Thick Murloc Scale - 4.X missing reagent item

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"Thick Murloc Scale" is a lower-level leatherworking crafting reagent. It appears that this items has been accidentally left out of the game since Cataclysm, except for one rare-spawn creature.

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I sure haven't seen this item anywhere since Cata either and as many alts as I've leveled through Murloc infested areas, I'd have seen at least a couple drop.
I know I'm kicking up an older post, but I'm having no luck whatsoever farming these. Based on what I've read from database sites like Wowhead, it seems the Cataclysm may have stripped all the Murlocs of their thick scales. I'd really like to craft Thick Murloc Armor for transmogrification. Is the drop rate just obscenely low these days or are the scales legitimately missing from loot tables? Thanks.
Last week I was lucky enough to find a stack of 6 Thick Murloc Scale on the Auction House, likely someone clearing out an older alt inventory... I've been checking nearly every day since my previous post and these are the only ones I've seen. I'm still holding out for that shiny pink armor.

I too am very sad that the THICK MURLOC SCALE seems to be missing from the loot table:( I want it for transmog as well. I've tried all the previous mobs that drop them and have had no luck:( I managed to hunt down 9 of them, but need 12 to make the armor. If anyone on Laughing Skull has just 3 stowed away on a bank alt, pls msg or mail me in-game. OR better yet , PLSSS Blizz, add this item back to the loot table. It's hard to make a Tauren cute! I need these:(
I have a few leatherworkers with patterns--not just the breastplate but also bracers and a belt or other items that require Thick Murloc Scales to make. Yet after farming for the mats for several hours in both Stranglethorn as well as Dustwallow--nothing. I've gone back to Hillsbrad just in case and the best I got were Murloc Fins which is completely different. Please, Blizz, reinstate the Thick Murloc Scales--or CHANGE the items we can craft so they require something else to make, please! The stats on the items make them great for rogues and druids as well as low lvl hunters--who really can use the gear. We leatherworkers just can't make it without supplies!
This is definitely still in-game, I did get one from the silver elite Scargll in Hillsbrad today (04/26/12). It is still possible to obtain this, albeit far more difficult.
This is 1 of the hardest and most needed Reagents and Bliz has a rep of removing things from loot tables and not changing old material, kinda makes you wonder if you should even try any more... and if you hard earned money is even worth playing a game you can nolonger have fun at because everything is nerfed or changed and impossible to get reagents you need to do anything anymore... wish bliz would just leave loot tables alone and not remove valuable items from game its simple really anyways i think so....
Ya where the Thick Murloc Scales at? :(
Yeah, I'm also having a hard time getting any thick murloc scales.
I"ve also had no luck farming for these. ANd I want my shiny pink armour.
As mentioned in the Original Post, precisely one enemy drops these: the rare-spawn murloc in Hillsbrad.
Unfortunately a 5% drop rate from a single rare spawn mob shouldn't be the only way to get any crafting material.

The only thing I can think of that's even remotely similar are the mats for Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops. Chimaerok Tenderloin only drop from Prince Lakma a Rare Elite level 87 Chimaera in Feralas. The Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops was removed from the game during the 4.0 patch along with the original Ahn'Quiraj questline that rewarded it. It also submerged the Isle of Dread which used to be home to Chimaera that previously readily dropped Chimaerok Tenderloin. Prince Lakma was added to the game in patch 4.3. Probably after someone figured that even though the recipe for Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops was no longer obtainable (unless acquired before The Shattering) those who already knew the recipe still wanted to cook Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops. As such, they needed a method of obtaining Chimaerok Tenderloin. Prince Lakma, when killed drops 15-20 Chimaerok Tenderloin. To have to kill an 87 Elite for materials to make level 55 food does seem a little strange. But it's less odd considering that the recipe was obtained via an epic endgame questchain and the recipe itself is the only epic cooking recipe in the game.

The Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor is still in game. It's sold in limited quantities by Christoph Jeffcoat in Tarren Mill and Blixrez Goodstitch in Booty Bay. It is readily available to both Horde and Alliance toons. Thick Murloc Armor is among the few pieces of crafted armor that can compete with quest greens and dungeon drops. In addition it has a unique appearance for transmog. Scargil, is a rare mob and the only mob confirmed to drop Thick Murloc Scales post 4.0 only has a 5% chance to drop a SINGLE scale. 12 Thick Murloc Scales are required to craft a single Thiick Murloc Armor. It should not be more difficult to collect the materials to craft one Thick Murlock Armor than it is to craft a full stack of Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops.

Either the materials should be changed or they should once again drop from level appropriate murlocs. Unfortunately you can't skin most humanoids so that's probably out of the question. Or some GM take pity on me and mail me some Thick Murloc Scales!
Do these drop in Mists at all?
I was very sad to find that my LW cannot craft the thick murloc scale armor because of the missing reagent. I really hope add the scales back in vs. removing the recipe.
I recently came back to WOW after over two years away. Last week I camped Going to keep trying but not very happy about this...
I also have been trying to get some to make Murloc Scale Bracers for my lvl 34 rogue and I can't find a single drop ... yet it takes 16!!! to make the Bracers. If you are going to take them out of the game why do you leave the patterns to make them in the game? I think that is the main question needing asked here.
This needs to be added to the appropriate level murlocs all over Azeroth. I can't even believe how ridiculous this is. Shouldn't have to camp one rare that spawns 5+ hours and drops one scale MAYBE per kill.

Some attention to these missing, almost impossible, or useless to get materials would be nice. IE: like all the meat and cooking material that is pointless now that you can power lvl cooking in Pandaria. Off topic, sry.
I've found Thick Murloc scales off of mobs in the Kelp'thar Forest in Vashj'ir.

Odd such a low level regeant is all the way up there, but I hope this helps you all.
Which mobs in Vash'jir were they from?

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