(PVE) Highest dps lock spec post 4.3?

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04/12/2012 06:13 PMPosted by Zózo
Also, you can't talk about simcraft as if it's this end-all-be-all tool to say what's best for every fight.

Hell, I just did the sims yesterday and I lost 80 dps by swapping to the incinerate spec,

There is no ideal simcraft fight in DS which i feel skews the numbers.

What do you mean by "skews the numbers?"
Isn't all of this conversation a moot point since all warlocks can clear DS with the 15% nerf? Pick the spec that is FUN, not the one that pushes the best numbers, because it's been nerfed to hell and back. Go Demo PvE and pick a PvP spec (obviously Affliction). Quit wasting gold to respec. Just because you can do 40k on Warmaster as Affliction but 35k as Demo doesn't mean that Affliction is better, because both of them are very much sufficient to clear the content.
Just because you can do 40k on Warmaster as Affliction but 35k as Demo doesn't mean that Affliction is better.

That's pretty much the definition of better.
lol felguyy, a name/race change later and you are still only satisfied with doing the bare minimum needed to get by.
04/12/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Robinwiliams
Demo is the easiest for PvE

You are such an idiot.

Can I get some elaboration besides personal insults?
It's for raw single target numbers, no movement, no dps stops. There is no fight in DS that fits that description

Thats what I mean by it, Dark. Its the exact same thing you've been saying, in different words. No need to get upset.

Edit: Also, Really, no need for insults. I think what he means by the insult above, is that demo is far from the easiest PVE spec, and is actually regarded as one of the more punitive specs to play.
Morchok: Demo
Yorsahj: Demo
Zon'ozz: Demo, afflic for heroic.
Hagara: Demo(for myself, this fight actually depends on your raid's dps. We down her in 2 phases so the burst I get from demo is well worth it.)

Ultrax: Demo by a large margin
Warmaster: Afflic
Spine: Demo
Madness: Afflic.

For those who can't do top end numbers in demo feel free to send me an in-game mail and I'll gladly help you. I come within 700 dps of what I sim at (that's due to rng). It's all about cd management. The main problem you will run in to is to do maximum dps on EVERY fight, will will actually need both specs and 2 separate sets of gear. One stacking mastery and the other stacking haste.

Edit: I would like to clarify that this is all from my personal experience raiding 10 mans. I do not fully agree with that Method guide for some fights (Ultrax for example). I may not have the gear those guys have but I have the skill, and these are simply my conclusions.
03/02/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Zemastah
since 2009 baby!

Guys, you're all silly. All 3 specs are extremely viable on any fight in LFR, normal mode, and heroic. Affliction is superior on Warmaster and Madness, that's about it. Destruction is handy on Heroic Morchok.

None of that matters though. The best spec is the one you are most comfortable playing. The best spec for you will be the one in which you can execute actions without having to think about it.
If you do more as affliction than demo on a certain fight but gimp all the casters and healers 400-450'ish spellpower each (vs just mage buff) then "better" quickly changes the overall picture. Do what is best for the raid first, personal numbers second.

If you can't stand mastery centric demo setups you can go full (affliction) level haste in demo and do fine. You might lose a shade vs min/max on ultraxx but you'll do better on most other fights.
Holy Priest! I came here for advice and of course, opinions (you know what they say about them!) Destro is garbage? Please! Demo/Dest is much higher DPS than when I was affliction.
Morchok: Destro by a 15% margin
Yorsahj: Demo
Zon'ozz: Destro, afflic for heroic.
Hagara: Demo(for myself, this fight actually depends on your raid's dps. We down her in 2 phases so the burst I get from demo is well worth it.)

Ultrax: Destro by a large margin
Warmaster: Pick one
Spine: Demo
Madness: Pick one

Just my 2 cents.
Hrm. Destruction definitely isn't "garbage," but I wouldn't say it's ideal save on Morchok (for obvious reasons) and possibly heroic Spine over demo if you use a strategy that precludes meta on each lift. It's pretty much even with demo on Ultraxion.
All interesting arguments. But from what I'm seeing, Post 4.3 we will probably all be leveling our next five levels as Demonology.

We won't have new gear- our Haste will be too low to support Affliction and our Crit will be too low to support Destruction.

Our mastery will also be too low- but it scales more effectively with the little we have.
afflic if you want to even compete with the dps. im truly undergeared trying to get my lock back to geared after taking a year off, and i can still out dps kids. especially the ones playing as demo or destro
yes u could but i found out demo is best at pve.
....Guess ill freestyle it. Been away 5 years and wanted to know also. Always played destro so I guess i'll try aff for once along with demo.
I like destruction better because to be quite frank, I suck at keeping 3 stacks of shadow embrace on multiple targets + full dots. If you can do that, then affliction is better. Since the OP seems to be new to warlocks (and I can't say I'm very experienced either) then I'd say destruction is the most pain free spec to play and delivers adequate dps on all dragon soul fights. There's no fight where destruction "sucks", only fights where the other specs can perform better, assuming you know how to play them very well.

For example, I cannot for the life of me do more damage on heroic warmaster as affliction, even though the fight should be affliction's wet dream, simply because I fail hard at keeping dots + shadow embrace stacks on everything with a decent uptime. So I go destro, put bane of havoc on goriona, keep my dots + ISF up (much easier to do IMO) and do well.
Mostly it's fight specific.

If your raid dosent already have it, Demo will probably be the best choice due to it's +10% spell power buff. Also, Demo does a good deal of both AoE and single-target DPS if you are able to keep track of things well.

Affliction is kind of difficult for multi-target, if you want to multiDoT. However, Aff does pull some really nice DPS especially when lined up with stuff like Hero. It's also the best PvP spec.

Destro is more burst damage, and single target. Destro's multi-target capability is signifcantly lower than the other two specs.

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