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“Fenris, Lowmaine, The Einherjarr, Lia, I want you in the front. Protect Lynara, the druids, any of our spellcasters. Show formation and let the troggs break upon us like a tide.”

Fenris grinned as he placed his helmet upon his head and rolled his neck and shoulders a few times to get loosened up. He listened as Low talked down at the "stone rodents" as she had called them and then turned to regard the Death Knight, Einherjar. He listened intently and then smiled wickedly inside his helmet, "It is my belief that none of you know how I fight, so allow me to illustrate!" Fenris' voice rose in pitch until it was a full fledged howl, the Gilnean transforming into his real form as the howl erupted from his chest. It was a spine tingling roar, making Low's rebel shout seem pathetic in comparison, the howl of the natural hunter and then Fenris was a blur of motion, taking a line between Low and Ein he crashed into the Troggs and sent several flying while others became impaled upon his shoulder, knee and elbow spikes.

Then came his massive battle-axe, the double-headed blade whirling around the Worgen as he started a deadly spin, going faster and faster until he was a whirlwind of black spikes and singing power. Troggs were tossed about like blades of grass as Fenris cut across a zig-zag line keeping between both Low and Ein to protect their sides and make sure there wasn't a gap in their offensive line. When Fenris stopped he had his axe head buried in the skull of a Trogg and he howled in pleasure again, pulling his helmet from his head it suddenly tossed it at the nearest Trogg. The Worgen's eyes spoke of bloodlust and battle-rage and he jumped upon the nearest Trogg, tearing at the creature's throat with his teeth.

As he came back to his feet Fenris again picked up his massive battle-axe and went to work yet again, hacking and slashing, left and right protecting Low and Ein's flanks while continuing to push forward. Nothing could stop Fenris and it seemed that even if he lost his axe he had more than that as a weapon, his claws and teeth being used more frequently as the battle progressed. Again that bone chilling howl left Fenris' lips as his battle-axe split the head of yet another Trogg.
Lynara took up a position where she could get some sight over the patrol members fighting in the front. “While they serve their purpose as a meat shield, they will eventually become a liability.” She said to herself as she took out her bow and placed an arrow within it. The arrow began to glow with Elune’s light as she fired it into the farther ranks of the Stone Troggs. She watched as each arrow fired had deadly effect; impacting the Troggs stone hide and the exploding into moon fire. She had made sure to use the old arrows first before she took out one of Lowmaine’s Broad-head arrows.

The arrow had a slight hum as it sung through the air and hit a trogg dead in the face. The beast collapsed forward, dead. She grinned. “I will have to thank her again for these.” She muttered as she fired another arrow, than another and another. Each arrow had a fatal effect on the trogg it hit. “By the light of Elune you shall all die!” She shouted at the troggs.

Then she saw a rather large and menacing trogg. Twice the height of the normal troggs and had a mace big enough to crush the patrol members on the front line in a single hit each. “Well looks like I can try something out.” She said taking out one of her explosive arrows. She then fired the arrow, watching as it hit the trogg tight in the mid-section. It just soldiered on forward, about to attack the worgen. It raised it massive mace and then…

…the arrow exploded, ripping the beast in half. The top showing horrible surprise on its face as it hit the ground and crumbled into rubble. Lynara smirked as she fired another arrow at the troggs. “There are so many troggs!” She shouted. From her vantage point she could see quite the army.
Teressa, not for the first and likely not for the last time, wondered what she had gotten herself into. Vimmi's utter lack of concern for a newcomer's origins or potential goals was somewhat troubling. Also of concern was the lack of attention being paid to her from the rest of the group. Were they so foolish as to let a complete stranger in on their word alone, and then not even bother to make sure they're doing as asked? Shrugging a little, the Sin'dorei woman spent the given ten minutes managing to finish drying herself out from her misadventure with the goblins and deciding how she would best put her talents to serve - at least until the right moment came around.

Tessa had never been the best battlemage. In fact, terming her as such would have had real battlemages dying of laughter. Her defensive magic was good, but you could never defeat an opponent by hoping they stopped trying to stick you with sharp pieces of metal. As the designated scouting party split from the main group, Tessa had more or less decided on what part she would play. Her confidence abruptly deflated as they approached the Earthen village that they would be defending. Tessa had heard of troggs before, though never seen one. And there was a LOT of troggs. Vimmi was barking orders, and conveniently telling all the fighter-types to stay in front and defend the casters - such as one rather daunted elven mage.

Tessa decided to begin with some defensive spellcraft. Closing her eyes and focusing her mind to the task, she murmured some meaningless syllables under her breath and gestured in the direction of the patrol's frontline fighters. Neither the words nor the gestures were really necessary, but it was a habit she'd never broken out of. Shaping the magic to her will, she formed protective sheaths of magical ice around the warriors. It was a trick most mages could only use on themselves, but with a little patience and effort it could be extended to allies. Given she didn't plan on putting her attention on defending herself personally, then it was unlikely to be too taxing on her. But...what was that phrase again...? The best laid plans of men...? Tessa sighed impatiently, forcing her mind off it's wandering ruminations and back to the task at hand.
Soaring along above the rest, Wulf kept pace easily and followed the line of fighters as they crashed into the troggs. "Impressive, they are quite a deadly force..."

The worgen stunned her with his bloodthirsty attacks, she had known they were ferocious, but his wolfish nature called to her in a deeper place...the place of the hunter...the beast within...the roar of the panther filled her throat as she landed and changed forms. Her sleek dark form streaked in behind the nearest troggs and her deadly claws shredded troggs like they were made of flimsy cotton and her claws were razors.

She kept a close eye in the warriors and would stop and change forms if any needed healing. So far they all seemed to be good enough to keep themselves from injury. Her attacks continued as they advanced, she made sure no troggs jumped down into the battle behind the Commander or the warriors without meeting her raking claws.

Glancing behind she watched the spellcasters as well, ready to go to their defence if it was needed. Staying slightly behind Vimmi she crisscrosses the area and attacks at will. Her roar often echoes behind Fenris howl as if in answer.

