[Official] 4.3 Heroic Progression Thread

Bleeding Hollow
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04/02/2012 07:24 PMPosted by Niarala
Herioc Spine 25 man Down ^^

After spine madness is a joke in 25 man
HEROIC MADNESS DEAD for WeeR! 8/8 Heroic
HEROIC 25man Deathwing down for WeeR! 9 Attempts and dead...

Server first mofos! None of that easy-mode 10man crap! j/k j/k
Who knew 25 man would die so quick....o wait
Gratz on your great accomplishment killing a fight with a 15% nerf and 3 months behind.

Ohh wait, jk/jk!!! Hihihihi.
I hear 9 attempts signifies a boss is hard guize.
Xiic smells like farts.
Heroic Spine 25 dead.
Gratz Tabbed Out! <3 Noheals/Skilless
I'm glad we still have a few guilds on this server that actually raid.
Grats TO... You guys should have no trouble killing madness. Will be happy to see another Horde 25man clear.
TO got Heroic Madness while I was on a plane.
doesnt look like this is getting updated but "NC XVII" is 3/8 Heroic Morchok, Yor'saj and Ultraxion
04/06/2012 07:17 PMPosted by Caremeters
Xiic smells like farts.
04/24/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Tring
Xiic smells like farts.

Fem dorf? Really?
i'm cute regardless of faction
People still play WoW?!

Lol, JK. Gratz to everyone on their recent kills.

Didn't you quit for swtor? I hear swtor is the next wow killer guize.
-Requiem- 8/8 Heroic on 5/13, I was on forums for another reason and noticed my GM never posted here so I thought...heck why not. Some background info if someone has no idea who we are, we are from Ravenholdt horde US we transfered here about 5 weeks ago from today. The server is slowly dying and after losing both our tanks, we decided it was time to leave. We lost our first tank about a month before our maddness kill after getting 7/8 due to a popped cap on his motherboard, and our second one quit the game a couple weeks later. We finally got our new tanks and after a night downing the 7 fights before it we took it down with ease. This server has great players and we hope to be in the progression race in Mists with you guys. Good luck everyone!
I nominate Nasonia for the MoP progression thread
i thought this was just gonna have a link to wowprogress.com

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