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Blizzard Blues - I have a suggestion - if somebody is, for instance - an Elemental Shaman - and the 1H Agil/Stam Axe drops off Deathwing - and they are rolling against a Rogue - they should NOT be able to win that roll. Nothing is more horrible to see an ELEMENTAL Shaman roll need on something that is an off-spec weapon and win it over somebody rolling for it for Main Spec.
I love how the ppl that play a ret pally can need on the soul drinkers and win it when there dps i play a frost dk those r bis since u guys took out the weapons off first boss. So as long as u play a class that can roll on it even if ur not the spec that can use it u can win it over the ppl that need it for there main specs

Great JOB
This looking for raid tool was the most fun thing to happen in wow for a long time. coming from one of the most prestigious raiding guilds in the US, I simply do not have the time to do that anymore and the LFR tool has let me experience some sense of raiding while still maintaining my social life.

Recently, the LFR loot rules have become the very reason I want to quit this game again... I know it is not entirely blizzards fault as I can only imagine the amount of work it would take to manage such a system fairly. The problem is the lack of GM support when people are just trying to be blatant pricks.

In the last 3 of my LFR's on various characters 1) an enhance shammy won my resto belt. 2) I watched a boomkin win an agi trinket off ultraxion, we then kicked him as was told to do by GM's if their is a dispute and then on Blackhorn, a boomkin won the very same agi trinket that dropped of ultrax... and finally the point where I wanted to quit again 3) an enhance shammy won No'kaled after he already had 2 equipped... I then ask him politely why he needs it and pleaded with him that I was wearing a 378 ILVL weapon... he then responded with *!@# off and left the raid....

How is there no room for GM intervention when people are abusing the system just to be pricks or trolls... The LFR system is great and was the quickest thing to make me enjoy the game but it could very well be the quickest way to push me away from the game..

the most frustrating part is there is very little to do when you are not in a raiding guild or pvp hardcore... I spend a couple hours a week on LFR and then at the end I am rewarded with a good ole *!@# off...

my suggestion to this is to make it so you may receive 3-4 pieces of loot per week or make it drop some kind of token per boss that after 2 weeks of collecting them you can get one item for those people that have been victim of this kind of trash.... I think there are a lot of quick solutions to really put this LFR system over the top and push WoW into Mists. I think pretty much anything could be better than a boss by boss lock out but I also understand the need to not over inflate loot so everybody is wearing the same thing.

You keep giving me a system responce. I do not like be cheated out of loot. I hate it even more that Blizzard doesn't care I was cheated out of loot on a fail loot system that blizzard created. So let me get this straight, you guys think its fair and ok for a dps to take tanking gear? I'll keep that in mind. Then blizzard wonders why people exploit a raid system and take all the gear they can. I will keep opening ticket until this is resolved. Is this how blizzard treats all their customers?

-Aurilaquetz Customer Service Representative
Now, the bonus rolls in a Looking for Raid as based on your chosen role within the raid. But many items - wether you agree or not, can have multiple roles designated to receive the bonus roll.

In your situation, the other player who won the item won the item fairly through this looting system. I'm sorry you don't like it and you don't think it's fair, but we are not able to provide you with this item and the other player was not in violation of our policies. You BOTH had an equal chance to win the item.

That’s a messed up response. Let me get this straight so if I was to Q as tank/dps that means I can roll on both dps and tank gear?
That sword is a tanking only item and should have went to me because I solely Q as tank. It is not right or fair that a dps can take a tanking item when the dps can roll on so many other items. So blizzard allows a tank to lose the only item they can use to a dps.
Like I said before I will not give this issue up. I have played this game to long to be cheated out of loot. You want to resolve this issue? Just give me my loot.
Just had one of the most depressing examples of how broken the system is.

A priest with the the DW mace rolled and won the same mace. Then proceeded to have a bidding war for it.

Same instance a Lock won both daggers and sold the extra.

