[H]Portal 8/8H lf shadow priest

Portal - a horde guild on the Turalyon server


Accepting apps from all classes/specs : [b]BUT ESPECIALLY ANY RANGED DPS, especially SHADOW PRIESTS

We require everyone to be able to avoid avoidable stuff. If this is you then WOOT apply!

We raid 3 nights a week - Tues, Thurs, Sun 830-1130 (est)

We also do off night alt runs and pvp/rbgWe are a mature and stable guild that has been around for 6+ years across 3 servers. We have had the same leadership and successful philosophy in place the entire time - and that is to competitively progress through all current content while maintaining a very mature and fun environment. All of our members are mature players with real lives who are able to balance that with a dedicated 3 night raid schedule.

If you’re tired of joining guilds that go nowhere, or fall apart, or don’t deliver on what they promised, then we might be the guild for you. We are looking to welcome long term members who are wanting a guild to run with for the long haul. We are as dedicated to each other as we are to progressing. Over the years various adversity that kills other guilds has only served to make us stronger, as we pride ourselves on maintaining a drama free environment. We keep to ourselves as much as possible and let our reputations, both as a guild and as individuals, speak for themselves. No immature trade trolls here.

We are open to package deals, as several of our members are package deals themselves - husbands and wives, etc. Make no mistake, performance and attendance are of the utmost importance. But we are very mindful of maturity and general attitude. We‘ve been getting the job done for years in a mature, friendly, and competitive raid environment.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in or want additional information - please go to our website (www.portalguild.us), register, and complete an application. Keep checking back to the comment section of your application for messages from us regarding your app and for times available to speak with you in vent. You can also look up myself or one of my other officers (Kaelendris or Disastrpiece) on the Turalyon server. Anyone that is on at the time in the guild can let you know if one of us are available. Additionally you can reply here and I will be sure to come speak with you or send you mail on your server, or get up with you in some fashion for real id and/or vent info to speak with you directly.
resto shaman apply within thx
need a good resto shaman and hunter - thanks :)
wtb totemz lots and lots of totemz and another hunter so steely doesnt feel alone
Zeph! I heard you wanted to run with Portal on your shammy.
I heard that his shammy took an arrow to the knee.
I heard he bought an awesome toaster with a bagel setting
WTB sexy shammy for good times and epic lewtz. PST.
arcane mages are cool.
Arcane Mages are so 4.2
actually frost mages are cool...zing
lf mage. come to me. give to me large kiss.
lf a mage. do eet
lf a mage and any other superb players
bumpin for some action

Are you still looking for a mage? Demon Lords has stopped raiding, and I'm looking to hook up with another laid back raiding guild.

lf mages, ele shams, and hunters that dont die repeatedly to avoidable mechanics.
great dps a plus - apply portalguild.us
2/8H now - apply
Ask me if Im a tree.
Are you a tree?
Pfft, no.

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