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12/13/2011 01:59 PMPosted by Zhasta
Just lost a roll on the agi Axe that drops on Madness of Deathwing to an elemental shaman. GG.

I lost that axe to a hunter. Think about how I feel.

This fix changes that.
My 2 cents.

Druids can roll need on DPS main hand daggers?

Anyone rolling need on an item they currently equip?
The loot system in LFR and dungeons is broken badly and to be honest really pisses me off,
Why would you let strength users be able to roll on agility items and agility users be able to roll on strength items, this is simply ludacris, another thing if a character comes into LFR as say and elemental shaman his loot roll bonus should be restricted for agility items as thats not the spec he came in as.
a perfect example is a dungeon I did on my warrior recently and two handed strength weap drops that I need badly and a feral druid is able to need and win the item I dont have time to spend weeks and months farming gear and weaps that can be taken away at the whim of an agility user or vise versa,,, blizzard fix this now!!!!
can you please add another filter to the LFR loot for multi roled classes?

Class Druid and Agility Item Drops

Suggested LFR roll system
1. System checks the Item (Agility) proceed to 2
2. Usable by Class? (Yes proceed to 3 | No proceed to 5)
3. System checks highest stat of the Toon and compares it to Step 1 (Agi go to 4 | Int go to 5).
4. Requirements met, Need Roll Yes.
5. Requirements not met, Greed and DE Roll.

Also can you also make the system check if the said toon already has the said Item... making the said player not be able to Need roll on it AGAIN?
Ime not quite sure what you mean by this?

Would appreciate a little more explanation thanks

Meaning warriors now can't roll on AGI polearms, for example.

Also tired of healers needing on agility items.

Just a few days ago a healer won a roll on plate gear and he wasn't even a plate wearer.
Need Plus needs to only give the bonus if you haven't won anything. If you have won something for the week, that's it. No more bonus.
12/13/2011 01:46 PMPosted by Meril
I have a question about Paladins and Shamans not being able to need on the offhand. Actually If you look at the stats on the off hand and the shield you get more intellect from the off hand then you do from the shield... ie the offhand would be better.

The difference in intellect is a almost insignificant, however gaining thousands of armor on the shield can reduce physical damage taken by a very significant amount. Most high performing shaman will want a shield and not an offhand frill. Similarly, few shaman want a staff.

Obviously if the stat gain were significant enough, most shaman would be willing to make the trade-off but the offhand and shield from DS do not differ enough in damage value.
AS an update to the issue of people rolling need on gear they already have, I received this response from the GMs:

The Need Before Greed loot system empowers players to advertise their level of interest for an item by providing two schools of value: "need" and "greed." As such, it is the right of each party member to choose the value of an item as it pertains to their desires. While opinions may differ amongst the group in some cases, such situations are expected to be resolved via party discussion rather than through Game Master intervention.

And since you don't have the power to do anything once someone has rolled on the gear other than attempt to initiate a kick, this essentially means that nothing can be done.

One of the first rules of management is "what is allowed, is encouraged", which means if you aren't going to stop something from happening or enforce rules against it, it is basically the same as encouraging everyone to engage in the same behaviour.

This effectively means that you should roll need on all gear that you can, since "it is the right of each party member to choose the value of an item as it pertains to their desires", and an extra 5-40 gold in your pocket, maelstrom crystal, or extra copy of tier gear may well be more valuable to you then letting another random person improve their gear, you might as well take what you can and get out of there.

Personally, I find this unwillingness to intervene in what is effectively an abuse of the system disgusting.
The rolls are still broken. I was tanking LFR on my paladin and we beat the madness of deathwing encounter. About 8 people roll on Souldrinker, which is a one handed sword with a proc that heals the user. Sounds like a tank role sword right?

Wrong. I thought just myself and the other tank would get the role bonus and others were just rolling on it in case neither tanks needed it. But instead a ret paladin walked away with it while the other tank walked away with the 2H sword that dropped.

Fix please.
I think blizz need to fix the feral stuff because i am a feral tank. I Have to roll against rogues and kitties for my gear and when i mark as tank I do not get any type of roll bonus because i am technically rolling on dps gear to tank. I find this unfair. Come on Blizz help a Bear tank out
I believe an easy fix for the tier gear would be to make the Raid Finder tokens "Unique" in that you have to trade it in for the actual piece of gear before you are able to obtain another one. LFR this week saw ONE warrior rolling on shoulders 3 times and winning all 3 rolls. Not quite so fair.

At least by making them unique, you eliminate the ability for one person to monopolize the same loot off one boss.
I would also like to add that if possible if you could make the polearm from madness somehow only be able to get a role bonus on it if they are in the feral spec? Just lost it on my hunter to a stupid boomkin that wanted it just for looks... thank you :D
Any chance we can get a Blue Post on an update about maybe what they have in mind if anything for a fix?

I thought we would see something this week but it was the same old thing. 10 people from the same guild rolling on items they weren't spec'd for then trading them to their friends, people winning both the same pieces of gear...sometimes already having it, etc.

Very frustrating that Blizzard actually thought this loot system was ready to roll out. I guess they just wanted the LFR out asap and were willing to integrate a loot system that is as open as Stormwind Bar wh ores and as broken as my heart when I see someone win loot and give it to their guildie who rolled lower than me ( I mean, cause if he rolled higher why would I !@#$%?).

For those saying it's hard for them to do something like that is ridiculous. They can do whatever they want. It's programming. We know they are on it, but I just hope they don't plan on implementing a solid change until MoP comes out. Sooner the better IMO.
Would be awesome to restrict people to roll on items that are higher level item than they use.

Had a priest (healer) take a 390 dps staff , already using 397 weapons, and also took 390 dps gloves today from people who needed it (just to be a prick, he even said it in raid chat).

That stuff just burns me up.
stop letting shadow priests elemental shamans, and balance druids get the bonus for rolling on gear with spirit, its not fair that they can roll on hit and spirit gear for the bonus and healers get screwed over yet again
Well done, and quite quickly might I add! I'm glad that this has been done, honestly. Now if only we could get a way to prevent someone from winning two items at once!

Raid Finder and Need Plus are both very new systems, and we’re working to iterate on these systems rapidly to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience as we learn more about how players are using the system. Please keep in mind that this system is not considered complete and we have further plans to improve upon it within Mists of Pandaria.

Could this mean that you're looking for ways to ensure no one can win two items at once!? *starts to make a happy face*

I had somebody winning the Hands peice Twice...
Would be awesome to restrict people to roll on items that are higher level item than they use.

Had a priest (healer) take a 390 dps staff , already using 397 weapons, and also took 390 dps gloves today from people who needed it (just to be a prick, he even said it in raid chat).

That stuff just burns me up.

Meh i usually hate pugs and thus having 25 people you have a bigger chance to get one of these scrubs
Completely and utterly disappointed with the new LFR and Need Plus running the first 3 boss on the Fall of Deathwing and then repeatedly getting kicked for no appearent reason is BULL!@#$...please remove this %^-*ing joke fromthe game make everyones life alittle easier please quit trying to equalize the entire World of Warcraft.

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