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Readin the threads about how alot of people are having a crummy time with the LFR loot drops makes you wonder why Blizz doesnt fix it soon. I have had experiences like alot of the people here, dooshbags fully H Geared win stuff then troll others of the same class saying they're just gona vendor the stuff, seeing others winning both the same tokens off one boss, people needing just because they can (who cares if it is a downgrade), or even someone winning both the same trinkets from a boss, even though they should be unique. And some people just have real crummy luck with rolls.

Blizz you should implement some of the suggestions in the forums. I read an awesome one where if you lose a 'need' roll you get +5/10 to your next 'need' roll, eventually you will win something (unlike now where people have downed 20+ bosses and won nothing) and when you win something your rolls are reset.

This suggestion brings a bit more fairness to the rolls. I think Blizz is gona have to do something soon because they must see how disgruntled people are getting and it is things like this that can and may cause another exodus, similiar to when Cata came out.
FIX THIS ALREADY! Lots of good suggestions. My main toon has done LFR complete each week its been available. 1 usable item, sometimes sticking out some VERY poor PUGS to see the instance completed, and some guy comes in on the last try, contributes poorly in comparison to other raiders, and scoops the loot(s).

My Alt Tank, same thing but this time today two tier shoulder tokens drop. Need roll---- awarded to the SAME GUY!

Just make it fair already.
Another more than small problem I just ran into. I got in an LFR with about 16 people from the same guild. They were needing on all items that they could. In at least 2 cases it was characters that were already wearing item that they won. The characters in question were a rogue and a warlock with minimal at best need for a 2nd tier item of the same type.

I am absolutely certain that they are trading the tier tokens between their guild members after the raid. Not sure how to fix that but it sure needs fixing.

Maybe make it so that they cannot trade items you need on in an LFR with people you queued with. Might be a nightmare for programming though. Short term stomp on any one pulling such a stunt to 'encourage' them not to do it in the future.
In all honesty, LFR is most likely going to be the cause for my husband and I and quite a few others in my alliance guild to quit playing the game. Raiding isn't what it used to be because if a 10 man guild is missing even one person, most regret pugging that final spot. Why is that?

People abuse LFR. This abuse comes in many forms. As many before have stated, people can win two of the same item and druids and shamans can win dps gear not of their current dps spec. Many players also do nothing but run with the crowd and can win gear. Lastly, people go into LFR as soon as they reach 372 item level, usually in which case is in a set of spirit gear on mages and warlocks or rogues, feral druids, and enhance shamans with intellect leather/mail in their bags. This is why people regret pugging outside of LFR.

These types of players do 9 to 12k dps and generally stand in stuff and manage to win gear over players who would do it justice. Just by winning this gear and completing LFR they think they are ready for what 10/25 have to offer them, too. However, they still only manage to do minimal damage/healing despite the countless opportunities in the raid mechanics to increase these numbers substantially. Thus, this is my reasoning behind LFR being the cause of many valuable raiders to leave and progression to almost halt for 10 man guilds when one person can't show up for any reason. LFR has made people stop caring about actually researching and learning about their characters because loot is so easily available to them.

I do a full LFR clear about 4-5 times a week since release, and from my experiences it is these types of people who win most of the gear over the players who care to put time into their characters for the sake of guild progression. My guild and others (from what I have heard from trade chat rantings) have had the misfortune of pugging these people who win LFR gear quite often. They could have full LFR tier and a couple of valor pieces to make a 386 ilvl, but these people still manage to ruin their class/spec reputation by doing minimal damage/healing output just because they don't care since gear is so easily accessible.

I know this from personal experience, from both pugging and having the misfortune of having these types of people in my guilds expecting raid invites just because they have gear. Sadly, one of these has managed to find its way into my core group.... an ele shaman with 4/5 lfr tier and three valor pieces and a 388 ilvl that only manages to top out at 16k regardless of how much coaching the better (but lesser geared) ele shamans of the guild give him.

