[H] Scientific Method 3/8HM 25man LF Raiders

Scientific Method is a "semi" casual guild that has been on Stormreaver since early 2010. By semi-casual I mean that we are a guild who loves to have fun by wiping to and occasionally killing raid bosses (including hardmodes), but we all pretend to have lives outside of video games.

Progression-wise we are currently 3/8 in HM DS 25man. We were 5/7 HM 25man in Firelands.

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm-11pm server, with raid invites starting 15 minutes before raid start.

We are currently looking for all exceptional players who can make our raid times, however we are especially on the lookout for:

1: Tank. DK or Feral tank highly preferred. 4pc gives you massive bonus points.

2-4: Melee DPS. Ret Paladin, Frost DK, Arms Warrior.

1-2: Ranged DPS, with currently not much of a preference. If you pew pew, I will take a look.

2-3: Healers. High demand for a Holy Paladin and a Resto Druid, but any healing class will be looked at. Bonus points if you have a reasonable DPS offspec.

If you can make 90%+ of our raids and are interested, please submit an application on our website http://smguild.com or contact Skaaya, Caliosidhe, Soltarii, Rylandor, or Tsillan in game.
can I join?
Trade you some melee for some ranged?
Is this a football team?
Need a Holy Paladin badly.
Speed bump.
1/8HM Dragon Soul.
We are now looking to add a Heroic Dragon Soul ready tank. A DK would be preferred.
can i join?
I enjoy your company Victor. If you are actually interested, we can talk about it.

Also bumpan.
Also need a rogue who wants legendaries or something.
i will trade you one rogue for two mages
We don't need rogues anymore go away.

We need a decently geared Feral or DK tank with 4pc. Some healers too.
Heroic Hagara bump. 2/8 HM now.
Recruiting for Heroic Yor'Sahj progression.

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