They are cutting a wide swath through the troggs and it is being noticed. Wulf falls back to the casters and changes form again, tossing renew at Vimmi, Ein and Fenris if they need it.
A feral snarl gave Marazak an even more bestial expression than normally associated with his monstrous kind. His fel fused blood urged him to burn, watch them all burn... and it was a thin facade of rationality that kept his wrath from consuming him entirely. A thin yell pierced his bloodlust, though, carried on a slight draft of air over from Stonehearth. "Chaaaarge!" squeaked a familiar gnomish voice. Right on schedule. I knew they'd never miss a chance to play hero. thought Marazak as he slowly wormed his way through the mental defenses of a Trogg shaman who was attempting to block his spells. But his singular rage succeeded in crushing the fool's wards and the Trogg fell screaming, burning from the crag he had been perched on.

His distractions, however, had led a great brute of a Trogg to break from the invading army to strike a powerful overhead blow at the Satyr, the sheer strength of the Trogg pushing back Marazak's defenses to the point where the spiked mace head left a jagged cut down the Satyr's face and arm. The sheer malevolence of the demon's gaze frightened the primitive brute to the point where it dropped it's weapon and attempted to run even as Marazak growled, "That was not a good idea." The terrified creature fled some distance as Marazak uttered a complex spell.

Releasing the magic, Marazak watched in savage delight as fifteen tiny portals anchored themselves upon the Trogg, and then... activated. The Trogg felt a hideous sensation as he was ripped in multiple directions at the same time, the portals putting their exit and feeding off of nearby ley lines. Then they snapped shut like a vise, leaving only a few remnants of shattered rock among it. The mental strain was immense from maintaining the awareness to control so many portals at once, all trying to rip his mind in all those directions as well as the Trogg, but Marazak hung on... barely. He sagged back against the outcropping he had taken shelter behind, panting from exertion and wincing from the stinging, blood dripping cuts as his rage which had caused the injuries faded.

Now we play find that gnome. I think I heard it coming from Stonehearth. Sure enough, more of the Trogs were pouring out of additional breached buildings, and Marazak focused on crippling attacks through the eyes which blinded and disoriented Troggs enough that some simply fled in terror and interrupted the swarming tactics of the Troggs. As Troggs rushed frightened from the other side of the town and then attacked what seemed to be an easy mark, Marazak was pressed back against a building corner as swarming Troggs attacked. He was not about to go down without a fight, but help seemed far away and the Troggs endlessly pouring towards him as he fended them off with lashes from a conjured whip of fire. He had opened up his cuts again, and they slowly sapped him of his energy to fight. Too... many of the bastards. Can't hold on much longer Luck was on his side however, as he glanced at the cause of all the Troggs fleeing his way. Vimmi along with the rest of the patrol were efficiently butchering any Troggs that got in their way, and potentially one surprised satyr as they bore down on him in the midst of a great deal of now running Troggs.
There was a definite -clunk- like a small stone upon a great metal machine as Vimmi's mace fell upon the first Trogg. In fact, it was almost underwhelming in its success, it had cracked and crumbled the monsters shoulder and sent it stumbling back a few steps. It was absolutely nowhere -near- as effective as the Gnome warrior needed it to be. 'Not strong enough,' she scowled mentally, as she gave it another blow to similar effects. 'Not good enough,' and with that sentiment she threw the weapon aside, it had just felt like an unnatural extension of her being anywhere.

The Gnome had gotten so used to the mechanical limb that wielding a weapon in it seemed futile, especially when she had taken several blows to bring down a mere Trogg. No, it simply wouldn't do to be so ineffective in a large scale battle. Vimmi clenched her metallic fist and with a roar spun it around in drove it through the first troggs chest, the stone exploded outwards and showered over the immediate area. Another strike ripped it entirely in half and cascaded its remnants across the ground in a sprinkle of stone.

Vimmi pushed forward, keeping line and hearing the Einherrjar calling some kind of orders before making his way to some kind of hill. She scowled and moved forward, “Einherrjar!” she roared over the din of combat, her voice fathoms deeper than the tone she used when not engaged in melee, “You are under -my- orders! Move immediately back into line!” With a cry to soften her rage, she pressed up to the nearest Trogg and blocked its blow with her shield. In a swift motion she gripped its head with her mechanical hand, and then drove it down while thrusting her knee upwards. The result was the Troggs head crumbling to dust on her knee.

The woman took a moment of pure seconds to survey the battlefield, to draw in the situation and make up a plan of attack. She was the commander and it was up to her to order her soldiers around, she had to think quickly. What she noticed immediately was that Stonehearth was overwhelmed by the Troggs, and the Earthen had taken small defensive positions to hold off the waves, in fact they had already lost part of their town to the menace that must have burrowed out from the ground.

“Push forward!” she cried, “Push through the town! Push the beasts back!”

Her orders were relatively clear, the intention was to push in their formation through the town and clear it of the monsters, this would give the Earthen the opportunity to rally and join them in the full assault against Trogg forces. Once spoken, Vimmi resumed her position in full force at the front of their formation, her fist and shield swinging in union as if they were both weapons, and for the small warrior they easily were.

A Trogg rushed forward, two in fact, and the first met Vimmi's fist in an uppercut, throwing the monster backwards and showering at least half of its face over the ground. She then spun around and used her momentum to slam her shield into the next one. Only barely noticed by the Gnome however, was a strong sheet of ice forming on her shield, and as she slammed it into the Trogg it shattered outwards and the Trogg was thrown much further back than she intended. The ice immediately began to reform on the outer edge of her shield and in fact upon her body and arm too, it must have been one of their casters. If Vimmi had time to think she'd immediately recognize it as the work of one of their only mages, the new one... but she didn't.

