Desire GMT+8 6/8 H Dragon soul

About Us

<Desire> is a new guild built upon the foundations of one of Aman'Thul's long-standing guilds, <Just Another Guild>. Come check us out at our new website at our new website

On the raiding front, we have cleared 6/7 in Firelands on 10-mans in the inaugural week of 4.2, and are now currently looking for more raiders to fill CORE SPOTS. Please visit our website for the latest on our recruitment needs. But even if your spec/class is not listed, feel free to drop an application as we bring the player and not the class, and welcome all exceptional and skilled applicants.

Firelands Normal - Cleared
6/7 HM

Dragon soul normal - Cleared
6/8 H dragon soul

Heroic Morchok - cleared
Heroic Yorshaj - Cleared (Realm first)
Heroic Ultraxion - cleared
Heroic Zon'ozz - cleared
Heroic Hagara - cleared
Heroic warmaster - cleared

1xrogue (Exceptional only)
1x Healing Priest or shadow priest (Exceptional)
1x elemental/resto shammy (Exceptional)

What we offer

*Guild bank repairs for all raiders
*Flasks & food for progression fights
*Friendship. We are a tight-knit group of friends who are trying to experience as much end game as possible, without sacrificing our real life commitments.
* Commitment to getting as much raiding done with our 9 hours a week. We don't raid as much as most of the other guilds out there but we do get a lot of our progression kills done in a timely manner.

What we expect from you

1) Although we will almost always provide consumables, you should have your own on you at all times. **This includes potions as all of our raiders do things such as pre-pot and pot in battles. We believe that every little extra bit from all our raiders is the difference between a dead boss and a dead raid.**

2) Maintain a minimum of 70%ish raid attendance.

3) You must be using ventrilo, DBM and Omen. These are non-negotiable.

4) Willingness to accept criticism and have an attitude of self-improvement.

5) No drama queens/kings

6) Owner of a stable connection.

7) You are representing our guild while you are under trial. Act appropriately to outsiders and don't be a douche bag in general.

8) Have good time management. Don't come late to raids or let us know in advance if you can't make it. We understand RL takes precedent over WoW. All we ask is that you let us know as early as you possibly can if you cannot make it.

Raid Schedule

All times are GMT+8 (Singaporean/Hong Kong/Perth)

8:45pm <invites start> to 12:00am <last attempt>
(10:45 - 2:00am Server Time) / (11:45 - 3:00am Server Time [Daylight Savings Time])

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays

We also run optional alt/relaxing raids on weekends on Friday and Sunday.

Loot Rules

We run EPGP and as with most of the guilds, trials are allowed to take loot as long as no raiders need said item. For a more detailed explanation of our loot system, feel free to swing by our website.

Bits & Pieces

If you are a person who wants to raid in a high-end environment but don't have the time to raid 20+ hours a week, this is the place for you. We offer good progression for the amount of hours you put in and we always expect the best from each other. Many of us have been raiding together for more years than I can count and we have developed very strong bonds with each other. If this sounds like the place for you, please head over to and apply now
I love you.
lf1healer, rogue and tank
Heroic yorhsaj down (realm first)
still lf 1 healer preffer priest, rogue and non dk tank
still looking for a nondk tank and a rogue
Do you still need a rogue? And what is your current roster for 10man run?
LF1 tank (non dk), rogue and resto shaman
WTF did you do to your head mini
bump, 3/8 H DS,
its a glitch tibbs, someitme they change sex and make me bald
Bump for 4/8 H DS
bump for 5/8 H DS
still looking for 1x healing priest /shammy
1 warrior/feral dps with strong offspec tank gear
1x rogue
Bump for 6/8 h DS, heroic warmaster down
LF shadow priest / healing priest
lf ele/resto shammy
lf rogue

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