Rhok'Delar Recovery

With the implementation of Transmog, I'm suddenly kicking myself for destroying this bow for bag space. GM response to my ticket was "some things are not within the power of the GM department". Has anybody had luck with getting a GM to restore this item?
They said they couldn't restore mine. I even provided them the quests that I completed to receive it and the quiver, but they still couldn't or maybe wouldn't.
It's probably internal policy for them not to restore items intentionally or accidentally deleted by players. This is a standard thing that I know of to prevent being overwhelmed by too many requests because everyone and their mother would request for this and that to be restored and they would also have to deal with 10,000,000 false claim tickets each day about people accidentally deleting their Dragonwraths.

Why would you destroy such a special bow :'(
Are you able to get it anymore if you haven't done the quest yet?
Before they implemented the automated item restoration you could have quest rewards restored if you could link them the quest id and they could confirm you had completed said quest; I had the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina restored that way when it became a 24 slot bag, as well as several Brewfest mugs when they started giving FoS.

However, ever since transmogrification came out they refuse to use that past method of proving you once had the item, and I've asked about Rhok several times too :(
It just sucks cause around the time of BC even with the largest bags and full bank space I think I had 12 open slots, and had to clear up some space. Everything was Bound too, or I'dve sent it to alts.
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12/20/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Scrotek
Are you able to get it anymore if you haven't done the quest yet?

No longer possible as of Cata
Does anyone still have this bow? Epic props if you do :)
still have mine and the staff also was too much fun to get to just delete also the quiver becoming a 24 slot bag was a nice touch
Quiver on my back and the bow/staff in the bank. Never got rid of my T1 or most of my T2 either.
I still have this bow, the staff and quiver on 1 of 5 of my multibox set... i wish i had 4 more to match and i would use it instead of the Wolfslayer Rifles.

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