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Ok Blizz...your answer when I open a ticket is to post here since you claim you read the forums...well here you go...

Loot system is jacked up and people abuse LFR loot. Case in point...my shaman? Belt dropped, lost to an Enhancement shaman. Today, belt dropped again..lost it to a resto shammy who already had it on and gemmed, then he left raid. Why does it seem to be so difficult to implement a system where if you have it equipped already, or are not the correct role in the raid, to NOT allow them to roll? Most of the time, your bonus roll system doesn't even work. I've seen it happen on Madness time and time again, to me and others I know personally. Why should an Enh shammy get a BONUS roll on a resto belt? Why should a fully PVP geared priest who starts the Madness fight then stand there AFK the rest of the time, come back in time to roll and win the staff, then claim he will vendor it? This system needs a HUGE overhaul. I don't normally post on forums and I have been playing WoW since Vanilla. Blizz, you claim you want us to enjoy and take advantage of all the content you offer, so please explain why I should keep doing your LFR system when it's basically pointless due to how the looting works?

I do raid on my main in normal DS, but for those of us who do like to gear alts, without commiting to raiding, LFR is awesome, until you realize just how broken this loot system is. I have no issue at all losing to someone who actually needs that item, its an upgrade for them, or they are fullfilling that role in the raid. My issue is stop letting AFK'ers, or others take gear that we all invest our time trying to get. Losing a weapon to an AFK, is just wrong. After today, I will no longer do LFR on any of my toons. You seriously need to look into fixing your LFR looting system. Blizz you told me to post here with this issue, because you "monitor these forums closely," well there ya go. Let's see what you do with it.

This a hundred times. I am sick and tired of seeing people win items where they already have it. If you can implement the mechanic in dungeons where it automatically makes you pass on an item you already have, why is this not in LFR? Had a mage yesterday win the Tier token shoulders off Stormbringer when he already had them then he promptly dced before people could point that out to him. GM tells me that's not ninjaing since he can use them. To what?! Get another pair?!

It would also stop the guildies who go together and roll on just about everything to hand free loot to their friends.

Also annoyed to see how boomkins do indeed get the bonus to their rolls on AGILITY items. The system needs to check not just your role or class, but also your darn SPEC before you get a roll bonus. It also needs to check to see if people actually DID anything during the fight before they are given the chance to roll on loot. Have seen loot lost to AFKs or people who just ran around and did nothing but be jerks the entire fight.

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