[Official] 4.3 Heroic Progression Thread

Bleeding Hollow
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well we killed Ultra
Please remember to request sticky for this thread and the crafting threads! Thanks!
Grtz Carebears on your kills LETS KEEP MOVING BH UP!

Blackhorn is pretty nuts :/
Blackhorn is super nuts, It scares me.
Gratz on 4 top 50 US guilds.
Isn't being friends fun?!?!


P.S. sticky
Thanks, Dis.
12/16/2011 07:38 PMPosted by Furíous

Yes. Please sticky!!!
requested, nice thread, see y'all on DW
Thanks! :)

Got one more update to add tonight.

Sticky. Go BH!!
Please remember to sticky!!
KSP is 8/8n
12/18/2011 11:04 AMPosted by Pounced
KSP is 8/8n

Get a heroic kill and you'll be up on the thread. XD
Sticky please!
Updated for the end of the lockout.

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