[Official] 4.3 Heroic Progression Thread

Bleeding Hollow
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Server Information
Server Type: PVP
Battlegroup: Ruin
Time Zone: Eastern
WoW Progress Link: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/bleeding-hollow
Horde to Alliance Ratio: 1 : 0.99

As of January 3rd, Bleeding Hollow has 40 guilds that are at least 8/8 DS normal.

Kill Key:
▲ = Realm First Heroic
■ = Heroic
● = Normal

Boss Key:
M = Morchok
Z = Warlord Zon'ozz
Y = Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
H = Hagara the Stormbinder
U = Ultraxion
B = Warmaster Blackhorn
S = Spine of Deathwing
D = Madness of Deathwing

An asterisk (*) denotes the top guild per faction. As guilds make progress into Heroic modes, they will be added onto the list.

I will attempt to update the list multiple times per week according to the list on WoWprogress.com. The easiest way to have your kill automatically recorded and time stamped on WoWprogress.com is to have someone who was in on the kill log out and update their character profile on WoWprogress.com.

if I haven't noted a heroic mode your guild has killed, please respond. Also, if you notice a mistake, please respond.

The top Bleeding Hollow guilds according to WoWprogress.com:
(A) Fierce * [■][■][■][■][■][■][▲][●]
(H) Predestined * [■][■][■][■][▲][▲][●][●]
(H) Carebears [■][▲][■][■][■][■][●][●]
(A) Skill Capped [▲][■][▲][▲][■][■][●][●]
(A) Beastmode [■][■][■][●][■][●][●][●]
(H) WeeR [■][■][■][■][●][●][●][●]
(H) Usual Suspects [■][■][■][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Blood for Noxus [■][■][■][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Pravus Dei [■][■][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) A New Hope [■][●][■][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Royal Militia [■][●][■][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Broken Faith [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Months Behind [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Tabbed Out [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Hazardous [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Morbid [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Oath [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Borderline Amazing [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Out of Mana [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Aperture Science [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Descent [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Northern Darkness [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Sanity [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Context [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) KSP [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(A) Dark Fusion [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Hero Squad [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Tabbers Anonymous [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Subpar [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]
(H) Remedial [■][●][●][●][●][●][●][●]

Top 3 Alliance Guilds:
(A) Fierce * [■][■][■][■][■][■][▲][●]
(A) Skill Capped [▲][■][▲][▲][■][■][●][●]
(A) Beastmode [■][■][■][●][■][●][●][●]

Top 3 Horde Guilds:
(H) Predestined * [■][■][■][■][▲][▲][●][●]
(H) Carebears [■][▲][■][■][■][■][●][●]
(H) Usual Suspects [■][■][■][●][●][●][●][●]
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