and absolutely nothing to do. And all that loveable huggable armor, did nothing.

By the time the rogue and I engaged, my health was at 10% and this rogue was at 100%. When the match was over, the rogue acquired a wopping 8k dmg, and I was simply amazed. The control that rogues possess in combination with the dmg they deal is impressive.

Where I am going with this, is that hopefully Blizz will address the importance of enhance needing better defensive abilities. One well-played rogue should not easily wipe a 4400 resilience, armored and ready enhancement and come out of it with 8k total dmg loss. Now, imagine two hard hitting melee on you, who happen to have better defensive abilities and can stun you without needing to proc a thing. If you don't have a pocket heals, this spells an easy loss.

So if you are going to go in with an enhancement, have fun, but be wary of rogues and melee comps.
I find for bgs that ele tends to have better survival/burst dmg for kills/and useful tstorm locations. I also find that enhance gets blown up really really fast in bgs say for instance if a frost mage and hunter are kiting me they can blow me up even if I have pocket heals and I have 4.8k resilience. Where as ele you can get out of range, heal yourself up and get back into the fray. Rogues destroy either spec unfortunately if they have half of their cds ready to use. I can't speak for arenas for either spec as I only really have pve friends who like to fool around and do not attempt anything other than scripted fights :P

I was looking for some tips on how not to get blown up as enhance? I put talents into the stamina buff at the cost of damage, points into resto for improved heals but I still get blown up too fast (sr saves me for the duration but then its gg). I've heard of putting earthliving on your weapon but this strikes me as rather in effective and a big dps/snare loss....

Seriously any tips on how to survive as enhance!?! I watch pvp videos and I don't understand how some of the enhance survive for as long as they do.
I can say as Ele, your survivability is pretty much dependent on you staying out of the way. There's a definite lack of defensive/escape mechanisms. I'm coming back after a several month hiatus, and did a couple of duels with a rogue buddy to try and improve my juking/escape abilities. Turns out, if a rogue focuses you, it goes pretty much like Shanora's story above.

So, the point. Ele's a lot of fun, with incredibly potent burst potential. Thunderstorm can absolutely dominate certain fights, and being able to emergency heal a focused ally in trouble is great. However, drawing attention pretty much means you're going to die. Extreme glass cannon, and all.

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