It takes alot of the fun out of the game when people can just game the system and ruin the run for 24 other people.
12/21/2011 07:30 PMPosted by Dagonete
stop letting shadow priests elemental shamans, and balance druids get the bonus for rolling on gear with spirit, its not fair that they can roll on hit and spirit gear for the bonus and healers get screwed over yet again

Spirit is actually preferable to hit for ele shaman because hit only provides, well, hit and spirit provides that plus regen (and provides a lot more gear flexibility for those of us with a resto offspec).

There are a lot of things wrong with this system but ele getting a bonus on spirit gear is definitely not one of them.
Yea this loot system wasn't thought out very well at all, you got people in there now rolling for their buddies and trading stuff for gold for one thing.

I was just in one and the same shammy won 3 sets of shoulders..3 sets, I mean how completely ridiculous is that. If anyone gave a sheet though that wouldn't even be possible,
but once again I'll choose to vent on deaf ears.
I know that the roll system is the same for everyone, but I've always lose rolls with players who stinks. They die in all the fights, don't know the mechanics, no enchants, no gems ... they always at 10 or far of the first place on dps and always win in the rolls on weapons. It's really frustrating that this happen all the time. At least you can make a performance roll or something like that for the people who really do they work fine. It's not a good idea to give some rewards to this guys with alts or even mains without a decent work. Some players are doing they job well with every toon they have and play, but others no. I hope blizzard work to improve this new system, cause this is annoying, at least for me.

Gl Hf.
on my shaman, i had my enh axe stolen by a ele shaman in ele spec. so that was fun...
Or, have this happen to you:-

Have 5 items you can use drop on the first 3 bosses, but oh, hang on, you can't roll for them because you are loot-locked to those 3 bosses. Then, when you down final boss, NOTHING drops for you that you can roll for.

FFS Blizz. get your sh*t together. So often I run LFR runs so I can get gear that will help me in Raids, and then have absolutely NOTHING drop that will be an upgrade for me. And this is happening for other players as well. But hey, you are getting your money each month, so who the f*ck cares, right????

No wonder I stopped playing. Thought I would give it a chance with the patch releases. How stupid do I feel now I have seen that sh*t all has really changed in the game...........

Can anyone explain how the need Plus system works? Is the role bonus based on your class or on the role in the raid you're filling. As an example, will a boomkin/feral druid who need rolls on a healing trinket get role bonus points because druids have a heal spec?
All i can say about LFR loot rules is they still SUX, Alot of toons are Getting 2-3 peaces per raid , IMO something should be done about this as others are not even getting gear in a run, but other are getting more!
3 loot pieces in what 5-6 weeks when others have earned up to 9? Not really fair.
yep watching people in 397 tier gear need rolling on tier pieces and winning not just one but 5 freaking pieces and the trading them to their guildmates. Great idea that while you standby and do nothing is ruining the best idea you have had in awhile.
One thing I'm a bit pissed about is when people queue as say dps or healers, and then get set as a tank by themself or someone else who is the raid leader. It's not right that I sit in a queue for 20 or 30 minutes so I can roll on tank items and someone else kicks me from the group because now we have 3 tanks.

I think it would only be reasonable to not allow people to change their role while in the lfr group.
last night there was a DK in the raid with 397 4 piece t 13 and he won the shoulders, i asked if he was goin to break it for 384 shoulders ( not tier shoulder) he said probably not, but he only needed so he could try to barter it for a piece later in raid., problem was madness drops weapons, he said nobody was goin to trade him their weapon for shoulders... so he said he'd vendor them if noone would trade. im not sure why everyone needs on every item they can use. it seems flawed and loot whorish.

But this seems perfect then the week before LFR. where 18 of 25 peeps where the same guild and every piece of loot was given to the dk tank they were carrying, 4 other classes rolling for 1 person..

ehh it is what it is, i guess.

blizz still love your game, just needs to fix a couple things about LFR. and thx again for letting slubs like me see endgame content.

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