Suddenly breaking out of a swarm of smaller Troggs was another one of the large ones, they were dotted around to cause confusion and pain and Vimmi had little time to think about a course of action. Her thoughts immediately went to her arm, and her idea immediately sprung to mind from the previous nights experiments with Lowmaine. She figured now was as good a time as any to try out some new tricks and hoped they worked. The Stone Trogg came barreling towards her, and only a quick dart to the side with a carefully positioned shield kept her safe.

It was huge, Troggs were over her size already and these large ones were ridiculous. Vimmi pressed a button on the inside of her shield and thrust her hand up towards the monster. Instead of a weapon forming however, a blade or a gun, two sharp metal objects flew out, attached to her arm with a long spool of cable that unreeled from some mechanism within the arm itself. They arched and wrapped firmly around the monsters head.

Setting her feet, Vimmi shouted and ripped her arm forward. Due to the natural mechanics of the device and her added force, the Trogg fell forward onto a knee, and then onto its hands as its head was swiftly brought down to the ideal Gnomish level. Vimmi then slammed her fist down into its head as the grappling hooks withdrew. Part of it crumbled, and Vimmi's reflex as the monster went to retaliate was to spin around and -grab- onto its head.

'Have to be stronger! she shouted at herself, she had to kill it before it could kill her.

She pressed the next button on her shield and her arm transformed to a more familiar style. As she was yanked far above her natural comfort levels onto the shoulders of the Trogg as it flailed around trying to get her off, her arm extended into a long sleek barrel. Then with a murderous thunder it discharged its ammunition into the stone behemoths head at point blank range. Needless to say there was another shower of stone as another head was exploded.

Vimmi feel back down into step and into line and roared above the combat once again, “Forward!” was her order, making sure the melee fighters were still in line. She could feel the efforts of the mage and of the new druid in healing and defense, and she even noticed the devestating Lynara was unleashing from afar, including what seemed like explosive arrows. It -could- have been Sylvanora of course, as the woman also used explosive ammunition.

She kept a close eye on The Einherrjar and Fenris, they both were new and Vimmi didn't trust new members, -in fact she didn't trust most of her members, as most were new-. But she was willing (too willing perhaps) to let them fight for what they believed in. They were rabid dogs, and she had to keep them in check and make sure they were destroying the right enemies. The other newcomers, the two druids and the mage, she couldn't watch so easily from combat, but she had no doubt if one of them stepped a toe out of line they would be dead before they could even manifest a spell or strike out with a talon.

The Borean Patrol was breaching the outer entrances of Stonehearth before too long, “Clean strong sweep!” she shouted, “Don't let any of them burrow out from behind you!” She would emphasize a syllable whenever it coincided with her destroying a Trogg. The effort strained on her chest, the mechanical limb pulling against its stabilization. Of course it was not threatening to come lose, but it was a deep physical strain exaggerated by sleep deprivation.

On the ground the melee fighters tore up the Troggs while the ranged fighters stemmed the tide, and even from above Vimmi noticed the druids and the Skyguard and even Verra. Somehow the wyvern had developed the strength to fly, but it was very obviously taxing the creature. The wyvern herself was doing short swoop runs, but mostly keeping an eye on the battlefield, she was wounded and did not want to push herself to further wounding. She strayed a dangerous path, the wing was a vulnerable spot on the creature and if destroyed beyond use would be horrifying.

It was then however that the wyvern noticed someone, something the Commander had not yet. And due to new members the situation could grow out of hand quickly. The Satyr, Marazak, was amongst the Earthen defenders, how he had gotten there Verra could not say but he was there. The sky-bound creature roared down towards the Patrol as it descended, “Satyr, Ally!” was her simplistic roar in broken common.

The beast landed on the ground with a gust of wind directly in front of Marazak, almost as if to work as a buffer between potential patrolmembers and he, or visa versa. She turned her beastly head towards the being and growled, “Lok-Narash! Lok'tar!”her voice rumbled from whatever depths it was conjured.

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Watching the Commander attack the large trogg, Wulf immediately cast a renew on Vimmi and hoped the spell would offer some strength to her. It was getting difficult to concentrate as the troggs spilled from the sides and kept attacking after the warriors passed the positions. There seemed an endless supply of troggs....

Wulf raged and flew again into cat form, knocking down a trogg that had the insolence to go after Vimmi from behind. The long claws on Wulf's paws made short work of it and she stayed behind Vimmi from that point and occationally changed forms to throw a heal at anyone who seemed to be flagging.

At one point, Wulf had to change into bird form to avoid the charging worgen across the field. She flapped up into the air and came back down behind him and changed back into cat form. She roared and gave chase again as more troggs tried to come into the sides and attack the spellcasters.

The dashing back and forth was starting to take its toll however and she began to tire. Finding a rock that over looked the gnome commander she changed into her elven form and cast heals to Vimmi and Fenris as he ran by and even the Ein as he charged into the battlefield got a renew cast on him.

Wulf was sharp eyed enough to spot the Satyr and narrowed her eyes. "A demon? You are allied with a demon?" her words were incredulous as she saw the wyvern land in front of the Satyr. He looked to be hurting, and she hoped they would not expect her to heal him.

She kept her heals going to the members of the Patrol as fast as she could. As she began running low on mana, she changed form to allow the natural force of her inner will replenish her supply. Her cat form leapt over the rocks and shredded a trogg who was just starting to crawl out of a hole. "We need to close up these underground burrows...somehow..." she thought and rolled a boulder with the help of some earthen and sealed the opening.

"Maybe that will slow some of the reinforcements..." she thought out loud. Continuing to fight until Vimmi would give the order to stop, Wulf fought on. Casting heals until she was out of mana and changing forms and shredding troggs when she need to replenish. it

“Fenris, Lowmaine, The Einherjarr, Lia, I want you in the front. Protect Lynara, the druids, any of our spellcasters. Show formation and let the troggs break upon us like a tide.”

Lia nodded and stepped to walk in front of Vimmi, her hand on her scythe and ready to draw. She felt her blood began to pump more rapidly through her body as her heart raced. Finally, some real action, and she was ready. Armed with courage and determination, she walked with the Patrol to Stonehearth. When the grouped arrived, Lia saw the mass of Troggs that fought against the Earthen warriors. She pulled out her scythe and twirled it expertly in her hands once, twice and three times before holding it at her side.....

