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I just went into LFR and watched a group of guildies need on iems they already had winning them and giving them to guild mates. That sucks for the rest of us who try week after week for a piece of gear. And if you call them out on it they vote kick you from raid. I cant wait till the loot system is perfected and this dosent happen. Everyone deserves a fair chance. =)
I just left the LFR group I was in because I was disgusted beyond all belief. Not because I didn't win anything. I'm pretty ok with my chance at loot drops and rolls.

My biggest concern is that people that are decked out in normal mode tier pieces have the opportunity to need roll on gear of a lesser value, just because they can.

I called another mage from a different realm out for doing such a thing. And when others in the raid inspected him and noticed that he had won tier gloves and pants, and already had the 397 normal set equipped, they chimed in and questioned why he rolled on them.

He said there would be an open roll at the end of the run for the classes that can roll on them. I asked him why he would do such a thing; I would hope he understood by now that there can be no monetary exchange between players of different servers. Pressing the matter further with him only made him decide that I would be excluded from rolling on the two pieces.

Why is this allowed to happen? Why is something so wonderful such as the raid finder allowed to be tainted by those people who decided to take loot distribution into their own hands and abuse the need+ loot system?

I really hope that in the future this system recognizes spec, ACTUAL need, and other such specific information to make a more fair distribution. I realize that RNG is sometimes less than fair, but that RNG doesn't need to be toyed with by other players.

Please fix this.

I feel your pain Poe. its not fair they do that. Seen it too much too often =/
another week of LFR and another guild going as a group rolling need on tokens that they already have the reg version of then giving to other guildies or spamming raid trying to trade for other pieces for the guildies. This is such bullcrap. Just scrap the whole thing if you can't be bothered to fix it.
So I am fine with the idea or LFR. It helps Casuals. What I don't understand is why you Blizzard would release this !@#$ loot system. What just happens takes the cake. 2 Gurthtalaks dropped when I was on my Ret Paladin. One went to a War that already had 2. The other too his guildie that was frost DK. They got them, then gave them both to a War not in their guild. He had a 397MH and a 378OH. Then gave him both. He then gave the extra one to his guildie that was a Tank MS....WTF BLIZZ. You have got to be %^-*ing kidding me....

At least if someone already has 2 of the !@#$ing item don't allow them to roll. And don't allow trading it just makes this loot system so flawed. Exploits it so harshly.
Ok im done with LFR till blizz fixes it its unfair the way it is atm i know you guys at blizz works very hard to give us these games but if this wasn't ready for patch 4.3 then it should have put on hold till patch 5.0. Patch 4.3.2 is on the PTR today fix this please perfect spot to do so ty all sorry for me complaining here just refuse to run anymore raid finding till loot is fixed
I personally think the best solution is to make it so that, at the moment the drop occurs, the roll mechanism checks the equipped item for that slot, and prevents anyone with a higher item level than that of the dropped item to automatically be excluded from the need roll on the item, just as if it was not a primary specialization item for them(cloth for Druids, for example).

The only potential problem with this is the ability to swap weapons during combat, for something like a basic fishing pole, when the boss is at 1-2%, which would then allow that person to roll on weapons as if their equipped weapon was really a fishing pole.
Maybe noone else has had this problem with lfr loot drops....I'm finding more and more people needing loot that they dont need just because they can or needing and passing it onto friends it just seems like it's becoming more and more of a problem and i'm not sure what can be done about it if anything ....maybe i'm qqing about nothing but it just seems like it's become a very real problem....
Its what I do Sarras, if i have it or better I pass. But there are to few of us that do that.
After thinking about it and talking to someone, why not get rid of the loot all together and just give out something like raid finder tokens. Each boss defeated awards them. After the raid, head on over to the raid finder token vendor and buy the loot you want. All the loot the bosses drop will be there. You want your tier pieces, you can buy them or the tokens for them.

No more complaining about who stole your loot or never winning roles.

I would just be happier and have more fun when after I do both LFR raids and down the 8 bosses, I could take my Raid tokens and buy 1 item from the Raid Vendor. It could be the Tier piece or trinket or bracers or any loot my toon could get from the raid bosses.

This way, if a Ret Pali wants to buy the ring on his bank alt, that he is only wasting his Raid token. Meanwhile, Evilmuffin is very happy with her Intellect Ring she just bought ;)

If you want that OS DPS Tier chest piece, then save up your tokens for it.

Everyone is happy because each week, everyone can get 1 item.

