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The LFR is a complete JOKE. how are people supposed to upgrade their toons when people in full 397 raid gear are taking the loots. why in god's name sgould i Tank when i have to roll against everyone else. for that reason alone im quitting this stupid game because obviously no one cares about play style as long as the subcriptions are still rolling in
A suggestion, in LFR is there a way we can make the Tier piece tokens somehow tradeable for other tier piece tokens, like at a vendor inside the raid or something? Only for LFR mode, of course. Because I have had a rough time trying to get a 4 pc set together. I know you want to make it where you can't just farm x boss to get the same thing 5 times and just trade them to complete your set but most people want to full clear the raid anyway, both to see the fights and to get other loot, so its not something that would make people go in the raid and do 1 boss every week or something.
I like the idea of changing LFR loot to "loot tokens" and putting a weapon vendor and an armor vendor in the raid. This way instead of people needing on stuff they really don't need they end up getting a way to get what they do need. Maybe keep the tier tokens in there but for non tier armor and trinkets and for weapons there should be 2 types of tokens and a weapon vendor and an armor vendor. Make the end boss drop a slightly different type of token to access the higher item level gear that would be on the back of the pages of weapons. Also I would like to see a more intelligent loot system that can see if your wearing higher item level and if so turn the need option off. Would it really be that hard to program in after all this other new stuff you've already programmed into the game? I remember when it was said that cross server dungeon finder was going to be a huge programming issue, but look where we're at now.
You know its just awful in general. The loot system has hit rock bottom in this game for sure. Rogues get 397 weapons right out the door and what..... you get maybe a dozen people rolling against a tank on the ONLY 1hander in the instance a tank can use. Please tell me how that makes sense? How many daggers does a rogue get to choose from? Not to mention the spell users..... what happened to spell power swords? What now pallys mages and locks have to fight over daggers like i really would like to know were all the common sense has gone as far as the loot system works... what was wrong with split instances 10/25, it was 10x more fun to run a 10 man instance then a 25 with differnt loot options... honestly next time you blizzard comes out with a patch i would strongly suggest that you give us some options is really lame.
Would like to know why does an enhance shaman receive a role bonus on a healing shield but a resto sham doesn't receive one on the 1h agi weps. Plz fix this crap. Sucks losing healing gear to dps
I don't know if this suggestion has been made or not cause honestly I don't want to read all of the post cause a lot of them just seem to be people QQin and saying they are quitting because of this new system.

So quickly, its a new system cut them some slack they are working on it. I as much as anyone else would have rather them worked this all out before having it go live but hey nothings perfect.

Now the system is a good start, the plus roll thing was a good idea now why not just use it more.

A simple fix to some of the current problems but not all of them is this. If the person already has said piece of gear or a better piece of gear take away the plus roll. Quick easy and simple.
Loot drops have always been messed up and I don't see that getting fixed anytime soon since pally gear was able to drop in Vanilla raids for horde just as shaman gear was able to drop for alliance so asking them to fix loot drops just isn't going to happen so just learn to live with it now.

And just because someone has better gear doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to roll on the item. They are still part of the raid group they are still putting an effort in they should atleast be allowed some chance at loot even a small one. By taking away the bonus that is basically 100% chance they won't win the item over someone who needs it. The only way they could win an item without the bonus roll would be if everyone rolling wasn't getting the bonus and in that case it would basically be OS for everyone.

As for people rolling on stuff that's not for their main spec that's not really blizzards fault that just people being their a**hole selfs. I know when I go into LFR groups with my toons I roll on whatever piece I can and if I win an item that is not for my mainspec I look over my recount and the characters and award it to the person pulling their weight and that need it the most.
I am sick and tired of this looking for raid 25 man only system you have, I join on my healer and im pitted with 6 more healers, now i understand the whole 25 man raids needs 6+ heals etc, but when I join every week, and i lose gear every week to different people, gets old, what I am saying here is, I join LFR, i get 6 new healers, who need the same gear I need, EVERY week, I never win the gear, there is too much competition for one piece of gear every week, I want to know when blizzard will implement a TEN MAN version of the LFR system. An example is...deathwing dies, the cinematic pops up and loot starts, one dragonmaw healing mace drops and 1 healer gets it, this happens every week with a different healer winning it, I never win a single piece of gear when I fight against 6+ people, I have to fight against 1 million+ NEW people every week...even people who have the piece of gear equipped already, need roll on the same piece and WIN IT!

