[H] Chainfire 5/13 H - Recruiting for Heroic

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Chainfire is recruiting for Heroic Throne of Thunder Progression.
We are a 10 man guild that works diligently with the time we have.

7/7 Heroic Firelands
8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

Mists of Pandaria:
6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
5/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
4/4 Normal Terrace of the Endless Springs

5/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder

Raid Times: Sunday-Thursday 7-11pm Server (CST)
**During Progression it is not uncommon for us to raid later than times specified if there is a need to**

Who we are:
Chainfire was formed just prior to Cataclysm launch however a solidified raid team was not established til near March, 2011. Since then we have been hard at work progressing and gearing content to the best of our ability. We are a band of raiders that have several alts and run many instances of the current tier each week in an effort to maximize our progression as a 10 man guild. We enjoy raiding and killing bosses, and the freedom and respect that comes from clearing content quickly and efficiently.

Who we are looking for:
Chainfire is looking for dedicated and skilled gamers to assist and improve our progression. There are several key factors we look at in determining the right candidate for a position.

Age/Maturity, we prefer you not to be in High School, it is nothing against your age, we are simply looking for raiders who have more control over their schedule than others do. Having to leave early, not show up frequently, or have several real life issues to deal with is detrimental to our raid team, and disrespectful to the other members. We expect you to play to the best of your ability and be 'man' enough to admit fault where needed. Having an endless capacity for stubbornness will be frowned upon and not tolerated.

Gear/Professions/Experience, may sound tedious to some but we expect all raiders to have +320/640 professions to primary stats. Gathering professions do not compare when we are trying to maximize the DPS/HPS on any given encounter. Its not negotiable, if you inquire as a Resto Druid with mining, We will deny you just for that, We take our raid seriously, you need to be serious about your character. We expect applicants to be similarly geared to our core, we are not looking for projects.

Skill is another key factor. It is a definite plus if you can show us World of Logs Parses/Ranks, it shows us your ability to maximize your DPS/HPS while also Maximizing your survivability. The effective DPS of a dead dps is zero. Your damage should be comparable to WoL rankings for any given encounter, it shows us your know how to play your class, as we're going to expect you to be one of the best at it.

Attendance - This is one of our biggest concerns with a 10 man raiding environment we have to require a high raid attendance, missing 1 raid a week or every other week is severely punishing to our progression especially if you are playing a class that helped us overcome an encounter. Chainfire is looking for raiders that can reliably make our raid times and log into the game for more than just 4 hours to raid, participate in guild alt runs among other things.

This list may seem like a steep set of requirements, however, for the right candidate ALL of it will come naturally. Proper reforging, best gems and enchants is a no brainer decision for the people we are looking for.

In addition to everything listed above we expect to have raiders with positive and realistic attitudes. Gear is a means not an end. Loot is /rolled most of the time, however under some circumstances specific loot will be given to a raider that benefits the raid team more. Our raiders understand this, its about effectively killing bosses as a team, not making you the most geared Holy Paladin on the server.

Recruitment Needs:

Discipline Priest
Balance/Feral Druid
Ele/Resto Shaman

If you feel that you can live up to our standards, we invite you to inquire with us in game. Please contact Synapse for more information.
Right candidate can start tonight!
Phenomenal Resto Druids where are you!?
1% wipe to Heroic Ultraxion
lies, hes dead
I'm a 393 ilvl Mage currently looking for a new guild, 6/7 heroic Fls exp and 8/8 reg Ds
Zon'ozz has fallen!
394 ilvl Fire mage, 8/8 reg ds looking for a solid guild to run with, was 6/7 heroic fls also. I can play Arcane and fire.
Link us to your logs! We need to see both Arcane and Fire proficiency.

Also, Bump.
I want to join. :<

To the top for recruits!
C'est la vie!
u should put [H] in the title if there's any room at all :)
Fixed, Also updated with new Recruitment info.

Still need a Mage we are also considering Doomkins, and Phenomenal Ele Shamans.

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