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Greetings, my fellow WoWers!

I, Arrodis the Questionable, as well as four fellow Warcraft lore nerds known as Ikanis, Plaguewalker, MadGod and Istella, would like to proudly introduce to you all our new Warcraft lore and RP podcast entitled: The Lore !@#$%s (or TLW for short). Each week we will explore and discuss the rich depths of the lore of the Warcraft universe, as well as try our best to explain, discuss and muddle our way through the sticky, yet fragrant, urban streets of the Warcraft RP scene.

So, if you've got a passion for the all things Role-Play, and you simply can't get enough Warcraft lore talk, you can hear us rant on and on about both subjects by following the links bellow:

- Episode 1: (Released 12/19/2011)
- Episode 2: (Released: 12/25/2011)
- Episode 3: (Released: 01/16/2012)
- Episode 4: (Released: 01/26/2012)
- Episode 5: (Released: 02/10/2012)
- Episode 6: (Released: 02/17/2012)

Thanks for your time, guys, and we hope you enjoy the show ;-).

(WARNING: This podcast isn't appropriate for children. It's also awesome.)

(P.S. Thanks to the wonderful mature language filter, the last word in our name has been beaten-up, and tattooed by a corrupt group of thuggish symbols. This means that we really can't post our email here, due to a certain word in it's address. But fear not! Follow one of the links above, and have a look at one of our videos descriptions for both our email and Twitter details.)
why is the background slowly pulsing
Closed this !@#$ after the political ad.
Our second episode will be out the day after Christmas day. Thanks for the support thus far guys :-)
Merry Xmas from the three of us at The Lore !@#$%s!
Ladies and gentleman, episode 2 is now live. Enjoy.

Episode 2:
12/25/2011 08:23 PMPosted by Poppop

Do you mean the audio, or the picture? I'm going to assume you mean the picture in the following response. It's basically just an iMovie animation I chose.
Hey, guys. We're back from our holidays, so you can expect a new episode from us A.S.A.P.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time: Episode 3:

(P.S. The audio on this one had some problem whilst recording. We apologise.)
Some of you guys may recognize me from World's End, but I'm sneaking in to the Earthen Ring forums (not my realm, sowwy! :3) to help Arrodis bump his... I mean our... podcast. :P
Myself and Madgod- who you may or may not know from the mmo-champion RP forums, are the newest members of the Lore W.hores podcast! ^_^

Episode 4 is out and in it the guys cover Sylvanas, the Forsaken, and WoW undeath in general:

MadGod and I won't appear until the 5th episode... once Arrodis gets around to putting it up. (subtle hint :P) In it we cover cool stuff such as Lor'themar Theron and the Alliance Expedition to Draenor.

Feel free to check out number 4 and I'll be sure to update this again once number 5 is out! :)
Episode 5 is up! :D

The beginning of it has a few audio issues but it cleans up after the first couple of minutes.
Madgod and I make our debut and we cover the cancellation of Blizzcon, Lor'themar Theron, and the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Enjoy! :)

Oh, also, we finished recording episode six today! You can expect that A.S.A.P. We also have a brand new Twitter account for the show, which is: Twitter:!@#$%s

Stay Classy, WoWers ;-)
Episode 6 is up! :D

We cover the Tryrande short story and touch on some of the general stuff of Forum RP... and get off track on several tangents. xP
Yay! Episode 7 is up! :3

This week we cover Varian's short story and brush briefly on the nature of arcane magic in WoW- a huge subject on which we would really appreciate feedback/input from the community so please, please send us any of your comments or questions on it to our email (posted on the youtube page.)

...and of course we go off on our usual random tangents. xD

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