Tank and/or dps one hander off MoD went to a ret paladin in a recent group.
12/13/2011 02:09 PMPosted by Bladie

This is completely what just happened. If I am going to put forth the effort do down the boss why cant I use the item that would give me better stats ?

I would imagine because Paladins and Shamans have the option of using shields, whereas other classes are limited to just an offhand. Seems pretty fair to me, imo.

Yes, I copied my own answer again. Seems to fit anyway.

Your answer is stupid sorry im so late to respond.

Every other healer class bar Paladins have the option to use staff's so clearly using your logic they shouldnt be able to use 1handers or offhanders cause they have the OPTION to use staff's.
Fair enough if the offhand had stats which didnt benefit a holy paladin but really does it? Unless its been hotfixed the offhand has better stats then the shield.

Back in the day when there were Shield enchants AND Off hand enchants this logic May have made sense but nowadays? Unless people are trying to tell me that Holy Paladins need to use a shield in case they have to tank... :P

BTW In my run last night, the healing shield dropped and a RET paladin got the roll bonus... Is that working as intended or what?
Another week another two toons go thru the system. First toon was "lucky" enough to get a group that had all heroic dragon soul gear. Yet rolled need on every damn token and won them. GG Bliz.

Next toon once again people in 397 and heroic tier gear rolling and winning the lfr tier tokens just to !@#$ with people.

Might as well take the system down until you can deploy it the right way. This game has really gotten old with all of Blizzards half %^- attempts at doing things. Rush to release stuff then take forever to fix what should have been done in the first place. I mean if blizz doesnt care about there game and customers why should we.
I have a complaint about the loot system as well. Now that items are class restricted and fewer people need gear, there has been an outbreak of people need rolling on gear that they dont actually need. They take the gear in hopes that if someone else wins something they want, they can trade for it. I've been screwed out of 3 tier tokens now because of people doing this.
^This... Greedy people are rolling need on items they don't need, hoping to trade later for something they need if it drops. LFR loot should be non traceable.
Hey blizz can you fix the Loot so a Boomkin ele shaman can not roll on agil gear cause my druid tank got a ring taken by a boomkin... that is really annoying
Well done, and quite quickly might I add! I'm glad that this has been done, honestly. Now if only we could get a way to prevent someone from winning two items at once!

the only ones that can actually get away with winning two greatswords is fury warriors
01/05/2012 12:13 PMPosted by Tterb
The LFR is a complete JOKE. how are people supposed to upgrade their toons when people in full 397 raid gear are taking the loots. why in god's name sgould i Tank when i have to roll against everyone else. for that reason alone im quitting this stupid game because obviously no one cares about play style as long as the subcriptions are still rolling in

I tank guild raids, then I dps LFR raids to help gear my ret spec because I'm expected to perform just as well as the other dps during one-tank fights. I'm sorry your opinion is such a negative one for something as great as LFR.
LFR is not broken it works great and a great addition to the game what is broken is the looting system. The plus 100 can be tweeked to work and the double win can be fixed. (you people are posting about apples and oranges) go eat a pear.
Personally, I think Blizz should change the loot system to work with main/current spec. Like a lot of other people, I lost the roll to Soul Drinker from Madness of Deathwing to a ret pally in almost full 397. There was no warriors in the group who rolled, and our tanks were a Blood DK and a bear, so I figured I'd get it by default because I was the only one who needed it for my main/current spec. Yet, I lost, and the pally just took off as soon as he won. He did not need it for his main spec. And if tanking WAS his main spec, he should have either passed because he wasn't in his main spec, or just gone tank for the duration of the raid.

In my opinion, this whole loot system for LFR is ridiculous and needs some tweaks. EX: mainspec rolls... Oh, and loot bonuses should go down for people who have already won loot for the raid, that way one person is not winning all the loot, while other people cry because they haven't gotten any loot in two weeks.

Please take this into consideration, Blizz.

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