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Acceptable Losses is seeking more adult players for raiding. We are mostly an adult guild (we are in our Mid-30s, a lot of us are Married and have to get up in the morning). While most guilds use the term "mature", we're specifically seeking adult players that want to steadily progress using two nights a week. We are currently raiding WED & THR from 9-12.

Our website is: http://acceptablelosses.wowstead.com or you can message one of us in game.

Acceptable Losses was founded May 17, 2006 by a group of mostly real life friends. We are "30-somethings" that have enjoyed the game on and off since classic. All of our members have been "raiders" in major raiding guilds at one time or another, but now are choosing to experience the game through 10-man content. It is our intention to see the available content via 10-man through teamwork and a consistent progression. We have a demonstrated success in 10-man content dating back to Karazhan all the way through Dragon Soul.

Some additional 411

We are top 10 guild on server for guild achievements.
We have "killed the guy on the box" every expansion.
We have the regular: Flasks, Feasts Repairs (Level 25 full perks)

We lost a few core players with the combination of Summer, DS being boring, and D3.
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We have Magmaw and Omnitron defense down and now working on Maloriak and Halfus.

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When one does ctrl+a, followed by ctrl+c, and finishes with ctrl+v...you won't believe this but it truly does COPY ALL.

Grr...good catch.
Still seeking 1-2 dps; 1 healer

If you're an adult player 30+, and I want to pursue content with other 30+ adult players-we're a good group to do so with.

Still looking for a Druid.

We'll be going to DS tonight and we only have 9 signups, so it's an instant invite.
Still looking for players that want to raid.

Not to break my arm patting us on the back, we have continued to raid during the Holidays even with a reduced roster and people taking much needed days off. I'd like to point out that we have maintained a steady raid schedule spanning two expansions.

Perhaps, you've never raided before but now have been exposed to raiding through LFR. We continue to pursue Firelands on Wednesday, so that we complete Wazulus' staff. I bring this up for two reasons: 1 - maybe you haven't seen t11 or t12. If you choose to run with us, we will continue to run t12 until Waz gets his staff. Before MOP, we'll ensure all "raiders" have cleared the content of this expansion. 2 - when the guild pursues an endeavor we see it through. Many of us have long exhausted our excitement with Firelands, but we have a guildmate pursuing a goal of a Legendary. I think it says a lot about our group that "Mains" continue to show up for content long outdated for a Guildmate. We will do the same thing for Faustian in his pursuit of the Daggers.

As a point of reference, despite being a smaller guild with our roster size we have climbed to the 12th spot on Guild Achievements: http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?a=5&r=Dalaran-US&w=

No question, being in a server first or "heroic mode" guild is exciting, fun, and challenging. At the same time, we feel we have found our niche with pursuing content at a consistent pace with a focus on the Team oriented goals. We may not be a server first guild, or a "top 10" but if you pursue content with us, you will kill the bosses in the raid zones.

We're still looking for dedicated, consistent raiders that want to see Firelands produce a Legendary and clearing Dragon Soul.
Well after a hectic holiday season we were able to get back to a solid raid week.

We fully cleared Firelands again for Wazulus, got a full clear of BH (despite the groans on vent), and we were able to add a 5th boss kill with us getting to about 25% on the Warmaster (should have him next week).

If you're an adult player and would like to play with other adults, give us a look. I think one of the biggest compliments we get from our PUG players is: "I had never heard of you guys but I really enjoyed tonight."

We appreciate and respect that our PUGs are already members of a guild and we try not to "poach". At the same time, we also know some guilds have slowed down or stopped altogether. If you are in this position, we are still running consistently - we have just had to PUG dps slots.

We are currently running without a DK or a Druid.

I would venture to say that over the course of the last year, no other guild has had a more "unique" class representation for raids. We truly are the embodiment of "Bring the player and not the class." If you commit to running with us, we'll get you in the raid and if you stick with us, you will get the kill(s).
Our mage has gone afk for 13 days. We are in need of a mage again.

We had a really good 1 day raid last week, but just didn't have the bodies for 2 days last week.
Staff Completed

We will now actually do like everyone else has for the last 3 months and actually spend our raid nights exclusively in DS.

Here's the gig. We're a group mostly of 30-somethings. We raid twice a week (Wed & Thr). We finish what we start. We are currently 6/8 and will begin to work on those last two encounters. Like most groups right now, what is slowing down any progression is simply attendance. When we have "10" we usually have very productive nights. On nights we have to PUG 1-4, we wind up having to explain the fights and go through the learning bumps and bruises.

As I've stated before, we are the epitome (to a progression fault) of "bring the player and not the class". We have had runs with 4 druids. We have had runs with a single range. We're more interested in getting "10" players that are passionate about their character and will consistently show up. Also like most groups, we're looking for people who truly embrace dual specs. You like both your specs, you gear both your specs and you like to play both your specs.

We're looking for: DPS/Healers & DPS/Tanks but will also look to someone who is "DPS".

If you're a 30-something player, you want to raid consistently twice a week, and you want to work in a team environment; we're a good group to do it with.
Now looking for a hunter too

Healer & Hunter
Had a really good night, including defeating spine on our first night ever actually doing it--now 7/8.

Still looking for other adult players who want to defeat the content with other adult players. We will be looking to finish up DS then we've started a "wishlist" of raids to do while we wait for MOP. Currently t11 Heroics is leading the votes. So maybe you've switched mains or considering switching mains heading into MOP and would like to knock out some of the older content within a group setting. Or maybe you're like us and missing t11 Heroics.

Recruiting needs updated:

Need a Druid
We have 9 signed up for our DS run this week.

We do not have a Hunter or a Druid raiding with us. If you are a Druid or a Hunter and would like to run DS, we're currently 7/8 and hope to get 8/8 this week.

Message me in game.
Last week we nailed spine in a single night and this week we followed up by defeating madness...8/8 in one night feels pretty good.

If you're an adult player and would like to to run with other adults, we are planning on continuing in DS and pursuing "achievement" raids for both the guild and transmogrification.

PS we have a Salabad, only ones on the server that can make this claim.

Bumping to let other adult players know we're looking for other 30 "somethings" to take on MOP raiding. We've had a solid 8 raiders show up but we just haven't been able to get #9 or #10. We have tanks (03), We have healers (03), we have DPS...just not 10 of us all at once.
Cana how do you know you're Top 10 in Guild Achievements?

I"m currently using Guildox: http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?a=5&r=Dalaran-US&w=
Just wanted to keep it fresh with some reminders:

We are looking for other adult players that want to raid, twice a week.
We have a demonstrated success of killing raid bosses dating back to Karazan
We have 1910 Guild Achievement points (top 10 on server)
We have all the common amenities: Every tab unlocked, guild repairs
For the purposes of raiding, all you need to do is show up ready to raid. All consumables are guild funded (Flasks, Feasts, & Potions)

We have had "9" raiders every week and just missing a 10th consistent player. If you're an adult player wanting to play with other adults we're a very good team to run with.

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