Best mage transmog

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05/13/2012 01:09 AMPosted by Oena
I love my transmog

I do too. 9/10 for a female draenei mage.

To get the real impact of my transmog set, you have to see it in-game. Armory doesn't display Circle of Flame, nor the awesome glowy effect of the Vestments of Sea Witch/Gloves of Sun-King/Mantle of Elven Kings combination and Titan'k.

I have Dragonwrath for raiding, but the legendary doesn't match my set half as well as the Deathwing staff in terms of appearance. Add in my awesome red hair, the Circle of Flame, I find my set pretty damn hard to beat for a fire mage.

Looks even better when mounted on my Fiery Warhorse (from Attumen in Kara) with its awesome fiery aura and accompanied by my Lil' Ragnaros or Phoenix Hatchling...just further accentuates the awesomeness of this transmog set :D
05/13/2012 01:09 AMPosted by Oena
I love my transmog

Wow, yeah. Only works for a couple race/gender combos, but that's pretty smokin'.
I love my tmog set. (undead apothecary) You can't appreciate the The Lost Kris of Zedd or Mystic Tome in the armory, but looks great in game. The only problem I have is finding a good headpiece. I'm using the Circle of Flame currently but probably will replace it with Dark Conjuror's Collar once I can get some Sunwell runs going.
I put on my robe and wizard hat.

Wizard hats trump all.
I *do* like the hat.. fond memories of hanging on the Wicked Witch's Hat as long as I could before replacing it...
Trying to best my transmog set is like trying to beat chuck Norris in a fight. It won't happen

On a side note. I made a wizard n I'm ripping them monsters apart hardcore. Brb 6th hour of attempts on Inferno - Butcher with my crew
I'm a lil proud of mine :D but its prolly not too good
Scarlet Monastery. You know you want it
I really really like my transmog. Thought it was simple yet unique. Quite easy to put together as well. Mainly things that I found off the AH for 100g and under.
my mog is way more boss
all mages are to OP and to cool looking
Zombie Pirate. Arrrrrr
My outfit is only practical for this unseasonal heat.

Definitely practical.
<-- best xmog.

You're keeping this thread alive for that mog? Yeesh...
Honestly I'm surprised I don't see more of this set around.
I love the Sunwell look Majestar. I miss that content and the gear that came out of it.

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