I like that idea too. Would actually want me to do more LFR since I do not always get all 8 bosses a week just running it once.
Things need to be done to prevent people from choosing to steal items they don't really need just to barter them at the end of the run. Also why does it seem when two duplicate weapon items seem to drop, like "Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps", that it seems the same person wins both of the items most of the time? I have seen this far too often for it to be a coincidence. Pretty much if a weapon is able to be dual wielded by some class, then both items get won by the same person. Even if that person isn't the class who can dual wield it, say a paladin winning both weapons.
And that should also be an easy fix. Just stop loot drops and give everybody a token.
I have read more comments and I'm sorry Blizz, but LFR with loot drops will not work due to people needing stuff they don't need and then passing it to someone else, people winning multiple things on one boss and all the other complaints.

I am glad Littledeer likes my idea of raid tokens. It would stop ALL the complaining about. AND it would save Blizz so much time of having to do gear checks before rolls, and block trades and figure out the double winning rolls on the same boss and the other problems.

Seriously, there are people that have done LFR for weeks and have nothing to show for it.

Your going to anger people and make them stop playing. Then they will go play other games like those shiny things up in the night sky that have big battles.
This "Looking for raid" was very promising at first - leaving me at high expectations and making me happy I did the annual pass - now I am just about to end my subscription to WoW totally. It is complete bullcrap - I go on LFR day after day - loosing Agility Polearms - too boomkins - to resto druids, im loosing tier peices to people with higher ilvl so they can vendor the tier peices. I dont know how to progress if I just get set back with bull!@#$ every time - it seems pointless to wait the 20 min queue I have on my dead server to get ninja looted by classes that dont use the item. The worst part is I cant even report it, or if I do its a 8 day wait, and by that time I have another shot in the dark, and no one will give a %^-* anyways. This is garbage.
Is there any discussion about making loot in LFR unique? Aside from the fact that some people are just jerks who take it to screw with other people, some try to trade these items for other things that they may need from later bosses. For example, Deathwing dropped 2 Gurthalaks in LFR yesterday, and both were won by people that already had them. Another player won a Ti'Tahk and tried to sell it. I understand that making items like Blade of the Unmaker or No'Kaled unique might interfere with some dual-wield players trying to gear up, but there are other weapons available and this seems like a smaller issue than people taking gear that they already have. I suppose another alternative could be to scan their bags and take away their need plus bonus if they already have the item? Is there any specific reason for not making them unique to start with? Thanks in advance.
Of course there are ways to fix the problem Kortosis. There are MULTIPLE ways of fixing the problems, with some pretty good ideas from the community, but Blizzard are taking their "When it's done" approach to games, and applying it to a major problem that is already IN the game. And what's worse, even though there is a massive outcry about it, the problem most likely won't be fixed until MoP comes out. Which, by that stage, will be effectively pointless because nobody will give a sh*t anymore, because they will be too busy getting better gear from MoP.

For once, maybe Blizz should just swallow its pride, and listen to the community. It's not like everyone is asking for a couple of Legendary items each. We just want a problem to be fixed. Is that such a big ask? Really?
Please hurry with the fix for people winning all of multipal Items that drop. Sword (bogger) is dropped twice by Boss X. Both boggers go to Yippyskippy cus he wins both roll's. One is put in his bag by the loot finder and the other he doesnt need is left behide he leaves group. Now no one can get the bogger he left behind! (no pun intended).
Sound like Blizzard know they have a bug and havent be found a fix for it. So who suffers? "the people that pay to play the game" and should have got the other bogger(insert item here). At least even though they wont give the other items out we know where thier finger is or is that has been?
The raid token idea is awesome...or someone in my guild suggested if they roll need and win its bound to them no trading. that does not eleminate the vendoring the item issue but just another suggestion.
I would simply like to say that though I am happy with the LFR system I am UN-happy with one thing about it. I am a MS resto Druid and for the past several weeks i have lost "caster" gear or "healing" gear to Feral dps Druids. Now losing a roll to a boomkin is not bad seeing as my OS is boomkin and the stats are shared in many ways. But i don't like the fact feral druids receive the need+ role on "caster" gear when i do not receive the need+ role on "feral dps" gear. I would suggest implementing a "caster dps" role and a "melee dps" role to the hybrid classes in the LFR system seeing as this also happens when I play my resto shaman.

Other than that I'm happy with the content, rather enjoy the LFR system seeing as its nice the have that bit of extra boost to gear to help the raid progression along with my 10 man guild :)
Like others have said on my other toons i have lost 'Main spec" gear to people who needed it for offspec and won it. There needs to be a update to to raid finder, impelement a system where for expample a Frost dk could no roll on the two hander from deathwing unless the people who used 2h handers did not need it, then he could roll greed like everyone else for off spec. Also where if people have a higher item level in lets say belt than the one that droped, they could not roll on it because they got a better piece of gear, and let others who ACTUALLY need it, able to roll on, and ONLY those people. i am just sick and tired of loosing gear that could really help me to people who do NOT need it at all.

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