Then the order to charge was given.

Lia roared and charged forward, the rune's in her boots activating and giving her a good speed boost. When she was nearing the troggs, she jumped into the air. She held her scythe behind her before slamming feet first on one of the many stone troggs, crushing it beneath the weight of her armor and heavy impact. She quickly twirled her scythe to block a stone mace from one trogg before kicking it back so it would stagger while she cut down one to who appeared at her left with a cleave to the neck.

She fought on, moving gracefully back away from her attackers while twirling her scythe and spinning around to block weapons and deal blows. She saw the shadow of a large trogg behind her and turned just in time to see it sweep at her head. She ducked quickly before grabbing near the butt of her scythe to slam it up under the troggs chin. She heard the sound of stone cracking before following up her attack with a sweeping cleave to the troggs face, to kill it.

She gasped for breath as she fought, all of her training, everything she had been taught to do, all came out in this fight. Her fighting with scythe looked like she was dancing, a dance of death to be exact. Any trogg who dared join her or let down their guard was either wounded or cleaved by her blade.

The numbers was something Lia didn't consider, however, for they just seem to be a endless supply of them, and she needed some kind of break. Coming up with a solution for this, she slid her scythe back into place before jumping back away from another Stone Troggs mace. She heard Fenris shout out before they charged....

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"It is my belief that none of you know how I fight, so allow me to illustrate!"

....This made Lia grin "Sure, thats what you think, but your about to be mistaken!" she said as she clapped her hands together. Her hands crackled with what seemed to be nature like energy, she then raised her right hand and brought it slamming into the ground. The nature energy spread through out the ground, cracking it as the thunder hit the troggs around her.

They all make a stony like roar before being thrown back a small distance. When the dust cleared around Lia's arm, one would notice the lines that she had carved into both her and Vimmi's armor would be glowing blue, like a metal Vrykul or anything that involved the Titan works. Lia grinned "Titan engineering at it's finest, but I'm not done just yet" she said as she clapped her hands together once more. A group of troggs ran towards her, maces raised, Lia stood up, hands still clapped together, and grinned savagely at them.

She raised her leg high as if she was about to slam the heel of her foot into a fallen enemies back, and when she brought it down (Very Hard, if I may add), she sent a shock wave out in front of her which made them fall to the ground and somewhat stun them, eve though it might not last very long.

Lia drew her scythe once more and slammed her visor down, the blue lines spreading across it like a technical web "Lets get this over with..."

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“Fenris, Lowmaine, The Einherjarr, Lia, I want you in the front. Protect Lynara, the druids, any of our spellcasters. Show formation and let the troggs break upon us like a tide.”

When Coron heard these words, he couldn't help but scoff mentally "Me? Protection?. Obviously she does not know how I fight I'll give her that much he thought to himself before he say the group charge towards the Stone Troggs. Pulling out his own scythe, he ran forward, thanks to the advantages of leather and being a elf, he moved swiftly and ran straight forward to a large stone trogg.

In his right hand, he held the scythe in front of him, almost like a shield of sorts as he surged forward. The trogg noticed him and brought it's weapon to parry the scythe blade. But it was Core's next trick that dealt the blow. His left hand crackled with energy and a wrath bolt had formed, which he then slammed at point blank range into the troggs side. The bolt had exploded most of where most troggs would have ribs, which meant he didn't kill it, but more like left it for dead.

Coron's fighting style was something he learned from his family, taking the aspects of a melee fighter and combining it with the ways of the Druid to form a deadly yet tactical fighting technique. He practiced this for many years now, and he became very good at it. He, like Lia, twirled and hacked at troggs with deadly accuracy and precision. Most of his blows mostly knocked aside the a few weapons from harming him or dealt a killing blow, but other than that he had to jump back to a more safer spot to quick rest and catch his breath.

On one of these occasions, he managed to spare a glance at Lia, who seemed to be holding her own pretty well. He was some what captivated by the way she danced with her weapon, a scythe, a weapon Core had grown to love. He shook his head to refocus, realizing the current situation he was in, and more he was getting into. Plenty of time to think about stuff later, Corebutt he thought to himself, using the nick name his friends had given him at the Shrine of Aviana Right now you got a battle on your hands

He took note on the growing numbers of the troggs and growled "So that's how it's going to be then, huh?" he panted before sticking his left hand into a waist bag and pulling out four red/orange/yellow potions which he held in front of him "Try these on for size!". He slammed the corks of the vials against his chest, causing the swirling color's in them to suddenly violently swirl around.

He leaped away from the troggs, throwing the vials at them. When the vials made contact, they exploaded. That managed to kill a few of them, but it didn't seemed to be enough. He couldn't use to many, for he already had very little of them, so he would have to reserve them for when he needed them most, in the mean time, all he could do is what he usually did, use spells and pick them off one at a time.


Perfection walked a head of the group, looking at the map in her hands while also being aware of where she was walking. While she did, she also thought back to home and how Dareth and his sister was doing, along with Blackfeather her armored black Gryphon, who is most likely still in the above realm waiting for her return with all those fireworks she had brought for those little pranks she had planed for the Twilight Cult camps.

She sighed and rolled up the map and slid it back into her backpack before walking onwards towards the camp, which she noticed was coming into view. Perfection stopped and turned to the others "Well, i'm going to scout a head and see if I can get a better view point of the camp, I'll find you guys when I can." she said before running towards higher ground behind the camp.

She climbed up to a good vantage point, the black stone rocks made it perfect for her to blend in and be stealthy as she can possibly be. She then took out a piece of parchment and some charcoal before drawing out what she saw. She made a decent sketch, Dareth's sister was a very good artist and taught her a bit. She was pretty good, but she would never be as good as Dareth's sister.

