[A] <Absolute Zero> Recruiting!

We are a tight knit guild looking for a new string of players that are willing to take raiding serious enough to progress with us. We are looking for skilled players who are willing to commit time on friday-sunday 7pm-11pm server time to progress through Dragon Soul Heroic. We are currently accepting all players and classes for our 10 man progression team.

Our core guild was a burning crusade guild that downed BT/SSC/Hyjal Pre-nerf and all content in wotlk. We transferred to Sargeras because we wanted to have enjoy raiding with a new and better community.

If you're the type of player who wishes to still be a part of the organized guild experience then join us. We are always looking to expand our community and hope that we can enjoy the game together.

For more information please PST Chizuko,Hakuouki, or Misdreavous for an invite.

For applications please apply at www.absolute-us.enjin.com
bump~ still recruiting!
Hey, I applied on your website but I haven't got a real reply yet.
someone should be replying soon. i think we were trying to contact you though and we never saw you on.
:/ tried whispering in-game to one of u guys but no one was online :/
I should be online for most of the evening today. If all else fails, I'll post on your forums or something.

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