Beginner Mage PvP Guide - 4.3

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O.o Looks like I did a few things wrong then. But im wondering, isnt it best to keep the matching gem in the gloves? Since, if it was just 40+ intel , it would just be 40+ intel ,but with this, its 25+ intel and spen, + 10 intel for the socket. So its 40+ intel vs 35 intel and spen. :o

Anyway, ty :D, I thought strait mastery gave more burst (frost) then strait intel. Im farmign for the crit belt, and ill do the usual, regorge to mastery, and ill put two pure int gems in there like you said.

But, the two pure int gems in the chest and pants, thats okay?
08/09/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Alanathra
So its 40+ intel vs 35 intel and spen.

+5 int > spen that you won't need ever once you buy the neck.

08/09/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Alanathra
But, the two pure int gems in the chest and pants, thats okay?

Yup they're fine.

And yeah, int>mastery overall. Int will give a little more burst over mastery, but you still want boat loads of mastery. Int also benefits a lot more than just burst.
How much mastery is good enough for frost? I started regemming to intel, and my mastery went down by like 2 whole points, im at like 9ish amt. If I get the new belt and put both intel in there, then my mastery will go down even more! How am I supposed to balance this? I already reforged everything to mastery, so now it comes down to the gems. Perhaps you can give me pointers to what exact gems I shoudl put where? Thanks again, and great guide.
general rule is red= int

yellow = int/mastery

blue = int unless you need hit, then int/hit

reforge all to mastery.

You also are missing enchants and have a lot of ruthless gear so your mastery will be lower than what i would find "ideal" this late in the season.

Just get as much as you can without abusing your int.

EDIT: also my gemming settup is still for frost (even though iplay fire fulltime now lol).
Okay, I changed my gemming a bit after talking with some good pvpers on my realm. How is it? O.o Since you made me take away my hit belt, I needed to get a it gem in there, and it wil be ever lower when I swap for mastery bracers.
Xiun, JK, all mage friends who are better than me, please critique my play.

2's, 1400 mmr, frost mage-sub rogue. vids in HD. I frapsed several more, but these are a good start. I know that landing the opener = gg. Here are a few where the opener didn't come off cleanly.

vs Boomie Spriest

I made some huge mistakes in this one. Feel free to rip me a new one. Decided to spellsteal rather than open hard, allowed the priest to LOS me while casting a frostbolt, only to get cloned... i suck.

vs Ret DK, we won but I shouldn't have died

vs Enh Disc. this one is ugly

feel free to tear me apart
first game, you had actually the right idea opening. he opens with damage you spell steal off the hots/shields/buffs.

you should have trinkted the clone instantly. no reason to eat cc while you have your burst going. and used FFO and MI on the priest for maximum uber damage.
Might also have been a good idea to RoF around you, kremyt, and the spriest so he couldnt run around pilllar to LoS.
Kremyt should have done some sort of CC to the boomy, gouge or blind, to get his trinket or put him out of the fight. Then you could have Full Deeped the boomkin into something like a blanket silence or Half ring. CC on the off dps would have been clutch.

2nd one (ret/dk) Is pretty simple. Kremyt should have Sapped the ret, and then garroted the DK while you deepfroze the dk. in the opener. So Deep + Garrote on DK and sap on ret. probably could have gotten an instant kill with that, at the very absolute least you would have gotten a trinket from DK. If dk trinkets, put him into full cc chain... Full blind into full poly into half poly into 3/4 poly into blanket into cs etc etc etc. while you go 2v1 on the Ret.
(simple to theory craft, much harder to do in game)
As for you dying, i would have waited to evocate until after you got LoS behind the pillar you were running towards. And i would suggest you just LoS at that point. You're low, your rogue is fully capable of finishing the fight 1v1, just sit back, relax, try to get some health back til your at a *stable* level. then if necessary gone back in to kill, or just put yourself on the bench. It would really have been smart to see that the ret was popping all his cd's while near you and ice block at about the 52seconds mark. just block there, just long enough for the ret to say "aw man well i cant kill him and now ill have to turn to the rogue"

3rd one, the Enh/Disc... I think was actually your best game. (also probably the hardest one for you to play against) You guys had a terrific opener. Got Pain Sup, Both trinkets AND desperate prayer in it. After Pain supp went on priest (with no trinket) i think you guys should have put priest in full blind (into full cc chain afterwards) and 2v1'd the enhancement.
*also at the very end, kremyt kidney bombed the enh and you overlapped DF on it. Would have been real nice to deep the priest (into a full sheep) as smokebomb was ending or as priest was running in to heal.
I did a few RBGs last night for the first time. Full PvE gear and spec. My lord is Fire fun for that. Since the team is more coordinated (read: clustered) than in a random BG, Impact is amazing. I put 1.04 million damage into them in one Combustion, in a 10v10. (5-6 of them I think?) Their team pretty much just fell over.

Hearing my GM say, "Ok, that was awesome", made it all the more sweet. I'm going to miss that come Tuesday.
08/27/2012 09:47 AMPosted by Mageski
I did a few RBGs last night for the first time. Full PvE gear and spec.

that's just. wrong.
08/27/2012 12:45 PMPosted by Dishmayhem
I did a few RBGs last night for the first time. Full PvE gear and spec.

that's just. wrong.

Oh I agree. I only jumped in because someone went to bed and left my guild with 9 people that still wanted to run. We won 1 out of 3, and the 2 losses were to the same team.

I actually died a lot less than I was expecting to though, and my damage output made up for most of the squishiness. I definitely need a GTFO trinket at least though if I do any more.


Cast Frostbomb.
Deep Freeze Target.
Walk ten yards away, moving backwards.
Jump in the air and spin around.
Blink back towards target and auto attack with dagger.
Match won ;)

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