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Looking to start over on a PvP server. Not paying to transfer so looking to do this old school and without BOA. Anyone know of a good balanced server or one with a good community?

Mostly interested in casual PvP...battlegrounds, some world PvP (if it even exists), etc. Prob run instances to level, but otherwise raiding not important.
If we ever get another pvp server i would suggest all the ally transfer there so we could have at least one pvp server that is alliance favoured. I'm thinking like around 70:30 alliance to horde ratio. Abit like some of the pve servers like Dath'Remar and Aman'Thul.
Last I checked Gundrak had something like 52% Ally/48% Horde.

Yes and i beat if it ever goes to like 60:40 ally to horde we could expect every horde in the US transferring there.
12/16/2011 03:12 AMPosted by Zephinism
There are 3-4 Alliance dominated PvP servers in the US, High pop too.

Trust me, there's A LOT more than that.

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