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Well done, and quite quickly might I add! I'm glad that this has been done, honestly. Now if only we could get a way to prevent someone from winning two items at once!

Could this mean that you're looking for ways to ensure no one can win two items at once!? *starts to make a happy face*

This is something we know happens, and we definitely want to find a way to address it so it doesn't happen.

So is your goal to prevent one person from winning two of the same items from a single boss (which I'm for) or is it to prevent a single person from winning more than one different items from a single boss (which I'm against)? What I would be for however is a system where a person's roll bonus is reduced by 10 or 15 every time that they win an item in a single run. This way there's still the chance that they can win another item but they don't have as good of a chance as everyone else.
I have a complain about the new LFR.

Class restrictions were a good start, but it's not good enough.

I would like to propose a solution. I dont know the current formula to award rolls, but when the person with the lowest dps but highest item level wins on a need roll it doesn't seems fair. Also when the same player wins two items off one boss that's unfair. Proposed solutions would be a new system that takes your damage done and weighs it with your item level, so players with bad gear, but do well can get better gear because they deserve it. Players can only loot one item off a boss so if you need something your can't need another thing on that boss. You can't win an item you have if anyone needs it who doesn't have it already.
Why not just get a Raid Finder token so that EVERYONE after the 8 bosses can get an item each week...(See my previous post ;) )

awesome idea, would help gear people alot and be fair

you know what would be awesome? implementing restrictions of roll bonuses for classes that are needing for the sole reason of needing or because they are going to "try" the new spec. how is it fair that a tank has the chance at the BiS sword but a TG fury warrior needs, gets the roll bonus, and wins. and when is questioned about it he state "oh i might try SMF" and "no im not prot OS." so pretty much that weapon is now useless and could have gone to a person that would have benefited from it three fold. maybe some type of internal program that scans the person two specs and if one, for example, is TG fury and the other is Arms, DONT give them the roll bonus.... and for all you blow hearts that say we'll maybe they are making a set if they dont have a comprable off set they dont need the BiS 1 hander.
lfr worst idea ever i keep getting kicked on my main cause i lag to much.i dont lag in a 25man on my server??? thanks Blizz you guys suck im going back to xbox
01/10/2012 03:22 PMPosted by Landrari
Why not just get a Raid Finder token so that EVERYONE after the 8 bosses can get an item each week...(See my previous post ;) )

Because then everyone would have their full set within a month and be bored even sooner.

lfr worst idea ever i keep getting kicked on my main cause i lag to much.i dont lag in a 25man on my server??? thanks Blizz you guys suck im going back to xbox

It's Blizzard's fault that you lag?
01/11/2012 12:41 AMPosted by Jawaka
Why not just get a Raid Finder token so that EVERYONE after the 8 bosses can get an item each week...(See my previous post ;) )

Because then everyone would have their full set within a month and be bored even sooner

Ok, then make the items cost 2 weeks worth of raids. I mean come on, there are people with just 2 or 3 weeks of LFR with a full set. And on the other side, there are people that have 0 pieces of anything from LFR.

I bet those people that have nothing so far are getting bored with LFR. I have gotten Boots and tier gloves in 6 weeks. Ya, I am bored with it myself. Tired of rolling against 12 different people each time, more than half don't need the gear, and lose my rolls.

Sounds like fun, huh?
12/13/2011 02:04 PMPosted by Filuz
Doesn't enhancement use Agi?

He said elemental, not enhancement.

and as some else stated... is doesn't work the way you want it too yet.... it's stats related right now.. not spec related.

that being said.. I have a enhance set for this toon plus a resto set and a eley set.... just because you can't have 3 specs ready to go right at that moment doesn't mean you can't gear it.
i have a problem with the need + bonus roll system. i have a 2H frost spec so 2H weapons are what i need for upgrades, there is a 2H sword named gurthak, voice of the deeps that drops off of deathwing from the madness of deathwing encounter in the 25 man LFR finder.when this weapon drops and i roll need on it, so does every warrior thats a main or off tank and every pally thats tanking or healing, they are rolling need on it and getting a bonus on top of it so i lose the roll every time to a tank or healer. why is a tank and healer that uses a 1H weapon + shield allowed to need this item and get a roll bonus with it, this weapon is a off-spec item to them, tanks and healers dont need this weapon for thier main spec but i do and its not fair that they can need on dps gear when they are tanking or healing. a tank should not be able to need dps or healing items and a healer should not be able to need dps or tank items. it pisses me off the way tanks and healers win this item and are usualy jerks about it before they leave the raid.
So I came up with an idea that I think may be a great improvement to the LFR loot system that I also think will help alleviate a lot of the problems.