She was about to draw the middle of the camp when something caught her eye. From this distance, she noticed what seemed to be dark blue or purple glowing rocks in the middle of the camp. Curious, she pulled out a spyglass and took a closer look, what she saw horrified her. Eggs.....Twilight drake eggs by the looks of them. She swore under her breath and quickly drawed it out on her map "No doubt that a Pillar Fragment might be hidden here, ad those eggs just made this all the more serious" she muttered to herself before wrapping up her map and sticking it into her bag.

She got up to leave, but before she did, she stared at the camp for a moment while the Commanders words came to her mind.....

“I want eyes open,” she began speaking to the crowd, “SI:7 is here with us, and they're likely still after us, so watch your corners and shadows, they could be anywhere.”

A image of Agent Keys appeared in her mind, causing her to clench her gloved fist tightly. "That woman..." she began, muttering darkly " going to pay for all the trouble she is caused....that I can promise". She turned as she could have swore she heard a small rock fall somewhere, but assumed seeing as she was in the realm of earth it was just a natural thing, so she quickly left her spot to see if she could find the others.

She stood on another small hill and scanned the area " where are you guys?"

The human stood on the rocky outcropping and hammered down on the seemingly endless horde of stone troggs. The diminutive creatures were smashed to rubble by the massive sword, itself a tool of destruction in the hands of an equally massive Death Knight. Wave upon wave of the little monsters smashed itself on his little island: and then the gnome had to go and get huffy about his choice of tactics.

“You are under -my- orders! Move immediately back into line!”

“I am in line!” the Einherjar bellowed back: his flayed, booming voice echoed through the cavern. A couple of troggs close to him fell to their knees and clutched their ears in fear. He took a moment to dispatch them before resuming his dialogue. “And you didn't give much in the way of orders beyond 'Kill them all, keep the casters unharmed'! And I'm doing that!” A particularly massive stone trogg came charging up the hill. While it still wasn't as big as Ein (well, few things were), it was big enough and had a good enough weapon to require him to take a more defensive approach. He parried a few attacks, and a few of his counterattacks were parried in turn. The Death Knight decided to do the unexpected, and kicked at the trogg with an armored boot. The move took the creature by surprise, and it rolled down the hill squealing at the indignity. Very amusing, all things considered. He took advantage of the brief respite to keep up the conversation with the commander. “But if it's an attack you want, I'LL GIVE YOU AN ATTACK!!” Ein reached down inside himself, bringing to the surface the more... intangible side of Death Knight magic. A few of the instructors back on Acherus could send themselves or an ally in an unholy frenzy with nothing more than a thought. Ein required a bit more power to do that, and one of his two runes blinked out. The sacrifice was not in vain; the Einherjar could feel himself growing stronger and more maddened by the second.

The large stone trogg at the bottom of the hill had begun to pick itself up when a vaguely human-shaped bolt of Saronite rocketed out of the sky and impaled a massive two-hander in its chest, affixing it to the stone floor. Ein bellowed with rage and battle-lust, left his sword where it was, and went on the attack with his deadly clawed gauntlets. The sight of Fenris in his frenzy spurred Ein on to match his exploits, and the Death Knight became a Saronite-clad harbinger of destruction, a wheeling whirlwind of death. Even in the depths of his rampage, however, Ein retained enough faculties for thought to keep himself as a part of the line. Mostly, at least: you can't have everything in life. His focus on pure attack, however, led to many of the tiny beings landing blows they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Ein only howled in rage and pain and smashed the unfortunate assailants to pebbles: unfortunately, there were always more. Troggs were smashed to rubble underneath his gauntlets, and the whole time the Einherjar continued moving slowly towards the besieged Earthen town.
Fenris was annoyed now, he had started to ignore the smaller Troggs, letting them move around his legs, his knee spikes and plated boots crushing and impaling them. But it was starting to slow him down, he could barely move forward now and it was forcing him to improvise his tactics. Several larger Troggs now moved to fight him, the first reaching him and taking several massive swings at the Worgen with its stone club. Fenris barely dodged it the first two times but as the third came the Trogg got slightly smarter and came in at an angle.

Now Fenris was in a tight situation as the mace slammed into his shoulder, the plate armor absorbing the brunt of the attack but the force behind it had forced Fenris to his knees and now he had several Troggs swarming over his body trying to pull his armor off. Roaring in rage the Worgen worked his way back to his feet and charged forward, sending several Trogg flying from his body as he crashed into the stone form of the larger Trogg. As he hit the Trogg Fenris pulled his battle-axe in a massive swing, the weapon whistling through the air and slamming into the creature's side. Cracks began running up the Trogg's side and it roared in defiance as it again tried to smash Fenris with its mace.

But now that Fenris has cleared some of the smaller Troggs away he had more mobility and so he dashed to the side as the mace slammed into the dirt where he had been a moment before and then Fenris was standing on top of it as he stood up to his full height, staring the Trogg in the eye and snarling in rage. The warrior then slammed his plated fist into the Troggs face, aiming for an eye which was softer than the rest of the creature but it still hurt as Fenris' fist collided with the Trogg's head. The creature staggered back from the force of the hit and Fenris did not let up, slamming his fist into the same place over and over again, the pain being overshadowed by the warrior's rage.

Fenris barely heard Vimmi shouting at Ein about who was in charge or the wyvern shouting out about a demon being their ally. Fenris was lost to his battle hunger as he continued to smash in the face of the large Trogg that had attacked him. It was almost half a minute later that Fenris realized the creature was dead and that he still was surrounded by Troggs that he refocused and pulled his axe from the battered Trogg and again went back to work. "Now this is what I call fun!" Fenris yelled loud enough for the other fighters to hear him.
Jeramayan sat in pig and whistle tavern, disappointed. Since the weeks after he had been discharged, Jeramayan had searched for the illusive Borean patrol. Everyone he had inquired with had heard of them but no one actually knew where they had been. Not everyone he talked to thought highly of the patrol, most, especially the military were outright hostile when asked about them. One of stormwind’s finest almost came to blows with Jeramayan when asked about the patrol. Apparently the patrol had crashed two alliance gunships killing many innocent people. No matter the rumors, Jeramayan was determined to find the Borean patrol. If they were really the band of murderous traitors that the military portrayed them as, well then he would just leave and return home to protect his family. If not then he would join them as he had planned.