For this reason, my husband and I and quite a few others have lost interest in the game. LFR praises those who are lazy and don't care, and it is making progression hell to endure. We dont have time to take each person we pug to a dummy just to see if they know how to play just because they win LFR tier. Instead, you could make it easier somehow by restricting loot rolls against these types of players by say, if they are under a certain amount of heals/damage (especially under the tanks) that they aren't elligible to roll. However, if they die early on that is a different matter of course. But LFR is making the game less and less enjoyable and I hope you do something about these types of people.

and those of you who wish to quote me with your petty trolling methods, don't bother. you won't have the gratitude of invoking a response from me because I don't care to see this thread ever again or the forums at all if the game continues as it currently is.
Very happy to see this is getting a lot of attention. I'm in vent right now with a gaggle of players and the topic at hand is how we figure LFR is a waste of time due to the bickering, gear ganking (guilds/friends teaming up/ handing off won gear to eachother), not understanding how the role bonus works and wondering how it goes to people not healing or dpsing like they even care, many many players with a lot of pvp gear - you get the picture. This is a shame and it has a lot more to do with people just being jerks than anything, however, we are very very disappointed in the way it has shaken out and hope it doesn't continue to be a source of frustration. Seems to me that the above remarks raise a huge concern. These are not new issues, loot hassles/nerd rage/ganking etc have always been huge sources of frustration and it seems from the above comments that these issues have taken you by surprise - and I'm sure thats not the case. Good luck........I love the idea and can't imagine it won't improve but til then I'm not doing an LFR unless I do it with my own ganking posse - and that's what i'm hearing a lot of people say. Lack of anticipation leading to a vicious circle of jerk behaviour - woot , blech, fail- come on this isn't your first time at this rodeo even if it is new, its not like you reinvented the raid.....
LOL after reading all these, thanks for the entertainment and I don't see how any sane person could look at all the above -or simply run some LFR's - and not just laugh - absurd on a lot of levels. People screw up - people fix it - whats scarry here is the speed of service we get from these folks to begin with , only thing more lame than the LFR screw ups is waiting for a response to a ticket or petition - where do you people live - here - time matters, frustration sucks and arrogance is obvious- glad you aren't Doctors :P.
Just Finished LFR for;how many times now on how many toons, i've lost count. But one consistant thing i have noticed is tht the lower ur DPS is or Healz r the more u win Tier pieces n rolls in gereral. Now is this a hidden mech to give newer players a better chance to get gear or wht?
Please remember this New system is an experiment on Blizzards part. There are bound to be a lot of problems with it. It is going to require a lot of fine tuning. In any case it is highly unlikely that they well ever be able to please everyone 100% of the time.

The way the current Class trees and spec system is set up this Need+ system, is the best Blizzard can do at this time. However with the total revamp of the class trees and spec system, in MoP, Blizzard will be able to design a better loot system.

For more on the new LFR system, and planed changes in MoP:


What we are doing for 4.3 with the Raid Finder looting system (detailed here:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3608426) is an experiment in order to try and reduce loot drama without removing the chance to benefit from offspec gear completely. In fact, a lot of what we are trying with Raid Finder for 4.3 is our very first attempt at a design that is going to need a lot of iteration before we’re happy with how it works. We’ll use the information we gather on the new looting system (we can call it Need+, for simplicity's sake) and Raid Finder in 4.3 to make both features even better for Mists of Pandaria.

The game currently does not have a very robust notion of what your spec is, so for now we can’t make the loot rules very stringent, other than checking your current role. In Mists of Pandaria, the game will have a well-developed "concept" of spec, and we can do things like let an Enhancement shaman roll need plus on an Agility axe without letting the Restoration shaman roll need plus. (The Resto shaman could still roll need though, since shaman can use axes and the player might presumably have an Enhancement offspec.)
The system still allows casters like boomkins/ele shaman to roll need on agility trinkets/rings/weapons and get a loot roll bonus. I've seen several of said casters actually win these items, and I think that is a sign of a very broken loot system.


I have to say, with the dual talent system, there's really nothing stopping someone from carrying two full sets of gear for two different specs, and switching between the two, during a raid even. Granted, most people don't, but that doesn't mean they can't/won't use the item.

Also, I'm not saying I endorse such behavior. If I'm running as a tank, I always ask before rolling on caster items. Even then, if I roll after there was no protest, and someone who is running as a caster asks me afterward, I'll just give it to them. I certainly don't feel entitled to such items. For the record, I'm talking about 5 mans, I haven't even been in a RF(LFR) yet. I do carry a dual talent spec, Feral Combat(Restoration).

