[H] Chainfire 5/13 H - Recruiting for Heroic

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Bump, mage nerf inc
I wonder when we should surprise everyone that we are 5/8 Heroic - and about to rightfully claim Server 4th!
where's all the legendary mages :'(
bump, starting to gear my own mage....
I heard mages are still top DPS even after a 6% nerf, confirm/deny?
Going to surprise the world now! Mage to help would be cool
To. The. Top.
406 Daggers! Woo
it seems that no one plays this game anymore
Up for my fav guys!
hmmm needs more mages
Going to be 6/8 Heroic this week....you know what comes after that!
390 ilvl mage can play both Fire/Arcane and do great DPS heres the log :

this log was when i was like prob 387 ilvl with t12 4pc

i am 24 turning 25....
been playing WoW mid Wrath and only been raiding
exp :
12/12 LK normal
12/12 LK heroic

12/12 BWD/BOT/T4W normal
6/13 BWD/BOT/T4W heroic

7/7 FL normal
6/7 FL heroic

8/8 DS normal
1/8 DS heroic (best attempt on Yor'sajh 10%, best attempt Ultraxion 25%)

i just xfer'd to Mal'ganis, cam from Eitrigg(Horde) so i dont know anyone in the server, im just trying to pursue HM/endgame. I felt like Eitrigg was holding me back with low pop server. I take contructive cristicism pretty well, im always listening, always staying outa fire ;).

I'm also 800/1000 seething cinders for my legengary quest.
i recently got my 4 pc t13 so DPS should be a lot better then what the logs show.

my main toon is Coolye resto/boomy but i want to start playing with my mage like i use to during LK.
We're always wary of players that decide when a new patch hits they have a new main, it definitely complicates things, hit me up in game and we can talk more
okay thx for the response, although i would like to think of my mage as a main but when your druid out gears my mage and have done more content on druid, i would figure my druid would be my main, but honestly my mage truly is my main toon.
Dodge Barrages! FFS!
stupid blizzard wants us to let em hit than not let em hit on heroic, i so confused

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