[5/8H] Lunaris - Caster DPS

Lunaris is looking for exceptional casters. We're looking for those players who constantly challenge themselves to be the highest DPS possible. A healer offpsec would be nice, but by no means required.

We're a fairly hardcore group of raiders who only raid 9 hours a week. We intend to make the very best use of our time due to such a light raiding schedule. Expect to defend your gear, gems, enchants, reforges, talents, and glyphs. Speak with me in game or see the recruitment forum on http://lunaris.darkbb.com

Raid times are:

Tues - 8-11 CST
Wed - 8-11 CST
Sun OR Mon - 8-11 CST (This day will swap around a little to accommodate players schedules, it is also possible we would miss Tuesday for example and raid both Mon and Sun, however generally its Tues, Wed, Mon)

Please speak with Psipress (alts: Sideburns and Badazar) in game with any questions you might have.
8/8 DS
380 IL
Pletny of healing experience as it's my mainspec, but id love to play lazerchicken, send me a tell on
Tuffazz, Globalz, or this toon to talk (=
Original post updated, and bump.
This the same Lunaris from back in vanilla? I played with the original folks in EQ in the guild CoE prior to wow. Just seeing if the same folks were around.
There are a couple original vanilla Lunaris members still around. There are a few more that are hopefully joining us in Mists.
I raided with them a few times and was and still are a IRL Friend of Simpkin the original Guild Master.

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