[H] Casual Social Guild <Solaris> is Open!

01/25/2012 08:01 PMPosted by Nantale

Cass worked really hard on it!

You did an awesome job on it then Cass. I'm very impressed! (is a geeky website nerd :P)

I'm a geeky website nerd myself, so I totally understand where you're coming from =)
I like to move it move it.
She likes to move it move it!
I just moved over to the realm, and would like to join you guys. I'll have an 85 but will probably roll an alt to get back into the game with.
We'd love to have you Blue. =)
Who else?
Yay, new people!
Part of gun ownership is killing people by mistake.
I don't know who's playing at the Super Bowl.

Someone else confess something.
Smiteymouse would be a funny name for a gnome or goblin priest.

Edit: omg we have a Smiteymouse on Thrall! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thrall/Smiteymouse/advanced

yay that made my day
AND he's Horde!! Yesssss!!!
I bet he is a cool dude IRL. I am jealous of his character's name.
Me too.. /slurps coffee.

Indeed, indeed. Indubitably, old bean. /slurps champagne, puffs pipe, twirls handlebar mustache
We're still accepting all new and seasoned players into our guild. Levels 1-85 are welcome =)
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Happy Valentine's day! I love my Valentine guildies... even though none of you are online. God, you'd think everyone in a casual, social guild would have a life or something.

Hrm, wait...
WTS one slightly used Stomach Virus.

Hurray for new members! As always, Solaris is looking for more friends to join our (quickly growing) motley crew!
Couldn't have said it better Dag =D

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