Best pally names?

Not me.
Uh, yeah. I win, soz.
Holy god this thread is hungry for brains.

bubble07 lol
I think I have a pretty good name. Although I go as Ret more often than Prot now.
What's a Paladin? I play in a Band.
No no no no... there are just so many bad names in this thread. Names with special characters are out of the competition before they even enter. Names that have nothing to do with Paladins are not in the running for "best pally name." A few of you like Strike are pretty good, but unless you have the crusader title, don't even bother. Protroast was pretty entertaining. If you have to explain your name, you're already a loser.
When I was on the realm Nazgrel this character was named Lightsworn for awhile and that was before the T10 set came out.
Would that be considered a necro? why do people even go BACK so far .-.

The Salty title makes it work.
These are always interesting :).
Mine's pretty good.
Váli was a son of Odin who grew to full adulthood within a day of his birth solely to slay Höðr (whom had been tricked into killing his brother Baldr).
He is daring in fights, and shall survive Ragnarok.

So there's that.
Where's the party? Should I bring anything while I'm out?
I'm pretty fond of mine.

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