ICC...I give up.

How I do my raids is I start out with running dungeon achievement runs, and during it I advertise "my personal channel, used for achievement runs of dungeons and raids, help with achievements, alt leveling, or general chat. To join type /join OWR" or some such. I usually get a good number of people in it once I advertise it there, in achievement raids (with permission) and on the forums. You just have to remember to keep running them or people will leave.
I cant finish off the last LK achievement i need even when we convince guildies to go (vile spirits).

Also I've been kicking myself for awhile now on missing that pug for the uld drake,you can tell by my meta at what point I came in at heh.

Thats the exact same 1 i've been needing for years, on 25 man =(
Necro'ed old thread?

Also - try openraid.us as there are a lot of achievement runs on there.
I didn't bother reading all of this, so sorry if this comment is out of place:

try openraid.us - thats where I have made most of my groups for instances. Both current (during cata) and old content. Was able to get glory of the firelands raider in 2 weeks. Its actually a very nice website.
openraid.us is where you'll get it done. There are tons of ICC groups as well as achievement groups for basically everything but the most current raid.
Openraid. Seriously, it is the answer to everything PvE (and some pvp too).

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