Jeramayan took a long draught from his spiced ale, and swiveled around in his bar stool to gaze over the bars occupants. The bar was moderately packed this evening. Miner’s farmer’s and soldiers all were spending their coin for a chance to find happiness. At one of the corner table, Jeramayan saw four guardsmen and what looked like an officer, having quiet an enjoyable time. They were drinking hard and fast, Jeramayan observed. “The night was still young, by the end of the night, they will all be a hot mess,” He thought to himself.

Turning his thoughts back towards himself and his own goal, Jeramayan thought of his service days with the crusade in northrend. He couldn’t recall much about the borean patrol. Then again back then it was just a name to him. His mind had been set on the lich king’s fall, and not what other military organizations were doing. Turning back to the bar, Jeramayan finished off his pint and ordered another. Dropping a few silver pieces onto the bar top, the inn keeper gratefully snatch them up and went on his way to fetch Jeramayan another brew.


Three hours later

As the night grew old, most of the civilians had turned out for the evening leaving the bar much quieter, except for of course, the 4 soldiers, who were belligerently drunk. The fifth had since passed out in a pool of his own vomit. The others being such good friends just laughed and continued drinking. At that point, the captain, or so his armor would suggest, staggered over to the bar to order another round. Weaving his way through the bar tables, the captain just barely made it to the bar. On his last step the captain lost his balance, and started to fall. With a quickness that belied his size, Jeramayan caught the much smaller man and sat him down in a bar stool. Turning his bloodshot eyes to Jeramayan the captain blundered out, “tha..thank.. you son *hick,* I am obliged that you, *hick*, caught my fall.”

In response Jeramayan allowed his natural quirked smile to turn into a genuine one as he said “it is no problem sir, the safety of our finest, should ever be compromised.” Pausing for a moment, Jeramayan continued “Let me buy you a drink, you sure like you could use another one after such a hard day in the field.” At the sound of free boo’s the captain instantly perked up a bit and responded by saying “You have , *hick,* no idea son. My dut….Duty.. Is vital to national security. Feigning curiosity Jeramayan handed the intoxicated man another ale, “What is so vital in Stormwind, when we have open fronts on almost every land mass of azeroth?” he inquired. Leaning real close, close enough to smell the cheap ale that the man had previously drank, the belligerently drunk captain whispered, “treason. That is wh.. what I have, *hick*, been assigned to root out. And we’ve got em right where, we.. we. Wantem.”

Jeramayan’s mock interest turned genuine as he asked again, “The twilight hammer has wheedled itself into our society again? How could they have not been found as they usually are spouting their pompous propaganda from the roof tops?” The drunk Captain began chuckling with laughter, “no not those, *hick, bumbling fools. Tha.. that is done and gone. I’m assigned with finding the borean patrol, bastards all and traitors to the last.” The man was clearly proud of himself as a smug smile spread across his face, as he tried to right himself in his chair.

Jeramayan’s heart skipped a beat as he listened to the words of the captain. “All this time I have spent searching for the patrol is for naught then,” Jeramayan thought to himself, “If the military has found them, then the nobles will soon send out their assassins to end the one group who is actually succeeding at holding back the forces of Deathwing.” Jeramayan’s face had remained a mask of interest even though his mind broiled in turmoil. After a few moments, Jeramayan spoke cautiously, “I have heard of the traitors recent exploits. Have they no honor or sense of fealty to crown?” The drunk nodded his head vigorously chiming in “Every good son of Stormwind should want to string those light blasted, demon-filth by their feet in the middle of the trade district. Then everyone could see what happens to those who join forces with the murderous horde. When were deployed against them soon, I will slice them apart one at a time!”

As the drunken man spoke his voice and enthusiasm rose until it crescendoed at the end. Jeramayan knew if he egged him on just a slight bit more then he would divulge their location. “Aye let me join you! I want to run my sword through their guts, and make necklaces out of their thumbs! Where would I be able to find these traitors so I can lop off their heads?”

The fool had fallen into the trap that Jeramayan had so artfully crafted. With all the gusto of a small man who thought himself important, the intoxicated captain exclaimed “Those bastards are in Deepholme, as soon the might of the alliance will…..” As the fool realized what he had done, he instantly quit speaking. A dead silence had fallen over the now empty bar. Only the breathing of the bartender, Jeramayan and the captain could be heard as his men had long since passed out. As dumbfounded look spread over the captains face as he spoke for the final time this evening “I shouldn’t done tha….”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jeramayan slammed his gauntleted fist into the back of the drunks head, knocking his light out before he even hit the floor. Turning to the bar tender, Jeramayan left a dozen gold coins on the counter, easily more than enough to everyone’s bar tabs and then some. Looking into his eyes, Jeramayan left without saying a word.

Quickly he strode over to lily his ever faithful and beautiful warhorse. Her ears fell flat as she picked up on her masters’ tension. With the skill of natural born horsemen, Jeramayan untied her and rode off to the earthen ring island located outside the city proper. When he arrived at the island, he made small talk with a few of the shaman who were on duty and under the waning light of the moon, crossed through the portal to Deepholme, ready to serve.


As the young warrior rode off from the inn, A shadow detached itself from one of the walls and quickly followed him to the outskirts of the island. As the being watched Jeramayan enter the portal, it hissed in anger. Turning back towards the tavern the shrouded figure whispered, another one goes to his doom, soon his blood shall adorn my dagger. As the figure entered the tavern, the bartender spoke as he tended to the unconscious captain, “Sorry son were closed for the evening, come back tomorrow for a drink.” The man never saw his killer coming as a dagger pierced through his heart. With merciless efficiency the hooded figure dispatched the soldier while they were unconscious. As he left the scene, the being spoke softly to himself, “Fools will meet the same fate as traitors.” With haste the figure darted from shadow to shadow as he made his way back to SI7 headquarters.

