Best pally names?

more like

This thread again?
Im pretty sure my name completely explains what a paladin is

Strike definately has the best one when you see his title. And i remember someone else made a thread like this awhile ago lol... Strike was voted best.
boo on poster for not being original for his server

*throws rotten tomatoes *
winner winner chicken dinner
<--- :)
Also, having an e-acute in place of an unmarked e in your name alters it's reading to be "Tamplar"... which is just curious, really.

Wikipedia - E-acute
OP has a special character in his no its not the best
Mine is the best pally name... Sure, he was God's Priest, but it also means "King of Justice." Can't get any more Pally than that.
Oh hai.
A lover and a fighter.
I'm not sure how paladin-y my name is, but I'm quite happy with it. :3
I'm fairly certain I win this thread.

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