[H] Chainfire 5/13 H - Recruiting for Heroic

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Where are you Prot Paladin, Resto/Ele Shaman
Looking for a stand-in tank or trial tank for 11/16 heroic this week
Competent, Committed Warlock as well!
Heroic IVZ has met his demise! Hoping to add one more to the list this week as well.
Bumping for Heroic Amber Shaper as promised

I'm optimistic for some Terrace Progression this week too, time will tell.
Grats on kill
02/09/2013 03:41 AMPosted by Drizzy
Grats on kill


Still looking for the right players
Patch 5.2 is on the Horizon, we'd like to really get the missing players in our roster before then
Bump for Terry Goodkind AND a great group of raiders
Thanks Scath, still looking
To the top
Exceptional players!

Recruiting Pro Peeps
Bump for Tank Recruitment for HC Progression starting next week!
Still looking
Still need a tank for tuesday

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