[A] Executive Decision is Recruiting 6/8H 25m

Bleeding Hollow
Executive Decision - US - Bleeding Hollow(Alliance guild)

We are a very unique guild in that we have an active Raiding section, PvP section as well as a strong, engaging, and friendly community. We do not actively recruit strictly raiders or strictly PvPers. Applying to Executive Decision means you also apply to our community as a whole and as such, are expected to participate in other aspects of guild life. We often do farm nights, guild achievement nights, fun nights, etc and encourage all members to attend.

Currently we're at 5/8 Heroic in 25m --
We have killed H Morchok, Zon'ozz, Yor'sahj, Hagara, Ultraxion and Warmaster

We are mainly looking for:

Any Exceptional Players

Current raid times are 8pm to 12am EST/ST Tuesday and Thursday.
We also occasionally do alt runs on weekends.

If you’re interested in putting in an application, please go to www.executives.guildlaunch.com or feel free to contact Shikoku or Pessimist in game.

If you do plan on applying, be aware that we are an 18+ guild. If you are not 18 years or older, your application will not be considered. We are an adult community and like to keep a certain level of maturity.

You can expect to hear back from us within a week from submission.

Exec Dec
Bumping this back up. :)
Updated a little bit of the info. :)
Bump for some helpful fellas over in ED.

Bumpity bump bump

Could use a second shadow priesty and mage! Must not be gnome ;)

Also, I no longer think DKs exist. ^.~
We killed Hagara tonight on our second attempt -- was a pretty smooth fight! Well worth the efforts! :)
I still think it's because you weren't in the lightning chain :D jk <3
Hey Shik, I believe Charlotte, my pet spider, has taken liking to you. When we spotted you in Uldum, she went all googly eyed, all eight of them! She's never done that before, not to anyone. I hope its some kind of pure love, and that she won't harm you, because I don't want to play hide the body again after her eggs have hatched from inside your chest. Messy business, believe me.
Arluss, your spider was STALKING me. :c
Bumping this up. We recruited a lot this week BUT we still could use some exceptional dps. Contact me in game if you are interested!
Bumping back up ... had a little progress on H Yor'sahj the week -- so hopefully we can get a kill soon. Also had a very clean H Hagara kill this past week, killed her on our first try of the night! :D

If you guys are still interested in our guild, feel free to app on our website. Thanks! <3
We are 3/8 Heroic now! :D Yor'sahj is down!
I plan to transfer over this weekend. I would be interested in chatting in vent etc. I will fill out an application this week :)
Bump in new ally form!
H Ultraxion is down! :)
Bump for Shikoku as a bear tank!
H Zon'ozz is down! We're 5/8H! :D
H Warmaster Blackhorn 25m is down! We are 6/8H. :)
Bump, working on Spine but we still need some Warlock love!

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