“Sounds like a plan, but only if the others follow!” despite being further away from ‘The Einherjar’ than those in the death knight’s immediate vicinity, Gretta was still able to make out his suggestion of staying together and setting up a pseudo-fortification on a nearby rock outcropping from which they could, as Vimmi had put it, let the troggs ‘break upon them’ like a tide. It didn’t seem that the gnome liked this idea though, and after a few yells the group was back on track toward the partially underground huts which signified the town of Stonehearth some way away.

“Lok’tar ogar!” Brent shouted out in orcish and landed to charge in with the group of warriors, the wyvern using his cat-like form to full effect: pouncing upon troggs that attempted to flank Einherjar, Fenris, Lowmaine and Lia, lashing the few that tried to come in from behind over with his tail and allowing his rider to use the shafts of her axes to full effect in knocking the mineral menaces away before jumping back out of the fray and into the air before the they could retaliate.

Yet despite the sheer amount of troggs they were able to bowl over, their combined attacks did little actual damage. Sure, Gretta and Brent where the most heavily armoured and hardest hitters of the Skyguard Windlancer’s melee fighters by far, but the combined weight of the orc and wyvern still needed to be low enough to fly. This combined with their preference for teeth, claws and bladed weapons lead to a wrecking ball which didn’t actually do that much wrecking once its victims were back on their feet.

Kethrilk noticed this.

During the charge into the Earthern city he had been holding back, keeping Sekheim flying higher than he normally would so that he could get a better overview of the battlefield for the first few moments of the fight. This did not last very long though, as it quickly became apparent that the troggs didn’t have any clear formation to their lines. They were just that, troggs running in a number of disorderly lines, one after the other, a conveyor belt of rocky creatures running toward their doom at the hands of the Earthen and/or Patrol. Other than those that were burrowing underneath Stonehearth, they didn’t have any organisation for him to analyse and inform Sylvanora about.

And that meant it was time to go to town and start the party.

“KRRAAAARRRKK!” he screeched and Sekheim did so as well in unison as she dove straight down at a group of troggs running for the Patrol’s heavy warriors and Gretta, their clubs waving in the air. Anyone watching would see the arakkoa’s eyes flash as he projected his mind forward and beyond the bounds of his body, followed by three of the brutes falling over in quick succession, bright blue energy spewing from their eyes, noses and ears as their almost non-existent mental defences crumbled before the Talonpriest’s psychic assault.

There were a lot more than three though, and soon the group was upon Lowmaine, Fenris, Lia, that-humen-who-preferred-for-his-name-to-be-spelled-with-a-‘The’, and Gretta. They held their own well enough, but there were just as many troggs getting back up as there were that were staying down.

The Patrol’s warriors may be tough, but there was a reason that the saying went ‘between a rock and a hard place’.

Looks like our meat-shields need shielding!” So instead of continuing on his gleeful shadow-magic rampage, Kethrilk-sarma directed his kaliri to circle back around to remain in the general vicinity of the melee group, using a combination of mental attacks, pain-inflicting prayers and shadowbolts to make sure that the troggs that fell down stayed down.

It wasn’t a real fight for him though, picking them off from where they couldn’t reach him, so he decided that he would save all of his real tricks for the big ones and geomancers once they started showing up. That decision didn’t end well however, as soon the one called Fenris was practically swimming in the vermin that he had missed, falling behind the others.

“Oh, for the love of… Ah’hrahek shalas ruhk!” he made an elaborate gestures with his right hand and then made the throwing motion usually saved for shadowbolts with his left, sending a ball of magenta energy flying at one of the smaller troggs (from up here he couldn’t tell what it was doing, but he could have sworn that it was trying to gnaw on the worgen’s leg). Once hit, the trogg started screaming and clutching its head, waves of purple energy emanating from its head. The magic would pass harmlessly over Fenris, but those of the same species as the original target were thrown into a fear-driven frenzy. All the more easier for Fenris to cut down, and even Gretta joined in, her yell of agreement to the worgen’s comment about this being fun audible even to Kethrilk.

“Indeed it is! Trk'hsk!”

The druid stood off to the side, not really listening to what the Commander was saying. He was mostly lost in thought, though he knew that Vi would alert him to anything important.
Hey, that might be something you could do. Vi murmured to him.
‘Hmm?’ He asked, still not entirely focused.
Keep up, will you? The Ring is sending representatives to the ruler of this realm. You should go with them.
Grishmak nodded absently, walking over to one of the shamans of the Ring. Asking about the representative group that was to be sent, he eventually found his way to one member of the group, an aged Draenei.
“I hope you don’t mind another person coming with you?” He asked “I think that the Cenarion Circle could use an ambassador in this matter.” He smiled at the shaman.


Sai stood off to one side of the main group, listening to everything that was said. She didn’t offer an opinion on anything, though it wasn’t like anyone would notice if she tried to anyway. She instead opted to simply follow along with what the others were doing - mainly, preparing to fight.
She went through the motions, checking the few devices she still retained on her, resettling her supply of explosives - not many, she noted - and running through her spells in her mind.
’Rock creatures,’ She thought ’ice to crack and slow it, and force to shatter.’ She smiled slightly to herself. ’Of course, the shamans always win elemental rock-paper-scissors, but I can at least do a little damage.’
The Mage trotted after the main group, now eyeing her surroundings with more care. It was not long before they were faced with a large mass of troggs.
She caught herself before she could giggle at the antics of the diminutive Gnomish Commander, and focused on the task at hand.
Drawing out her power, Sai formed a lance of pure force, and hurled it at one of the troggs. It struck, staggering the creature, before the round of arcane missiles following shattered it.
She concentrated, trying to form another lance of power, but was interrupted by one of the creatures breaking through to attack at the spellcasters directly. By chance, the first one it spotted was her.
Eyes widening, the Elf immediately changed tactics, detonating the arcane magic she had been forming, the explosion knocking the creature off-balance. It recovered quick though, and swung its weapon - a stone axe - at her.
Dodging, Sai hissed with pain as the primitive weapon drew blood from one of her arms, creating a short, yet deep, cut. Glaring at the thing, the Mage released two blasts of power rapid-fire, killing the thing. However, the blasts quickly ate up her energy.
Frowning, Sai returned her gaze to the rest of the battle, throwing spells at the magic-weilding troggs near the back.


