Revealing transmog options?

Exactly that the title says. I already have my dragonstalker set as my hunter option. I have my mage waiting to hit 85 to use the black mage tailoring set. But I havent played my rogue since BC(Literally. She's 83 now and still has Romuleo's Poison, was using Scryer's Retainter's Pants, D**** of the Dark Reavers, etc) so I dunno whats leather and revealing

I also like daggers, love daggers. Cool stabbity options? Nice shivs that fit in between ribs with the smallest push?
The quests rewards that are in badlands have some pretty (skimpy) leather for female rogues. I see a lot of female rogues using the chest-piece. I believe you can also find another color of this in WPL and EPL. As far as daggers go, my personal favorite is the Gutgore Ripper that drops off of Garr in Molten Core. It is sleek, and deadly.
Few possibilities. (chest, legs) (chest, legs, gloves)

And if you're going for skimpy on a hunter, why not get Sandstalker Breastplate?
Not skimpy on hunter. I like my barney set. =3
Any other options btw? Im liking

Grizzly Jerkin (Nightshade Set)
(plaugebat set)

None of the legs look good though. =(
Also, any dagger options? Looking for something small but cool. I got myself a scarlet kris already. Think it looks cool. Dunno anything else. There was a dagger I saw but cant remember its name. Looked like a small blade but the end had a red tassel on it which looked cool. I was also looking for swords. I found a blue straight edge but I was told there was a Hanzo like sword aswell somewhere in the game.
Hanzo Sword ?

I know you facepalmed when I asked that question, as did I when I saw the answer. I'm dumby. =(

Now, can anyone help me find a set of armor that goes well with Grizzly Jerkin? If anything I could use the grizzly legs.. perhaps. But are there any good, small, armbands. Nice pair of boots that aren't all huge and bleeeeh. Small belt too. I'ma use my goggles as my helm cause I love the goggles.

And still looking for the tiny dagger with a red tassel at the end of the grip.
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Looked like a small blade but the end had a red tassel on it which looked cool.

Either Gutgore Ripper or Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade
To my knowledge, there really aren't any revealing leather pants. Ironic, right?

Anything you are probably looking for is exclusive to plate and cloth.

Only thing that comes close are probably Abyssal Leather Leggings. Don't know if you can still get them either.
If you want revealing leather legs get a leatherworker to make you Warbear Woolies it's what i'm using atm.
Ok. I figured I could use the full Grizzly set. But what goes with them. Ive been searching, are there any tanish gloves and wrists? For the wrists Im hoping for a small bindings or something.

Like daggerfen bindings only a color closer to the grizzly set. Are there any leather sandals that would fit? or nice boots that don't have those huge ankle things that some boots have.

For helm Im probably gonna use my BC goggles cause they look so much better then the wrath goggles.

Also. Are there any non obnoxious shoulders? All of them seem HUGE or just plain ugly. I dunno what to use for a minimalst set.
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i hope youre a chick irl

Why would a chick want to be revealing? Im OBVIOUSLY a guy. Not all my characters are revealing though. I like my purple set for my hunter!
Found bracers. Vicious Wyrmhide Bracers actually match this set nicely. Small, tanish. Dunno if anything fits better. Still need gloves of some sort though
I'd go with something like this.

I like the look of the assassination/opportunist sets though, so that's a really subjective suggestion.
I'd go with something like this.

I like the look of the assassination/opportunist sets though, so that's a really subjective suggestion.

Agreed about subjective. The set you linked looks sort of weird though. Id rather small hands only gloves, but I havent found any close to the color of the grizzly set. I found bracers already though. And Im looking for a nice set of boots. Huum.
Nevermind all I said. The feral set matches this nicely. Oo Just need some boots..

Edit: Feral seems to be a darker red. Hum. maybe the legs wouldn't work cause the belt is a reddish. I could see the lighter top though. Huuum.

Edit again: The full feral set isn't that bad actually. I dunno, I like the grizzly top more and the pants seem sorta.. bleeeeh aswell. But the rest is actually quite nice. Dunno what shoulders would fit though.

Another edit: Opinons again. Anyone know of better leggings that would go with the feral set that dont have like a green squiggly line or something on them?
I like my transmog set! (^_^)

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