This takes another form of abuse as well though, and that is people who are rolling to assist their guild mates or friends in getting items. If they are all *able* to roll need on the item, then there is still nothing stopping them from all rolling, and then just passing it to the person who did need it. This may be better than people rolling need on items they don't need, and won't use, but it's still abuse, and it hinders the pick-up players from getting the gear they came for.

EDIT: I just wanted to add, I've always carried a full set of Restoration gear with me at all times, even since Original WoW.
Who is anyone but blizzard to decide that caster shamans shouldn't be allowed to use offhands? I've raided with MH/OH, MH/SH, and staves. Should the lightning rod ever drop, I WILL roll on it and I would certainly use it if I won. Its currently BIS and in any of these raid encounters you rarely ever take physical damage to benefit from a shield. Should there be some mechanic that DOES do physical damage, heal it like you do for every other caster class.

In all honesty, LFR is most likely going to be the cause for my husband and I and quite a few others in my alliance guild to quit playing the game.

Are you serious? Post seems seriously serious.

Currently LFR is my only means to raiding. I think its one of the best things introduced to warcraft. Sure, it has its problems. I personally think its way to easy and the first four bosses have become a mindless chore where you don't even have to try. I get pissed when people win 3-4 items in one LFR and you win nothing. I frown when one person win 2-3 items off Madness, like they today.

But its hardly enough to make me 'quit the game'. I don't know why you care if bad players get 384 gear. Its 13 item levels lower than your 10 man raid. I'd killl for 397's at this point. I feel second rate and I can't compete with skilled players who have 4-5 items out of 10 man. I will always come in shy.

Your taking for granted what you've got.
Your caring too much about the noobs in LFR
You won't care about losing rolls in LFR once you have the 10 man versions.
Items those people will never get, and people like me wish I had.
You won't even need to go to LFR.

Pugging 'bad' players off your server is nothing new, and has little to do with LFR. This curse of warcraft has been around for many years prior.
I loved the idea about a raid finder but today I had a very bad encounter with it that I'm thinking about quitting the game. It's already pretty hard to win something as it is, so I asked the winner of something for trade and he outright refused, it would not have been so bad if he actually needed it, but no he had something with an Ilevel of 403 in that slot equipped so he did not need it at all, he just did it to screw everyone else over, and I'm sure that isn't the first time something like that happened. I hope Blizzard will figure out a way to fix this or something that was supposed to good is just a big fail that makes them lose customers (not that they would care too much since they make enough money but still).
yep 2 pair Molten Blood Footpads dropped same rogue won both pair of boots, That he had equipped already. Then asked what would people trade for them. The raid responded thats just messed up. So he DE'd them and dropped group. This system is just so utterly bad. Tons of ideas that are easy to add to the game to fix this and Blizzard lets it go.

I made a post on how we should try to offer bliz some solutions (and of course, people are being their usual selves about it). Please, feel free to contribute.
LFR is broke really blizz in your decision to push out content to please your costumers did you ever stop and think maybe if it is done right the first time, so then you don't have to go back and tweek it? no wonder why you have lost so many subs. So a tank gets to role on tank gear and gets the role bonus that same tank can role on dps gear and get the same bonus but when a dps roles on tank gear he does not get the bonus same with healers on cloth gear. fix this soon or you will have lost even more subs because of your fail decisions on pushing low quality content.
you need to do somthing about how someone being able to receive a damn roll bonus on gear they already are wearing ie: healing neck off of morchok...cmon you'd think you would've thought of that already, its pretty frustrating.
I've got an excellent suggestion. How about you guys fix the ledge of the revolting rituals, so my shadow priest can get the roll bonus on my BIS offhand that I've lost twice now due to not receiving the 100 roll bonus. One of the two times it dropped I would have won if I had been given the 100 bonus. You guys designed my class to use spirit, so why I am unable to roll on an offhand with spirit/haste is beyond me.
dual speccing has changed the game forever--and until the kinks are worked out to where

people cant be greedy and only see purple, and i could possibly one day use that for my

offspec means"i will need on it, win it, and throw it in my bank" --we must all just endure. One

of what i assume to be a new player said in a forum yesterday that when you enter a run it is a

courtesy for the other people in group to not roll need on your main spec gear for thier off

spec. This sums up everyones point--alot of people who play WOW nowdays forgot--or just

arent courtious anymore--and thats why there needs to be a loot system that at least checks

people who are not.

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