Jozen groaned as he slowly awoke, his head pounding.
‘Ow.’ Was his first thought, quickly followed by confusion.
‘What was I-’ He wondered, before the memory of everything he had just done rushed back into his mind.
The night sky. Waves. Clouds. Falling. And through all this, a strand of music, broken only at the very end by a voice.
‘Ok, now what?’ He thought, opening his eyes and sitting up.
The scene before him was not comforting. The bars of a cage obscured some of his vision, and the rest was taken up by tents, blackish-robed figures, and, most of all, rocks.
‘Where am I?’ Jozen wondered, standing up as much as he could in the small cage. Looking around, he spotted most of his gear, discarded in a pile. His axe, however, was absent...
‘Trapped by cultists, in a strange land, with nothing useful on me. Wonderful.’ He thought morosely.
...Not alone. A voice whispered to him, thin and distant. He started, looking around for its source.
Good, now that I.......with you, sort of, I can there is help cl.....nd. I’ll get the....nd you. The voice said, still faint, as though speaking across a great distance.
“I’m not sure if that is good or bad.” Jozen muttered to himself.
* * * * * * * * * *
Vi turned her attention away from the strange man, still unsure of how much of her message had reached him. Focusing instead on one of the members of the stealth group, she began to speak.
Perfection! Listen, there is someone who needs help! He’s trapped in a Twilight camp, and needs your group to rescue him. Ask him about the music, that's how you recognize him.
Vi still wasn’t sure of how much reached the rogue, and how much was torn away because of the strain of distance. Pulling back, the spirit resettled herself in the book, keeping a single ‘eye’ out, near Grishmak.
Now to wait. She muttered to herself, the words immediately echoing in the back of Grish’s mind.
Waraila waited until Perfection had moved up the rocky outcropping in order to do a survey of the immediate area before she herself began to get the idea to look around.

Whilst an overview was a helpful thing, there were many things that could be hidden from sight, even the walk to the Twilight camp, she had been alert for any hidden cultists... She had not seen or smelled any in the immediate area, which either meant they didn't have enough people to guard the approaches fully, or that they had no need to. This suggested to the druidess that they either had magical warnings strung out, something which she had no experience of detecting or foiling, or that they were secure with just guarding their immediate surroundings.

That gave Waraila some work of her own to do, she doubted that Virella would be able to accomplish much with stealth in the armour despite the fact that the witch hadn't made any sound so far. She had no idea if the witch could blend in like she was...

“I am going to see if there are guards around, and what their patrols are like.... if they are complacent it might make things easier for us to get in and out without being detected.. “ she whispered as she began to slink past the bone witch..

Once she was a few metres away, her form faded out, blending in with the surrounding rock despite her red /brown fur.. An aspect of her abilities as a druid but it was unique to this form, she had tried and failed to call upon this ability in her true form many times. Even though her limited time with the ancients in the dream had impressed on her time and time again that the feline was a hunter she still tried occasionally.

Slowly she crept forward, every muscle in her body tense and her ears twitching for any sound that would alert her to nearby movement, after all there were enough outcroppings, rockfalls and small spaces between them to hide a grown person of at least human height and build.. Larger or smaller crevasses could hide cultists watching the outskirts of their camp for intruders.

There! Movement caught her eye as Waraila moved forward slowly and cleared a small ridge, below there was a crevasse only maybe a scant 10 metres long rent in the ground and maybe two metres deep, but it hid a path. A path that paralleled this small part of the Twilight camp, and within she could see a patrol making it's rounds, hidden by the landscape .. at least from this perspective... if they had approached from one of the paths into it, then they would've seen it long before now.

This made her wonder how many more 'hidden' surprises there were around the Twilight camp, just finding one of the patrol paths and their scouts was enough for her to recommend a lot of caution when the time came to actually enter the encampment. Their patrols seemed to be the standard four, an economical unit in a militaristic sense , all of whom had gleaming weapons, telling Waraila that this certainly wasn't going to be easy. The cultists were ready for battle, perhaps against the Earthen Ring, or the hazards of this elemental plane.

Either way, it was a good bit of information to impart to the rest of the team, so she began to head back towards the rock.


A few minutes later Waraila was back where she had started, taking great care to ensure she had not left any tracks, any hints that she had been above the crevasse. Not only to prevent the alarm being raised, but also to prevent anyone from tracking her back to the Patrol.

“I am here Perfection..” she spoke, dropping her cover “I went to check on how far we were from their patrol routes... and I have to say it's not that far.. “ she added, her voice low.. “They are using the terrain to their advantage so we will have to be cautious when we approach, there's enough hiding places to conceal an army in these fractured rocks”

That was not an understatement either, whatever they were doing within their camp, they had chosen a well defensible position and one that gave them the advantage over invaders.
“Unfortunately I couldn't risk getting closer in the time I had... it would be better if we all approached at the same time, or arranged a time and place to regroup and split up. “

The druidess knew the second choice was probably the most efficient for finding information but it had the risk of leaving them without backup in case things went wrong. However if they went in together as a group it would increase the chance of detection, but give them a greater hope of surviving if that happened.

As she spoke of the possibilities she never noticed the spirit or even felt its presence. Her mental defences were too strong for her to hear Vi, although to someone who was skilled at mental magic, like Kethrik, her defences would probably not even be worth noticing.

“There is certainly something bigger going on there.... I wonder if that is where the pillar they took from the Alliance gunship is... it's certainly well guarded.”


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