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Half-***ed eh? No... this is a GODSEND. And note, they are STILL working to perfect it. Instead of being pissy, try actually being constructive with ideas to make it better.

Currently the system takes actual feasibility into account when allowing rolls... it does not take SPEC into account, just class. IE, I can no longer roll on Agility items... this = GOOD THING.

Blizz is advancing in the right direction... help them keep it going instead of just complaining about everything.

12/13/2011 02:20 PMPosted by Zhasta
crumbs are an insult I wanted the whole bag of chips that i paid for.

You didn't pay for a "bag of chips" ... you paid for use of their servers and the ability to play. They could have just left it alone and not changed it at all. Be happy with what has been done, and suggest ways to make it better.
12/13/2011 02:20 PMPosted by Hallelujah
I have a question about Paladins and Shamans not being able to need on the offhand. Actually If you look at the stats on the off hand and the shield you get more intellect from the off hand then you do from the shield... ie the offhand would be better.


^ The low int/lack of socket on the shield was reported as a itemization bug, please up-rate and bump.

On top of that I don't see any other case where a perfectly viable item for the slot is disallowed to certain classes. i.e. An equivalent would be making int maces only available to Paladins because Shaman, Priests, and Druids have access to intellect staves and daggers.

Normalizing the two pieces would be fine. I wouldn't mind being limited to the shield if it had the best stats for my class / spec and right now it does not.
With the speed at which a Raid Finder group moves through a zone, we’ve found that it makes it challenging for players to evaluate loot decisions – by class restricting these items, we hope that the natural behavior will have a more positive set of results for everyone involved. This change will not apply to normal or heroic raid or dungeon loot rules.

I'm betting 20k that Blizzard forgot that DKs use 1h strength weapons, and thus blocked them from having access to their pre-normal souldrinker best in slot weapons.

Any takers?
I will certify myself as ignorant to the back-end process that drives the current loot system in looking for raid. The changes made today are, for the most part, a step in the right direction, but as many other posters have shared there still is a need for more restrictive bonus rolls based on the spec that you entered the LFR in.

Any intelligent master looter out there would not allow a ret paladin or resto druid the ability to bonus roll on an agility trinket, an enhance shaman to bonus roll on a weapon that has a healing proc or a resto shaman to bonus roll on a harmful spellcast proc weapon. That is a lot to ask of an automated system with all the ifs, ands or buts involved.

The whole idea of main spec getting a bonus seems to have been misplaced on quite a few items in LFR. I have received a few pieces here and there which I am more than happy to have received, lost some rolls on some and seen more than enough instances of the "wrong" player winning a roll off someone all because they could need on it and got a bonus.

All-in-all, I'm very happy with the whole idea of FLR and the looting system so far. (Yeah, free epiz!) Like any work in progress, it needs some adjusting, though.
12/13/2011 01:59 PMPosted by Nethaera
This is something we know happens, and we definitely want to find a way to address it so it doesn't happen.

This seems a might silly unless its something like a duplicate token seeing as there are classes that would need pairs of items if they dropped (like weapons).
I don't suppose there is a way to try to balance the groups by class is there? Finding yourself in a group that has 7 druids and 16 of the classes that can roll on your tier pieces is kind of annoying. Especially since we can only roll for loot once per week.
you said something about replacing the items we had when we lost items you made class specific how about giving us items of the same ilvl you are taking from us since you decided to screw up our characters and take gear from us after we put the time and money in to gem it chant it and reforge it its like telling us congrats on winning new gear now here's your old gear back and thanks for giving us your hard earned money
12/13/2011 02:32 PMPosted by Llina
I don't suppose there is a way to try to balance the groups by class is there? Finding yourself in a group that has 7 druids and 16 of the classes that can roll on your tier pieces is kind of annoying. Especially since we can only roll for loot once per week.

Last night I was in a group with six shaman, four of which were Resto. -.- Today I also grouped with five druids, and four were healers also. WTB class balance in LFR!
Shamans can still wear the off-hand and a solution for this could have been just to not let them roll need on it. But they could wear it if won with a greed roll. A class restriction for it makes it useless to a shaman even if won on greed. What makes this even worse is that the higher ilvl dropping from the normal raid can be worn by shaman. Imo Blizz came to a quick solution without thinking it through. Like restricting it to players who already had the item equipped and now have nothing.

Quick solutions are not always the best. Restrictions on a need roll would have been enough.
Now just make it so LFR loot doesn't have a gold value so people won't just Need on loot for gold. At least this would be decent as a temporary solution until MoP where I hope the system will be able to check for duplicates (minus potential dualwield items).
Another thing is that my ele/resto shaman still can roll need on agility items though they are useless to her. It would have been better to look into this.
I just lost 2 healing maces from deathwing to non-healer specs, this isn't the first loot of the day that went to people who weren't raiding as that spec either.

This system needs to be fixed badly and it is very annoying to get locked for an entire week after losing a 1/3 chance at a healing mace because 5 DPS rolled and got the bonus.

I was really looking forward to this new system because it let us play alts and with more casual friends but losing loot to a broken system ruins most of the enjoyment.
This is a huge improvement to the system.

I have sadly seen many warriors/paladins/dks win agility items and shamans/druids/rogues wiin strength items in the last 2 weeks, this fix should make a huge difference in changing that.
12/13/2011 01:59 PMPosted by Zhasta
Just lost a roll on the agi Axe that drops on Madness of Deathwing to an elemental shaman. GG.

you don't need gear to clear LFR
12/13/2011 02:15 PMPosted by Zhasta

Both of those classes could conceivably use those items in an OS. Currently the LFD system allows a player to roll need on OS items.

..but why implement this loot system if my dk can both tank and dps? so should i be able to also roll need on tank when dpsing?....I dont know anymore just pretty po'ed that i lost my bis axe to an elemental shaman esp when losing all rolls throughout the raid.

The loot system does not take in effect the specific spec you are.

ie. A Balance Druid rolling need on a melee AGI item. Due to the fact that the Druid is in a "DPS" spec he is able to roll need on the item. However, a Mage would not be able to role on a Melee DPS item due to not having a tree dedicated to a melee spec as the druid does.

However, what the LFR loot system DOES do, is it looks to see if your in a DPS, Tank, or Heal spec. And places the +100, as needed, to the roll.

Now to your discussion, you can very well need on a tank item running as a DPS. But if the actual Tank rolls need on it as well you will loose even if you roll a 100.
12/13/2011 02:46 PMPosted by Badder
Just lost a roll on the agi Axe that drops on Madness of Deathwing to an elemental shaman. GG.

you don't need gear to clear LFR

People use this to help get caught up so they can get into reg and heroic DS as well, not everyone is gearing just to stay in LFR.
So, how about this for fair: Ring off Morchok drops. Haste/spirit. Good combination for shadow priest. But, due to this change, apparently, shadow priests don't get the role bonus (and thus, I lost it. Wouldn't have won anyways, but I never had a chance this way). Okay, that's all fine. But, 4th boss comes around. Haste/mastery ring drops. Healers get THEIR role bonus on it still (and should, because it's a good int ring still).

Needless to say DPS/Healer hybrid classes that choose DPS =/= role bonus on spirit gear anymore? Not sure if it's just shadow priest, or all 3 (boomkin/elemental) but I definitely did not get my +100.

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