Once you've won a roll one something once already (Twice if it is a weapon that is able to be dual-weiled by a Death Knight, Enhancement Shaman, Warrior or Rogue. Maybe Tier-Tokens as well if you're feeling generous) you no longer receive a role bonus when ever you need on an item. That way people can still role on an item, and even hit the need button if they want to, it'd still be possible to trade the item away if you were so inclined, but it also makes it so people can just keep needing on items they don't need and funneling it to their friends/guildies/whomever they arbitrarily deem worthy of a reward, need on items they already have to use as leverage to trade for something else or simply just need on something they have to DE/Vendor/spite other players.
I just want to know Blizzard, when is the loot boosting issue gonna be fixed? 17 slots for dps and 14 of them are guildies boosting for guildies and the tank is from the same guild doing the same thing to help the dps offspecs get the tanks need bonus for said loot drop. In my eyes and alot of others aswell , thats an unfair advantage other players in the same group have over me. So far LFR has been a failure for the little guy trying to make their way in the game. Huge guilds farming loot because boosting is not abuse??? come'on now..
I'd just like to see ele shamans and balance druids not getting the need+ on agi items..
and ret paladins on int stuff... it's not fair at all, especially if we don't even know if they have current off specs for those items.

any improvement to the LFR loot system you can do just can't wait til mists of pandaria. It'll cause people to get discouraged and quit over being borderline robbed of an item out of another person's "hey the need button popped up, i'll need on it even if i have a heroic DS item of the same slot"
imo it works ok buts lfr is still new. so with every new thing there will be bugs give them time
I hope this is the thread to post this under.

I was playing earlier today, after beating DW; the Maw of the Dragonlord dropped twice. Which i thought was fu**ing awesome! Except that a helaing shammy won them both. At first I thought I was misreading it, but he won both rolls, both in the 190's. Which to me is really unfair. He should not have won them both, one of them should've gone to the player with the next highest role, which in this case was mid-180's.

One glaring hole in the system is that if you are a can click on DPS/Healing in the LFR interface you can roll and win both items. Which to me is Fu**ing absurd. I was under the impression that the backend would not let you win the same item twice in the same run.

Since it is more than likely BiS for most healers, which would do wonders for me, for guild 10 mans. Yes, I'm complaining about it, 'cause it/probably could happen again, and yes I do really want that mace, especially since i have the off-hand already.

K, so i realize after reading the last three pages of this thread, that my post wasn't the most productive. Also that LFR was an idea that was not totally fleshed out before going live. We are the beta testers.

The problem: Normal raids, vested group interested in progression/consuming new content; LFR is a free for all. No concern for the group. LFR by design is to expose more people to the content, to try and include as many as possible.

1. In normal raid, guild/friends, the group will agree on the who gets the loot, who it benefits the most for either MS/OS, etc. There is either a loot council or an in/formal group vote. If still no one needs it, DE or sold for money in the guild bank.

2. Pugs, a bit more of a chance of getting screwed over, but at least you have a fighting chance via the GM's if your truly wronged. Or the person setting up the group won't invite you, once they look at your gear/experience, etc.

3. LFR, more often than not a completely transient group, probably with no ties to each other than that run. Fairly anonymous.

We all know that anonymity triggers something in 1% of people, hence one of the many reasons we have to register for forums, etc.
Those same 1%, usually ruin it for everyone, (i.e. the Post Secret App. Totally yanked down due to the 1% posting inappropriate and offensive material in a way that overwhelmed the moderators.)

The reason we run LFR loot/gold from vending said loot. So with loot value being so high, and knowing you can't change people, my thought is that you either have to dilute/restrict the loot pool, to make it less desirable for higher geared toons, or you have to somehow add repercussions or a control mechanism. Or add a sense of group to the raid. Perhaps, seperate LFR into it's own tier with it's own loot system kinda like pvp, since raids weren't designed for the anonymity of LFR.

Maybe setup a voting system for loot, not sure how that would work.

These are just thoughts off the top of my head.
01/11/2012 12:41 AMPosted by Jawaka
[quote="38812128925"]Why not just get a Raid Finder token so that EVERYONE after the 8 bosses can get an item each week...(See my previous post ;) )

Because then everyone would have their full set within a month and be bored even sooner.

Players are getting sick of trying to compete with RNG, it's not fun to once a week hope that the class specific token drops and then cross your fingers that the dice are in your favor. Normally you are still rolling against other players that already have the tier pieces as well but just want them to be able to trade or for offspec. I don't go there to help a player get his offspec gear. You want gear to tank with then join as a tank, if you want gear to dps with then join as dps. LFR has enabled alot of players to once again take advantedge but thats nothing new to this game.

I watched as one player with 100% pvp gear rolled in won 3 items in the first 4 bosses when I have seen 2 items since the lfr opened and I have ran it weekly. Go figure we all know this system will never be fixed right it's how Blizzard rolls.

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