25 DS Gold Bid(gdkp) Starting Heroics

Area 52
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Next week? Or this week?
depending on who shows up tonight, there may or may not be a slot for this evening.
Hey! I'm a 388 Holy Paladin with a pretty decent Ret offspec and I'm interested in coming. I have 8/8 experience and I know my class. Let me know if you need me :)
20% next week, looking for a few more that are interested and capable of doing heroic modes.

Current needs:
Paladin - Holy/ret
Druid - Balance/resto
Shaman - Resto
Priest - Shadow/Disc/Holy
Mage - Fire
Warlock - Any spec
Rogue - Combat
Death Knight - Unholy/Frost
04/29/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Inspiring
pretty decent Ret offspec

Lol that's funny
Have a few slots left for this week, would like to try for a couple heroic modes.
^^^^^^^ that
Your names. They are so unique.
would love to make this one enh shammy with resto off spec not the best healer though
Bump for holding down the vent key.
Ogien can always make room for one more!

Looking for more healers and dps, heroic experience is a plus!
Help fight off those diablo players!! need a few more for this weekends run.
im in 385 arcane mage. got like 50k gold
my name is adaraus
sent in game mail to you now
sending now? or sent earlier? Ogien is so confused...

wtb a baby gowiwah for tonight!
i send now!

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